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Federal Judge Says It Seems Bogus To Him

2/20/2008 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Federal judge in the Britney conservatorship case has issued a tentative ruling that the move to make a federal case out of it is ridiculous.
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Judge Philip Gutierrez set a deadline of February 29 for Britney's so-called lawyer, Jon Eardley, to explain why on Earth the federal court has any business getting involved in Britney's mental affairs.

The court said it sure seems the Feds have no jurisdiction to interfere, and unless Eardley can convince the judge to the contrary, the case will go back to State court on Feb 29.

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whatucando...I'm with you. Voted for Obama in the caucus and he won in my state. I'm proud that my party is making history. Frankly, I think all the candidates are good people including McCain. We are retired military and I think he is a hero.

2445 days ago

Honey Carlson    

Thank God there are some Judges with some common sense!!!!!

2445 days ago


Note on #28 once again why we need a new face in the White House, negativity toward the American people, loss of hope and they (republicans ) keep telling us we can't do it... Guess what , we are doing it!! Follow our laws the Federal Government has in order... Obama "08

2445 days ago


Attractiveness inside is character, or lack thereof. I have been very disheartened with Mrs. Obama's character. She is not worthy of the position to which she aspires. Neither is Hillary Clinton. I am entitled to my opinion, which was reached after some deliberation.

2445 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Ridiculous isn't the word for this move by Eardly. It is utter BS and an obvious move to try and take advantage of Brit. When Sam lutfi is behind the scenes trying to push the buttons and manipulate it isn't just BS but a stinking pile of manure.

Leave Brit alone and allow the woman to get well; allow her some privacy and space out of the glare of the money grubby stalkarazzis!

2445 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Poster # 35. Sam lutfi is not Mexican, but Iranian. His real name is Osama. He just calls himself Sam to hide the fact!

2445 days ago

She has some major issues. She needs to get real help!

2445 days ago

luv my TMZ    

Britney gets yet another SENSIBLE judge!! Yay!

2445 days ago


These are the acts of desperate men. That is their career dissipation light slowly flickering out along with their bank accounts. TMZ will be next along with all the other Paps. They couldn't leave well enough alone, had to have that almighty dollar and purposely set out to drive her over the edge. However will they make their money? I give HUGE KUDOS to her father. K-Fed trying to cling to those children for his share of the bucks. Once those children turn 18 we'll see him on the side of the road with will work for money signs. After what he's done to her, he'll be lucky if she tosses a quarter at him, but she'll still have all her money.

And who are the idiots that try so hard to show their maturity level with I'm first! Look at me. Twits.

2445 days ago


Not a surprise he thinks it is rediculous but he totally shouldn't have giving the guy a chance to make a arrgument for this.

2445 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Does anyone here know that K Fed, Jamie and Brit's lawyers WANT Brit to see the kids? It is the Judge putting so many restrictions on how, when and where. IT IS SAM AND THIS NEW LAWYER MAKING THE CALLS. She is not fit to have them alone for 5 minutes - but in a family gathering? She has no one to trust - Sam is Iranian and better save his pennies so he can be on the next plane OUT! When this shi*t hits the fan, and the judge sees the lawyer, Early, and Sam are together in this stupid move - they'd better BOTH be in jail for all sorts of reason: They are breathing! They are causing a backlog in the court system - they are still free on the streets! They have no grounds - just to raise a stink and cause more problems. Of coarse - that lawyer - Early - supposes he will be paid? Think again, dumbass! The courts should fine YOU BOTH for the trouble you are causing. Let's see the Green Card Sam! Let's see the driver's license and insurance - and the PROOF that you suckered Brit to buy you the car! ALL of this will come out. FEATHERS WILL BE FLYING HIGH! CAN'T WAIT!

2445 days ago

I Smell A Rat    

This is a quote from page 23 of the Filing (page 28 of the pdf) - and it proves beyond a doubt what a complete shyster Eardley is. Not only that, but Sam the Snake almost got away with what could have been disaster! I hope they find his ass and throw the book at him. With "friends" like him, who needs enemies?! As for Michael Sands - PR for both of them - he needs to crawl under a rock someplace.

"If Mr. Eardley had filed the Notice of Removal with the Probate Court a half hour earlier on February 14, 2008, the Probate Court would have been unable to extend the conservatorship before it expired later that day. This willful attempt to interfere with the Conservatorship Proceedings - which, if successful, could have resulted in dire consequences for Britney - justifies not only an award of attorneys' fees but also far more severe sanctions."

It goes on to say that this shyster tried to remove another (different type) case to federal court two years ago, even though he didn't represent any of the parties in the case, and was ordered to pay costs and attorneys' fees for that one. So, yeah - he absolutely should have known better. Now he's gonna have to name names in front of a federal judge - exactly who put him up to this - and he could still be disbarred.

Osama's goin' downnnn.....!!! And I hope this jackass gets disbarred.

2445 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

lol - i think this guy needs to visit UCLA.

From the docs:
"two years earlier, this court ordered mr eardley to pay attorney's fees and costs because he purported to remove a lawsuit to a federal court on behalf of a defendant to a lawsuit even though he did not represent that defendant... case no 05-6543 NM SSx... Given his prior experience , Mr Eardley should have been especially attuned to the impropriety of seeking to remove the Conservatoship proceeding where, by the reason of the probate courts' Feb 6 Orders, he could not represent Britney"

Where do you think he gets oney from to pay for wasted fees? Apprently they want $27495 + $1575 for attorneys fees court costs etc!!!

2445 days ago


It’s incredible how much money and time has already been spent on this dubious claim. I know that law clerks usually do the research for the precedents listed here, but still they are paid by the hour, too … just less than the lawyers.

All this money being spent is still coming out of Britney’s funds. How sad.

2445 days ago

Karl in Scottsdale    

What a tragedy this girl’s life has become. The role-model for ‘generation-slut’ has crashed face first into the brick-wall of karma and all the media can do is make a show out of it. I pray for her and her children.

2445 days ago
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