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Aaron Carter

Busted with a Lot of Pot

2/21/2008 11:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter's baby bro, Aaron, was busted earlier today in Kimble County, Texas with at least two ounces of marijuana!
TMZ has confirmed Aaron was pulled over on I-10 earlier today for speeding -- and when authorities decided to search his vehicle, they found the fat stash inside!

Aaron, 20, is currently in jail until tomorrow, when a judge will be present for his arraignment.


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Mary Jane    

Legalize it! This kid needs to take up the cause.

2405 days ago


"Aaron, oh Aaron, what are we going to do with you?" - Oh Aaron

2405 days ago


What?! A WHOLE ziploc bag?!?! Give it up...

A quote I once heard:

'There are two types of drug dealers: Those who need forklifts and those who don't'
-author unkown

2405 days ago


Self-incrimination is the act of accusing oneself of a crime for which a person can then be prosecuted. Self-incrimination can occur either directly or indirectly: directly, by means of interrogation where information of a self-incriminatory nature is disclosed; indirectly, when information of a self-incriminatory nature is disclosed voluntarily without pressure from another person.

Obviously you guys don’t understand the law. Cops can make probable cause out of thin air by claiming they smell pot odor(doesn’t matter if they lie or not). They can make it by asking you permission with clever word smithing. The cops probably took one look at this guy and knew he was a pot smoker (he fits the stereotype).

If you get pulled over then just be polite but DON’T LET THEM SET YOU UP. If they start asking you questions to gather evidence then just ask them if you’re under arrest. If they don’t answer you directly then ask if you can speak with a lawyer before continuing the conversation.

2405 days ago

ut oh    

Release him from jail and replace him with someone who has done far worse.

2405 days ago


Actually, the police report says less than (

2405 days ago


Y AARON Y!!!!! PS. people it was not pot it was marijuana, which is illegal in the U.S,

2405 days ago


They had every right to search his vehicle... IF they smelled the pot (if he'd been tokin') then it's called Probable Cause. But 2 oz? Be real... personal use, pay a fine, see ya!

2405 days ago


I wonder if he'll be getting some manly love up in the jail. LOL!!!! He might just enjoy being in their.

2405 days ago


I am from Junction Texas, They pull everyone over with a California or Florida license plate because 90% of the time they have drugs on them. Should leave him in there for a while. He would have some good southern cooking.

2405 days ago


The cops in junction dont pull people over just because they are from California or Florida, they go to school to learn how to find the people with drugs, know your stuff susie, before you talk, any one that they find drugs on should go to jail no matter who they are...

2405 days ago

Knowledgeable stoner    

30. 2 ozs is definately jail time and/or a big fine with probation in SC - probably a felony in other states as well. In most states, anything over 1/4 is now considered "distribution" And to the person who said 2 ozs is only $100 - back about 20 years ago maybe - a 1/4 goes for $35.00 - $50.00 in most places now - even crappy stuff. And since when do the police need probable cause to search your vehicle? Ha Ha - tell all the people at various county jails that one and see what a laugh it gets you. You're lucky if you've never gotten pulled over because your hair was too long or you had Metallica blasting from the car stereo with the windows down. You people live sheltered lives LOL

its funny you say peopl live sheltered lives, your pretty sheltered if u dont realize taht weed is the cheapest the further u get to the border, 2oz is actuallly less than 100 down there, its more like 80 bucks, by the time it makes it way to your neighborhood the price is 100 plus per ounce and thats what you';ve always known it to be because you live a sheltered life. You have no clue how cheap weed really is. and As for every product with an origin, the closer u get to the origin the cheaper the street price is. for all you noobs taht dont know, about how much weed truly costs, hi grade mids cost 1400 a pound up north by canada and 250 a pound down by the border. Some people dont realize that there is more profit to be made off trees than a mere 5 dollars per bag

2405 days ago


In Texas, possession of less than 4 oz of pot is a ticketable, misdemeanor offense---AT THE DISCRETION OF THE ARRESTING OFFICER. According to news reports, the only place in the State of Texas where tickets are being issued is in the Austin, University of Texas, area. In most of the rest of the state people are still being arrested and held in jail for a misdemeanor offense. Doncha just LOVE those Texans.

2404 days ago



2404 days ago

Knowledgeable stoner    

101. The cops in junction dont pull people over just because they are from California or Florida, they go to school to learn how to find the people with drugs, know your stuff susie, before you talk, any one that they find drugs on should go to jail no matter who they are...

You are very naive and stupid to think that cops dont pull people over just because. whether its just becuase they have certain plates or just because of their skin. "Just Because" is such a reality that our society has a special name for it and many court cases have been dropped because of this very real term...... PROFILING.

2404 days ago
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