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Federal Judge Says It Seems Bogus To Him

2/20/2008 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Federal judge in the Britney conservatorship case has issued a tentative ruling that the move to make a federal case out of it is ridiculous.
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Judge Philip Gutierrez set a deadline of February 29 for Britney's so-called lawyer, Jon Eardley, to explain why on Earth the federal court has any business getting involved in Britney's mental affairs.

The court said it sure seems the Feds have no jurisdiction to interfere, and unless Eardley can convince the judge to the contrary, the case will go back to State court on Feb 29.

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#51... DBK or LAW #101...or ant lawyers out there!!!

Can the conservators sue Eardley and whomever put this jackass up to this stunt for ; Harassment, Intimidation(Sam) or some kind of Malicious Harassment or interference?!

2415 days ago


i wondered that too judy. Something is rotten in denmark

2415 days ago


Judy has a some terrific points, that we may all have forgotten about.

2415 days ago


It is absolutely insane the amount of money being spent on legal fees and frivolous lawsuits. Bella

2415 days ago


Someday (I Will Understand) at yahoo music videos
by Britney Spears

like britney said in this song/video, in Gods own plan. and more.
and i am thanking God for His intervention, for her family, right or wrong, no one is perfect, but they love her and are trying their best to help and protect her and her sons, for bringing to light for all to see the entrapment these predators types used to ruin and destroy another human being under the veil of "looking out for her 24/7" etc....and how easily a person(s) can be used and abused, for the attorneys now in place who seem to be really on top of the legals and who seem to be geniunely concerned to do the RIGHT thing for their client and seeing through the manipulations of the oppositions and seemingly to have the abilities to address it appropriately, for the judge over these important matters for the world to see. i am just really happy and thankful to God. will continue praying Britney has a full recovery from whatever lutfi and or others may have done/caused to her mental status and life overall.
i beleive britney, God is answering your prayers in his own way..have patience, and llisten to your family. praying her family does not loose patience and can endure and for their protection also, it is going to take a long time and even britney truly does not realize the damage that has been done to her yet. i have not seen an actual physician diagnosis of her having bi-polar, so really without actually talking to her and or spending a lot of real time with her or performing certain lab tests, like a physician would, the public is only guessing as to her mental state of mind and do not know the full extent of the damage that has been done. i do believe she had a breakdown, that real therapy could have helped her earlier on, but with the partying and meeting the wrong people at your lowest point and then the predator type who saw an opportunity....well the rest is history to me...i am still praying for a great outcome...for britney, her sons, her family and yes even k-fed, no matter what we think he will always be their father and he needs to realize he needs direction and help too, if he doen't already.

2415 days ago


Will this ever end. The girl has enough going on without some trumped up license problem. Seems to me that she needs to be whisked away to a place where she can get some peace. TMZ, PEREZ HILTON and all the other trash mags just hound her. Let her have a bit of peace, then maybe she can do waht she needs to do and get on with her life.

2415 days ago


#42.. Prudence Juris, Thanks for that tidbit! What if Eardley lies?!

2415 days ago


crymeariver and Judy, I also think something stinks here,.

I know a woman whose boyfriend/husband of several years put drugs in her drinks for a few years and robbed her blind--like millions. He had been planning that the entire time. Now, she was vulnerable due to an alcohol problem, but that just helped his cause. I agree that there are evil people out there who see vulnerablitiy as the ultimate opportunity. I'm guessing that is exactly what this Sam/osama person is.

Also, even though Britney's former lawyers didn't exactly have the best cooperation from her, I don't think they did a very good job of digging up dirt on kfed. Everything i've read describes him as a total partier.

2415 days ago

Your Mom    

Hey, Judge Judy, you're a freaking idiot. He IS drug tested. But if he is passing then is that any kind of news??? NO. Leave it alone.

2415 days ago


BRAVO! Another intelligent response to Brit's problems. This Eardley guy is just another opportunist, looking for $$$. He says he wants a return to "normalcy" for Brit. Seems to me Brit's life is the most normal right now than it has been in over a year..........

2415 days ago


Sorry guys, but K-fed married a rich not enraptured by her celebrity ,,, that said.. they have 2 kids that and at least he is taking care of them.

Where is Brit..on she is running around with anyone that will bed her and showing her stuff. ( to whoever wants to see her stuff )

Does she love her kids? uhhhhhh?

Sam is the bad guy here plus the lawyer that actually wanted to make a federal case out of this. HUH? thank God, our judicial system has better things to do.

You want to bad mouth K-fed.. who appears to be listening to his lawyers and taking care of his children rather than out running around.

Does the name Mrs. McCartney come to mind....she is the gold digger.

2415 days ago



2415 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

Posted at 6:46PM on Feb 20th 2008 by Judy

Yea. Maybe Shar Jackson should send a thank you card to Britney for the child maintenance checks rather than making stupid comments in public...

2415 days ago


Any one got any more dirt on Jon Eardley....Osama Lutfi...Alli Sims...Micheal Sands!?

Especially if there is/was ant collusion between them?! Do Tell!!

2415 days ago


Can't wait to see this Judge throw the book at these lowlifes!

C'mon JUDGE !! Do to Eardley AND Lutfi what they're doing to Brit and her family!!!...Don't forget Sands and possibly Kaplan and Alli!!!

2415 days ago
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