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New Lawyer in Brit Custody Case

2/19/2008 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned attorney Stacy Phillips will take the reigns in Britney's custody case - well, kinda sorta.

Sources say Phillips, who has repped Bobby Brown and Tori Spelling's ex, will represent the conservatorship, which is making decisions in the custody case. We're told Jamie Spears has signed off on Phillips, so the way is clear for Trope and Trope to leave the case. But there's a catch.

We're told Commish Scott Gordon wants assurance that Brit will be protected with a lawyer SHE personally chooses when the conservatorship ends.

Phillips is in court right now and there will be big developments today.

Stay tuned ...


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2405 days ago


So what would happen if this sick puppy didn't have bookoo bucks for all these lawyers???

2405 days ago


Take the "reigns?"

It's "reins," y'all.

For a "news source," TMZ has many mispelled words. .

2405 days ago

Mary Jane    

If I were Britney I would fire each and every person the old drunk skunk hired. Poor Brit.

2405 days ago

Two Buck Chuck    

That screencap of the lawyer totally makes her look like she's wearing Billy Bob teeth.

2405 days ago


Good luck to the new attorney but I think it'll be wash. Britney has now gone through several attorneys because she is "unrepresentable." Unless Britney changes her behavior and lifestyle and seriously pursues psychiatric treatment, she will NOT be getting custody. Those looking for a quick fix to her problems will be disappointed. Once cusotdy was revoked, the burden was on Britney to meet court requirements to get them back. It's been several months and it hasn't happened yet. In fact, Britney's conduct has become worse.

2405 days ago


I am less concerned about Britney having "custody" of her children than I am about if they will be safe when they are with her. She is an ill person and could easily hurt them by exercising poor judgment. It is the responsiblity of the court to protect these children from all who might damage them. The night she locked herself away with her youngest son is a prime example of poor judgment. It could get worse than that. Britney may not be responsible for her behavior but the fallout from it could be horrendous.

I would love to see Britney get well but the welfare of the little boys is fastly more important than she is.

2405 days ago


"We're told Commish Scott Gordon wants assurance that Brit will be protected with a lawyer SHE personally chooses when the conservatorship ends."

Yeah- because she's shown such good judgment in the past. Has Scott Gordon ever heard of Britney Spears? I hope he at least requires that her father agrees with her decision, otherwise she'll probably appoint Osama or Adnan.

2405 days ago


gosh i wish they were seeing what was going on! all they are doing is spending a lot of her money!we know she has a lot of it but get real why just throw it away??
times like this is when i say i wish johnny cochran was still around.. trust me he would put a stop to all of this bs.
also if britney get's married won't her new husband be over all of her money???
again all of these young singer etc. like paris is getting ready to mess up again don't think lindsey ever was off the booze and drugs.
we just wish britney would get it together. and stay together but until she changes that british accent. and quit buying all of this unnessary stuf i can't see nothing but another anna nichol smith happing before our eyes.
her sister janie is going to have the baby abd we know who will raise it not her it will be some one else cause she will be wanting the spotlight. please britney get help we all love you.

2405 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Qoute : "1. FIRST

Posted at 11:58AM on Feb 19th 2008 by AG"

First to what??? Post your thoughts? (NONE)..

Why do we have to hear about this crap.. I am waiting for her to go postal on all Paparazzi..that would be a great story.

2405 days ago


I can't believe her request for a gag order was denied....I think this situation is a life and death matter. The paparazzi are so dangerous to not only her but the public too.

2405 days ago


This news report is all lies even the net on cell phones stated that Enews came up with this lie and as for Cox Enterprises and there so called commish Scott the drug dealer and there report of Jamie Spears well take the j off of Jamie folks this is called a tag just like there commish name Scott and here is the tags real names cycber criminals Scott Monte and Amy Stevens wonder how TMZ and E news is gone to tell the feds about these two drug dealers when they purchace a large load of wacky in detroit about four years ago to sell in southern ohio.Also how Cox Enterprises and others support drug deals done on the internet the list just keeps growing but soon as time gets closer to five years alot of people will face charges and you bet it falls under the Rico Act. Drugs supply by Amy half brother from Twin City Mi.pickup by Scotts friends..Now net E-News who smiling now you liars of the media....

2404 days ago


Remember you heard it first from Strange But True News !

2404 days ago


Britney is not a criminal as the media liars spread their lies this is all for advertising sells consumer fraud and wire fraud just think a business calling their selfs E-News that only tell lies what does that say about CBS and Cox Enterprises newspapers that has been lieing to us for years.News that is to keep government in check but tell me who is watching them.They make the choice who is going to lead our nation but wait who are they the secert society!

2404 days ago


Suetibbs - the answer about marriage is in this case NO. Her father has been appointed conservator not only of her person but of her estate and these are 2 very different events. If she were to get married the court most likely would be even stricter based on her current physiological /mental condition and lack of ability to make decisions. Please remeber that we are not getting all of the information on Brittney's case because the media gives us what sells. Being an attorney in these areas I say bravo to her parents for having the courage to step in and try to protect her personally and her estate. When those of you who say why do we care - try lookig at it this way -- she has brought to the forefront the seriousness of these types of illnesses and that they are both physical and mental combined. May be through this tragedy we will learn to view these illnesses as just that serious illness.

2404 days ago
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