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One Adult, One Adopted Child, Please

2/20/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from a weekend in the snow, Angelina Jolie and son Maddox spent some time at the movies yesterday. Their flick of choice? "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Mommy's "naked CGI movie" is long gone from theaters.


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Your website sucks. What a terrible headline. You wish you were Perez Hilton

2400 days ago

Medical Girl    

Awwww TMZ this headline is a new low even for you. A person who wants to be a parent wants to love a child. A child needs the love of a parent. Period. Biological, adopted ... no difference. Own your ignorant/hurtful headline and change it. A.J. is wacko, but she *is* his mother.

2400 days ago


Bellsring-you are missing the point. This is not about Angelina. It is about Maddox. It is also incorrect to say he is adopted. As I stated before, adoption is process and ultimately an event. Then it's done. Legally it's over. There is no legal difference between an adopted and a biological child. I am open with my kids as well as with the public that they WERE adopted, but I never refer to them as my adopted children, nor does anyone else. It's just poor journalism, plain and simple.

2400 days ago


Change the name of the article TMZ... It's not funny.

2400 days ago


Why get a child involved in your nasty headline! What a horrible site.

2400 days ago


Why do you have such a problem with adoption, TMZ? I know people with your attitude. They'd rather see Maddox and Pax begging in some gutter somewhere, and Zahara sitting around a campfire with parasites and diseases than see them adopted by a celebrity and given a good life. And there are tons of pictures of Brad and Angie with Shiloh. You just choose not to put them on here. Grow up.

2400 days ago


"One adult, one 'adopted' child, please"? Idiots. TMZ, you suck. I hope one of your employees who happens to be adopted sues you for a 'poisoned workplace'.

2400 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

She needs a longer trenchcoat to hide the veins from those chicken legs of hers.

2400 days ago


I am absolutely appalled at your choice of heading. I will no longer be visiting TMZ.

2400 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

Oh, c'mon everyone. You're taking this too seriously. I thought the headline was a hoot! Thanks TMZ!

2400 days ago


Marymac, don't patronize me please. My children ARE adopted. I get the amusing point that TMZ is making and Angelina brought it on herself. Do you really think Maddox feels the least bit LESS significant in that family because he's adopted. The opposite is far more true and you know it.

2400 days ago


"Mommy's "naked CGI movie" is long gone from theaters." Now THAT''s funny TMZ!

2400 days ago

Leave them a lone    

Jesus - since when is a kid fair game? Until idiots stop publicly labeling kids "adopted" as if that child is some how differently valued or part of the family than a a bio kid, there will continue to be ass backwards views on adopted kids. My mom was adopted, my sister was adopted, my kids are both adopted...and at no time is that a label I would attach to any of them when announcing them. Until you start labeling kds "vaginally delivered John" or "conceived in the missionary position Bob" it's just idiocy.

Change the headline. Show some class.

2400 days ago


"Mommy's "naked CGI movie" is long gone from theaters." TMZ could make THAT the headline. LOL

2400 days ago

Stupid Headline    

Stupid Headline.
Insulting to all adopted children and their parents.
Shame on you, TMZ.

2400 days ago
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