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Britney's Latest Vadge of Honor

2/19/2008 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney -- and her kitten -- re-appeared last night at Sushi House Unico in Los Angeles. The conservatorship does not, apparently, require undergarments!

Britney is officially back.


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At least she wasn't flashing people when Sam was looking after her. Pathetic drunk father.

2403 days ago


Crap. Just leave her alone already. Let her heal in peace.

2403 days ago

5 cent    

Britney is again acting like trash.
Her career is gone in a flash.
She loves the spotlight
and goes out every night
to let the paps catch a view of her snatch!

2403 days ago


The original pic is found here: Looks like pink underwear to me and the weird mark on her wrist is the pink lips tattoo...

She's still a disgusting mess, though.

2403 days ago

S.M. Krause    

The problem with people is that they thrive on seeing the goods of Britney Spears, only to be disappointed and mentally challenged after they look at that disturbing picture of her without her underwear. Maybe she has a yeast infection, maybe an STD. If it was an STD, she could be the proud spokesperson for Valtrex.
I mentioned this earlier, people really think she is sane, this is all an act. Like Lindsay Ho-han, Britney loves it when the cameras are there, and give her the coverage she wants. TMZ shouldn't cater to this b.s., I know our readers @ don't. We belittle these people because they think it's OK to do whatever they want, because they have money. You can't stop public opinions, these tramps are screwed up in the head. Perez Hilton seems to think she's fine, I don't.
Point is, people love these pictures, just like Ho-han's mockery of Marilyn Monroe. Harvey, I'm disappointed in you, man.
If you look at the picture, it appears she looks pregnant. Maybe she'll make a guest appearance on "Maury" with Maury Povich telling the audience, "ALF, you are the father." I can see ALF's reaction, "Ha!"

2403 days ago


#5, Britney could have $100 billion and she wouldn't buy panties. She's a slut that likes to show off her naked crotch to try to get all the men and paparazzi to follow her around like a dog in heat. She'd be doing pornography if she had her way, or turning tricks on Hollywood Boulevard. She's just plain nasty. How come she doesn't get arrested for indecent exposure? Oh I forgot, the rich usually don't get arrested.

2403 days ago


I've grown tired of seeing these types of shots, I'd rather see Paris picking her nose....You guys should be ashamed of yourself the way you are stalking this mentally ill girl...Isn't there anything else you could report on?

GOT A LIFE TMZ? Obviously not.

2403 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

This photo is proof positive why she needs a conservatorship; she still can't be bothered to put on panties, she's still being a media whore & showing off her snatch. Nice huge wart on her right wrist, by the way...

Stupid dumbass media whoring slut...

2403 days ago


One of Britney's idiotic defenders said she has on "invisible" panties, or "pink" panties.......haha
She could do pornography in front of children, and they would defend the nasty whore.

2403 days ago


Now if a guy were to flash his crotch , his ass would be in jail. But Britney can flash and people think that's "cute"....why is she not arrested for indecent exposure? Think of all the pics the kids will have to look at of 'mommy' when they grow up....maybe they will do the same. She is a good example of parenting isn't she? She is very ho hum now.

2403 days ago


I went to the site that published this photo and it is obvious that all you can see is her right breast hanging in her crotch. There's anot6her photo with it and appears Britney is about 50 lbs heavier than she was not long ago.

2403 days ago


It's terribly sad that this girl can't think of how her behavior has such a negative impact not only on her family, but her kids. They have and deal with their mother's behavior. When they get older, other children will torment them on her behavior alone. It's very sad how with 2 beautiful healthy kids, she can't think of anyone other then herself to have the common decency to get help and stop acting like a neglectful parent and giving woman a bad name.

2403 days ago


66. First of all if people have seen the real pictures you can't even see anything. I've seen pictures that are closer up and she is indeed wearing underwear.

Posted at 2:15PM on Feb 19th 2008 by Daniel
who cares whether she is wearingunderwear or not?? There are ways to get out of a car like a lady, regardless if there are cameras right there. It reminds me of how we tell my 4 year old niece "it's not nice to show everyone your panties" Come on...

2403 days ago


Smile for the "PAP" smear. This woman can't even fart without someone taking infrared images. I'm not a big Britney Spears fan, but the media really needs to give her a break. We all know by now, she's out of her bloody mind. Do we really need the paparazzi to convince us of that?

2403 days ago


2403 days ago
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