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Fugitives You Better Run -- The Dog is BACK!

2/19/2008 2:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Duane "Dog" Chapman will be back in business and back on the air on A&E. Woof!

A network official confirms to TMZ that the show is going back into production, but they've not yet set a premiere date. As of now, they're gearing up -- big time -- in Hawaii and production will begin ASAP. Makeup artists and camera crews have been hired, and houses and cars have been rented, all for the return of the show.

A&E had suspended production on "Dog the Bounty Hunter" indefinitely after a recording surfaced featuring Chapman making racial slurs. Chapman immediately began a tour of forgiveness, working with CORE and other groups to promote racial equality. We're told network execs were "very pleased" with Dog's attempt to make amends and his reaching out to members of the African American community.

A&E isn't just making this decision out of the goodness of their hearts either. The show was insanely popular for the network, here and internationally -- airing in over 20 countries.


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There’s much more to Dog’s sordid past than just a few racial slurs here. And, Beth Chapman is no angel either. For starters, Dog is on his fifth marriage to Beth. He is the father of at least 12 children, most of who were raised in broken homes. Infidelities galore!

The National Enquirer has come out within the past year with more dirt on the Dog than just the latest racial slurs. For example, some claim Dog is a crack head, such as ex and wifey # 4, Tawny Chapman, ex-girlfriend and possibly illegitimate daughter Dalana Duncan, ex-drug dealer Linda Heigle, 1st born illegitimate son Christopher Chapman who claims his father (Dog) got him addicted to crack, and Gloria Hecht whose Christopher’s adoptive mother since he was five years old. Another former family member, the daughter of Wife No. 4 – Tawny Chapman – also claims Dog a crack head and says he used her when she was a minor teen to procure crack and prostitutes for him, made passes at her, and pimped her out for crack.

Dalana Duncan claims Dog swore in court after bailing her out of jail and while she was a minor teen that she was his daughter. She recently challenged him to genetic testing in a NE article because they had sex and smoked crack together for the first time a few years after she moved in with Dog and family at age 16, and later when they had sex she was of legal age. Dalana also claims Dog smoked crack and had sex with her just a few months before he married Beth in 2006.

Finally, I believe Andrew Luster innocent of the alleged rape charges, and Dog and litter did attempt to capture him illegally in Mexico in 2003. Dog and Beth have spread many lies to whomever in the media will give them attention, over Dog’s and litter’s illegal attempts to capture Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They shed lies about Luster to boost their agenda and star ratings on their popular TV show. Here are some links regarding Luster that include some of Dog’s and Beth’s lies and sordid pasts, and a forum on same:

2432 days ago

Theresa & Sarah    

Thank You .we have not watched A & E sence dog went off the air. Welcome Back ya cant wait to see you all again..

2374 days ago


Thanks for the great info...

2429 days ago


I can only say I am very glad Dog is back. I think is son should be ashamed of himself for recording his father in the heat of anger (oh and by the way for all of you out there in the media that bought it. It was also illegal and you should be sued) And as for all of you "HIGH AND MIGHTY" that believe in the Bible and condem Dog for what he said. Jesus said, "Judge not lest ye be judged" and He also said "He who is without sin cast the first stone" guess what A&E, the media, and the tabloids (yes TMZ you fall into this catigory) none of you are with out sin. Oh and one last little thing not from the Bible this time just something my great grandmother use to say, "Dont point a finger cause there are always three pointing back at you." I cant wait to see you again Dog.

2429 days ago

Fan in Ohio    

Welcome Back Chapmans!! I am so glad to see that A&E has finally come to their senses. The man and his family caught a man who drugged and raped so many women when no one else would or could! Regardless of their tatics (which I think are GREAT) this family does catch what they go after.
Again welcome back you've been gone to long!

2429 days ago


thanks for the interesting news

2428 days ago


Its a good show but I always thought Dog looked more like a wrestler, gee mybe Vince McMahon could give him a job.

2371 days ago
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