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Brit's Vajayjay Takes Its Daily Stroll

2/20/2008 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney is taking positive steps toward restoring visitation with her children -- by once again reminding the world where her babies came from. My babers used to live in thar, y'all!

This has to stop.


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POINT: We shouldn't see her panties either.

Longer skirts (shirts) or learn how to exit a car lile a lady.

2435 days ago


yes it does have to stop so stop posting pictures of her vag! this isnt news! TMZ has gotten pretty pathetic, desperate for anything they can get.

2435 days ago


HEY BRIT----what makes you think dressing this way and flashing yourself is helping to get your kids back? I seriously think she doesnt even want them back--

2435 days ago


Dad's doing a great job. At least she wasn't flashing herself when Sam was looking after her.

2435 days ago


You know what needs to stop? You reporting on it.

2435 days ago

luv my TMZ    

TMZ is saying to us all...."HA HA Made you look!"

2435 days ago


18. You know what needs to stop? You reporting on it.

Posted at 12:59PM on Feb 20th 2008 by Josie
Amen ,and ditto that ....just stop reporting on it and it'll go away !!!

2435 days ago


Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, just a bunch of bottom feeders who have one thing in common. Prostituting them selves at any cost. And sadly Britney has paid the highest cost. Her children. When putting your naked body in the lime light before your children is just sad. These three females have turned into the Great American Joke. Pathetic.

2435 days ago


Pa Spears is probably telling her to do it...either to drum up publicity for her concert tour or cause he's a perve, or to make her look crazy so he can keep controlling the money.

At least when she was with Sam she wasn't going to clubs & flashing herself.

2435 days ago


19. Dad's doing a great job. At least she wasn't flashing herself when Sam was looking after her.

Posted at 1:00PM on Feb 20th 2008 by Sweetie
Ummmmmmmmm ,yes she was "Sweetie" or should I say "Sam" !!!

2435 days ago


Notice how her nutty fans claim "It" is wearing "flesh-colored panties." Haha........what a crock. She could doANYTHING and her few remaining goofy fans would lie and say she's innocent and will defend her to the bitter end. She should just go ahead and do pornography and get it over with --- that's what the dork wants to do anyway. Is her forehead getting bigger? It appears she is becoming bald. What a mess.........LOL

2435 days ago


With which it fault? her beacause she does not wear panties? it is its intimacy... is what paparazzi one really tracked right as if it she was an animal? every one these movement are filmed, photographed and for after being to analyze to interpret by million anybody... soaps really what occurs in her life? in her intimacy? is what of our fault, if all us arritions to consult these review, Internet site... they well stop to overexploit its image... Is a thing certain it is that normally its private life should remain it, who we are to be introduced into his life as we do? should like it, or hate it for its music, and not for its private life!!!

2435 days ago


wow. what the hell is wrong with this girl? how proud her kids must be. belive me they will see this when they're older. what does she want them to say, "wow mommy's vag is hot." ?????? jesus christ. just die already.

2435 days ago


just a she wasn't...she did it with Paris and around that time, but not with Sam...if you say she did it with sam, I'm sure you can give us a link to the pics.

2435 days ago

big balls    

is that yellow star one of kids toys she has out and ready for. watch out kiddys dont pull the string

2435 days ago
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