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Von Ahole Can't Be Stretched

2/20/2008 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That cigar-chomping Imbecile of Ichenhausen, Prince Von Ahole, was spotted once again at the Ivy, where he bemoaned the cruel fate of pre-Oscar prettifying preparations -- he can't get in to see a plastic surgeon to get his "injections."

The Half-Wit of Wittenberg topped his earlier caution against the use of safety belts by declaring, "Cigars are healzy, cigarettes are bad." He's clearly an expert on pole cigar smoking.


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I think A-Hole is the best. I wish VH-1 or E would do a reality show with this guy. Keep up the good work TMZ

2380 days ago


Why on earth do you guys keep "reporting" this guy's tirades?

NO ONE cares!

Poor ZsaZsa - if only she knew.

2406 days ago


I knew it was only a matter of time before you had another report on this guy. I still dont see the point. I would say, leave the guy alone but he obviously enjoys the attention. Still, alot of your readers dont really care. But you obviously love to do stories on him, so why should it matter what us readers want, right? We could ask you all day long to stop reporting on this guy, and you couldn't care less.

2406 days ago


I love TMZ but please stop giving this crazy man the attention he wants. I mean who goes to the same restaurant EVERYDAY? Im sure he looks him self up to watch but hopefully he reads the comments written about him and stop going to the ivy to talk about POINTLESS THINGS. NO ONE CARES.

2406 days ago


average joe, TMZ is gonna do what they want, regardless of what we say. they dont give a rats furry butt about readers. how many ppl have said they cant stand that gummy bear idiot, and yet they still follow him around and take his pix. sorry mate but you are wasting your breath.

2406 days ago


LOL TMZ YOU'RE THE BEST, I love your colorful descriptions of the Fake Prince. You are looking behind his mask, thankx

2406 days ago


Do all TMZ writers have a sexual oral fixation or are they just all 16 year old high school boys? How much sexual innuendo can you possibly insert in one story? Counting the caption under the photo, I counted at least four. Cant you even mention a cigar without all the sexual innuendo? Grow up, guys and stop writing like hormone ravaged teens.

2406 days ago


The only thing this yahoo knows anything about is himself! Yes, he has opinions but there like a##h#*%@...............we ALL have one.

2406 days ago


You TMZ guys give him his fame. Noone else reports on him. You are the ones who makes him "celebrity" Than you call him names... Slow days? Give us more Britney, where are the pics Andan took, pay him what he wants so we can see...Katarina

2406 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

I will give you this TMZ,,,,,,,,,,,,,everytime you print something about this moron I just crack up laughing. This is a guy that should be laughed at 24/7.

Too funny.

2406 days ago


PLEASE stop reporting on this guy and giving them he attentions he craves. I don't care if your comments are disparaging, we DON'T GIVE A DAMN!

2406 days ago

its sad    

TMZ....Prince Von Ahole is the funniest thing you've got should have a daily feature with him. He may be an idiot like everyone says, but he is sooooooooooooo amusing! Much better than your lame live feeds at courthouses and dog shows...Keep up that one smidgen of good work!

2406 days ago


I just can't take it anymore. Stop! Stop! Stop it already with this jerk! We do not care!!!

2406 days ago


No one cares about this guy! Why does TMZ keep posting stupid information about him?!

2406 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Why not take a poll TMZ ? Do we want you to continue with Prince Von A$@hole on this site or not. That way all the whiners can shut their pie holes. It's either a YES or NO. The majority wins. Kinda plain and simple.

2406 days ago
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