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Oh God! Tom Cruise's Ex Speaks!

2/20/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise's first choice for Scientolobride, Sofia Vergara, gave new meaning to the word "irony" last night.

If you believe Andrew Morton's book, after Tom split with Penelope Cruz he was fixated on Vergara and wanted to marry her. But she was freaked out by his obsessive behavior and felt "she would be struck down by God and burn in hell if she joined [Scientology]."

So imagine our shock when she talked about "the eyes of God" to TMZ. God does a body good!


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TrimSpa Baby    

#9 I'm with you. Half the time I never know what some of this stuff is about - I just skip right over it!!!

2399 days ago


Gster, LOL that was funny.

Well Thank Sofia didn't fall into his crazy trap. poor Katie.

nonsense, I didn't understand much either, maybe you have to see the video to understand what TMZ is talking about.

2399 days ago


Actually, he also did the same thing with Scarlet Johannson prior to hooking Katie Holmes. She was apparently freaked out by his Scientology as well, particularly regarding a date they went on where he brought her to Scientology headquarters in LA and introduced her to a bunch of people who questioned her on if she would be interested in joining their cult..oops, I mean, group!

2399 days ago


Cut that long hair, honey. You're showing your AGE.

2399 days ago

Professor Obvious    

For a pillow biter, Tom Cruise is sure associated with a lot of hot babes. He was married to Mimi Rogers for pete's sake, she's a serious hottie, in fact, she introduced Tom to Scientology (Thanks Mimi).

2399 days ago

fha secure rates    

she's busted lol

2398 days ago


that chica is one hot tamale,,,love to spread some tabasco sauce on her taco.....

2398 days ago


This is a beautiful intelligent woman! Too hot for Cruise and too smart for him too! I read Andrew Norton's book on Cruise. It is definitely a tell all. Tom Cruise was interested in Vegara, Penelope Cruise, Jennifer Garner, and I think one more. Just before he started dating Katie Holmes within a few months he asked her to marry him. What a setup! Hollywood marriage set-up! Do you all know Katie and he sleep in different beds and rooms! In different wings of his mansion, even? Read the book, very interesting! I agree with someone else when Tom Cruises movies come out. I don't see them or buy the dvd, he's not worth it!!!

2398 days ago

Joe C    

Damn that woman is hot! That Colombian body and accent would probably have turned Tom straight. He probably broke it off because he started having those yucky feelings for a woman instead of for John Travolta and Limp Ron H.

2398 days ago


I think she is one of the most beautiful, hottest women I have ever seen and I am a straight woman..
In his dreams, lol Tom Cruise... he wishes. She could get a zillion better guys, that fruitcake would never make the list.

2398 days ago


35 is young and the "cut the long hair you're showing your AGE" comment is a load of crap BS. get real. She is FABULOUS.Love to see what You look like.

2398 days ago


She could never be Tom's wife, she is retarded and vulgar, Tom need class near him, because he is always classy and gorgeous

Yet Holmes always looks retarded with her off puting rectangular smile.

Poor Tom.

2398 days ago

Grammar nazi    

TMZ, the first rules of journalism are to tell: who? what? where?
when? And how? and why? if you know it.

I don't see where? or when? there. You drive me nuts.

2398 days ago


I dont understand your comments TMZ,,, lay off the glue.

2398 days ago

Good Grief    

Katie never smiles, stoops to be Tom's height, STUPID IDIOT MORON FOR MARRYING TOM, and I shouldn't say this but Suri looks really strange for a little girl.

2398 days ago
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