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P!nk and Hart -- It's Not You, It's Work

2/19/2008 8:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carey Hart, PinkThe P!nk-Carey Hart split, TMZ has learned, is a story as old as wage labor: Their careers just plain got in the way.

Sources close to Carey Hart tell TMZ that the motocrosser is telling people that he and his ex still love each other and "will remain best friends." The downfall of the marriage came as a result of careers getting in the way. P!nk has headed back to the studio to work on her music, while Carey is busy opening new nightclubs.

TMZ has also learned that Hart is opening the first of his new brainchildren -- a spot called "Wasted Space" -- at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in May. The club will be a live music venue that will feature new rock bands -- and music legends.


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Mary Love    

So, apparently work is so much more important than the commitment you made to the love of your life? Your most important "job" is to take care of, give attention to, and meet the needs of your spouse. How selfish! They've chosen vanity, self indulgence, and have no respect for marriage and the responsibility they have chosen for their shared lives. Being loved and depending on/ and being depended on by another person is such a priviledge and an honor. He gave her his life and vice versa. What a humbling gift to be chosen!
As if money and fame are the most important, most valuable, most beautiful thing in life. As If! Good thing they didn't have kids--- work would have been #1 again I suppose. At least they have thier priorities ( their big huge important so-called "careers")
I hope one day they don't end up alone, loveless, faded fame, spent money, and having realized they only lived for themselves and missed out on their one and only chance to live an honorable, love-filled life.

2406 days ago


Dammit, now I can't say I banged Pink's husband anymore. There goes one of my six-degrees.... :(

2406 days ago


This is another reason why young people need to mature before getting married. i'm married and work could never get in our way even if we were celebrities because we are each other's FIRST PRIORITY.People these days crack me up, the first sign of trouble and they want to get divorced it's a joke. I bet if there was a seven year contract with each married you'd have alot less marriage huh. People don't change during the marriage it's just that people don't take enough time to get to know each other for who they truly are while courting or my bad people don't court anymore! they just sleep together and think good sex = good relationship! Doesn't work ask Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee or anybody that's been with Pam for that matter!
With Pink's horrible record sales and Corey's inability to win a motorcross race you'd think they had nothing but time to work on their marriage!!!! I guess Pink did let me get me huh!

2406 days ago

Angel Truffle    

He's effing other women & she told him that she'd had it. How graceful and forth right of her to not say bad things about him behind his back, she's got class. Watch the dumb ass write a tell-all book. I am so sorry if anyone actually think that he couldn't keep his thing in his pants. He was never right for her, she was just a conquest that he still can't win. And when he knew that he lost it, he thought it'd be a good idea if he rubbed it in her face by picking up endless amounts of trashy women. Pink is better than Hart & he knows it, I just hope that she does.
Carey is a loser.

2406 days ago

huge pink fan    

none of you haters know what your talikn about! she is beautiful and just because you don't like her music does not mean she has no career. that's pretty stuck up and ignorant to think so. please don't comment on things you know nothing about, it makes you look stupid.

2405 days ago


i like p!nk she has a nice bubble butt ;-)

2404 days ago


I think he finally woke up.

2404 days ago


that sucks i thought they would make it

2403 days ago
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