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Aaron Carter

Busted with a Lot of Pot

2/21/2008 11:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter's baby bro, Aaron, was busted earlier today in Kimble County, Texas with at least two ounces of marijuana!
TMZ has confirmed Aaron was pulled over on I-10 earlier today for speeding -- and when authorities decided to search his vehicle, they found the fat stash inside!

Aaron, 20, is currently in jail until tomorrow, when a judge will be present for his arraignment.


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Um, a kid not old enough to drink in a bar is speeding and rolls down his window to the sweet smell of weed "wafting" through the window? And you guys think that's not just cause for search? Any violation, including illegal lane change is just cause. Just cause I say so

2404 days ago


Ok - I'm going to try this again seeing as my response to this hasn't posted yet.

Glad I don't live in SC, I'd never pay $35-50 for a 1/4 oz. I live in Minnesota and only would have to pay $50 for a 1/4 if it was hydro. $25 for brick. You must be paying the inflated old person rate. AKA your getting ripped off. I used to live in a drug house in Texas and the guy saying 2 ounces is less then $100 is correct, unless you live out in the sticks. He is wrong about the Class B though. Class A starts at 2 oz to 4 oz. 4 oz to 5lbs is a state jail felony. Now that we have straightened that all out, anyone got a paper or a blunt?

Posted at 11:42PM on Feb 21st 2008 by jim

I'll have to make sure that pass that information along about the "inflated old person rate" to the people who are 1/2 my age - the ones who are always bitching about how much pot costs. Personally, I gave it up quite some time ago. LOl - admitting that you used to live in a drug house - hope you have "moved on up" since that time.....You know how it is out here in the "sticks" - there is nothing to do around here except stay messed up on dope (red devil lye goes pretty quickly around these parts these days LOL), drink plenty of beer and ride around on our John Deere tractors. Maybe Minnesota has such good prices because you all have all the good cow crap to use as fertilizer. I bet it's a wild time down on the dairy farm after smoking a few or doing some bong hits - wow - you can even do "cow shooters" directly from the cows P-A-R-T-Y!!!!

I have some stupid family members whom I sure could "enlighten" you on how the law can really work when you are standing there in front of a judge - and lets not forget about all the other court costs that will have to be paid. Kiss your money goodbye if you have a prior record to boot - cause that's what it all comes down to - money. Which is why more people are quicker to "rat" out people now than in years past.

And to the poster who is from TX and spent time in jail - wish you the best because going through that kind of experience for you and your family had to be hell.

2404 days ago


smokey a little dopey? sounds fun.......

2404 days ago


and that makes him above the law?

2404 days ago

LaRues Lady    

35. AKA "lovign the cooter" - "Like I said I got busted in Texas and took a class where they told us all the laws and such. Unless it changed in 4 years."

Yeah, that's not something to be proud of. And I bet your child has a WONDERFUL life, living with a druggie who does not know how to spell and all and is a disgusting pervert…

2404 days ago


#33 Scout: Totally agree. All these instant lawyers who don't know they are talking about need to shut the hell up. Who care about probable cause? If the police take one look at you and don't like what they see, they make up their own probable cause.

2404 days ago


LOL take a look at your first sentance....and I dont know how to spell!!! you cant cover up the fact that HE is WRONG!!!! nothing more nothing less!!!! Damn my name, or yours, if one of us were to get caught with 2 ounces, it would be a federal case.... PERIOD!!!!

2404 days ago


and yes i know how to spell it

2404 days ago


Aaron you bad bad boy, I hope Nick teaches you a lesson so you dont get into trouble anymore, BE A MAN LIKE YOUR HOT AND TALENTED BROTHER!

2404 days ago


People make excuse for people that they think they know.... Now think about it, if he was being interviewed (before all this), he would say "that guy needs some help, and needs to be in jail"!!! Right or Wrong? someone please tell me im wrong!!!!!!!!! Its easy to say, well, I smoke weed and I know its not that bad so I dont think this person should get charged with this that or the other, but on the other hand, you tell me something, do you ride around with OZ's in your car? and some just like me, will say YES, but you know good and damn well, if you get pulled over with that stuff, your in BIG trouble.... Hell, if all it took was a couple hundred or thousand to get me out off all of my stuff everyone else would be in trouble

2404 days ago


Hey, I just say what you want to say!!!! dont be mad at me

2404 days ago


White people are so beautiful to look at, aren't they?

Send him and Pink's ex (Corey) over for a few doobies and a little man on man!

2404 days ago

Mom of Three    

When are we going to grow up and legalize pot? If alcohol is legal, pot sure as hell should be--people are a whole lot nicer on pot than booze, and a lot less destructive. Grow up, America, so we can put our resources toward really important issues.

2404 days ago


2 oz. isnt nothing i can see if it was 2 lbs. he was riding with but what they really need to do is gone ahead and legalize it that way they can get to the real criminals

2404 days ago


It couldn't happen to a bigger douchebag.

2404 days ago
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