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K-Fed to Brit - Take the Kiddies for a While

2/19/2008 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Kevin Federline would like Britney to see her kids, even during the conservatorship.

We're told K-Fed has no prob allowing the kids to visit Brit at her home, with one string attached - that Brit's parents are present during the visits.

We hear K-Fed isn't worried that anything bad would happen to the kids, his biggest concern is that Britney might drive with them, but Jamie would be there to put the kibosh on that.

Sources also say K-Fed doesn't want custody 100% of the time - it's just too much. He'd like Britney to share custody or at least visitation.

And we're hearing there's talk Britney could go to a private facility for treatment and K-Fed would have no problem allowing the kids to visit her there, just as they did when Brit was at Promises. We're told there was a plan weeks ago to get Brit to an out-of-state facility but that didn't work out. Finding a private treatment facility is a priority, however, the powers of the conservators are limited and it just ain't that easy.

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Loves it    

I can't believe I'm saying this but K-Fed is actually a good guy, weird, like this

2346 days ago


I think that kevinhas done good and Brit needs to see her kids if the media would leave brit be then she might have time to get well. She has her family on her side and kevin is being decent let them be a family

2346 days ago


OMG. Look at the boys' seatbelts in the backseat. They are actually NOT BUCKLED IN! Is it just me or does anyone else see that she can't even buckle her kids in properly no less protect them from that sun. She scares the hell out of me!

2346 days ago


I really would like to think K-fed is doing this out of humanity, but NOT likely. He is 'tied' up with the kids around all the time. Mark these words, once the custody is shifted again--you will see his happy ass out all over the place. Does appear Britney is doing better with out Sam around. Please let this calm down!!! TMZ, move on to someone else-----PPPLLLLEEEASE!!

2346 days ago


Now some of you jump on the hating Kfed again, why cause TMZ said (reliable there) that he can't handle them 100% of the time. Give me a break he has said from the very beginning that he wanted her to see them, which is what he is saying still, not that he can't handle them 1005 of the time, dam some of you are so easy to believe anything.

2346 days ago


90% of the people commenting on this post are complete idiots. This is an encouraging and simple development in the lives of these poor people. Kevin Federline, despite his obvious flaws, has stepped up to the plate. Get a life.

2346 days ago


Yeah Brit does look better..............blurry eyed, bloated, and living as if she's already in the institution........I said from the beginning of this mess that the family will have her put away to be able to keep her money.......people said no, no they just want to help Kdeadbeat is playing nice...........remember there's an attorney out in SANEville looking to take these folks to federal court, all of a sudden she's being taken out to eat, the deadbeat wants to play nicer, they are adding attorney layer by layer to head off her having any way of a life of her own...............enjoy the MULLAH........can't wait till you all run out and have her declared SANE and ready to WORK again........I hope she spits in all your eyes and leaves you in the dust,

2346 days ago


He wants time to go out and PARTY AND BRING HO'S TO HIS HOUSE!!!!

2346 days ago


That SKANK shouldn't be allowed anywhere near her kids! She is nothing but a baby-making machine, she will never be a mother to any child. Just spread wide and push out kids, that's her legacy right there. K-Fed is more of a parent than she can even imagine to be.

2346 days ago


I thought he wanted custody so bad? Sounds to me he wants to Partaa! and the kiddies are cramping his style. He can't come out now because he knows he'll be under fire for neglecting the kids.

2346 days ago


Having the meal tickets around full time is cutting into his doing nothing! ha.

2346 days ago


G-d bless Britney, her precious children, their father (who is growing up), and her parents who have come to rescue her from "stranger danger" and help her find balance and wellness in her life. I pray for this young family and all families in America (who are going through or have gone through a divorce) to put their own self-interests and egos aside and do the right thing on behalf of the long-term wellbeing of their children. There is so much dignity to be gained by "mother and father" in a divorce situation working through their differences so they can discover the joy and pride of parenting that one can experience through co-parenting and supporting one another during challenging times in celebration of the lives of their precious children.

What the mother of his first two children did by interferring in another woman's relationship by going to the media to disparage Britney is a reflection of her own unhealthy personal traits.

2346 days ago


Oh please, he just dosen't want the full time responsiblility of being a daddy. Typical low life, he just wants his $$$$$$$$$$$, he couldn't be a 100% father to his first two kids.

2346 days ago

Susan B    

The court listened to testimony from both sides and made the best decision on what they heard........I don't think Kevin needs to be glorified for caring for his boys.............many mothers do it all the time with no help from anyone.

Anyway, I am happy that Britney will see her children and hope that she gets well soon.

2346 days ago


K-Fart has a baby bump in this photo.

2346 days ago
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