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African Men Like Bush

2/21/2008 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With 333 days left in office, George W. Bush toured Africa and stopped to pose for pictures with a group of shirtless Ghanaian musicians on Wednesday.
Bush in Africa
Wherever he goes, people seem to lose the shirts off their backs.


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I'm a white, southern American, highly educated in a field that you would not even make it in, most likely. I'm intelligent enough to know that I'm wasting my time sparring with the mental midgets who come to these boards, but, hey, I need some amusement this afternoon.

I understand that people have been writing ignorant, uninformed statements about President Bush since he came to your attention. The fact is that he cares nothing about your opinion of him but cares highly, for some reason that I have yet to fathom, about your civil rights and the freedom to speak your mind. He loses no sleep over the idiotic comments about him, because he is very busy being the leader of the free world and the most important man on the globe.

I know for a fact that he endears himself to almost everyone who meets him. He visits Lberia, in Africa, a country founded in Africa in 1822 by freed American slaves. They look extremely happy to see him.

2434 days ago


When your rebate checks arrive to your home, send them back to him since you all think he is so terrible..

Are you kidding? The only reason we are getting these rebates is because he has the economy so damaged he thinks it is the only way to fix it, not because we our such great people we deserve them. Don't act like he is doing someone a favor by sending them out. He is only trying to fix the mistakes he has made over the years.
Yes we probably will have higher taxes with the next president because they are going to have to figure out how to really fix the economy and replace the money that Bush has bled out to other countries and such over the last 8 years.

I understand that these other countries need help, but before we can help them, we need to help ourselves. We need to fix America before fixing Africa. I would gladlly not recieve a rebate check if it means that the Americans suffering would be helped, but that won't happen so send me my money it is the only way an America will ever get anything from this government.

2434 days ago


I'm not going to come here and slam and insult another part of our great country. Suffice it to say that I have traveled widely, and have found that there are intelligent and not-so-intelligent people in every part of the nation; there are nice people and hateful people in every part of the nation. There are underdeveloped, rural areas with citizens who might not be uber-sophisticated like some of you think you are in every part of the nation. Therefore, I surmise to trash one part of the nation simply shows ignorance on the part of the one casting the insults.

2434 days ago


at least you ran a photo - I am so scared of how one sided the media has become...we're headed for socialism folks,get ready! I'm with Bob Geldof - why hasn't anyone in the medica acknowldeged that George Bush has done more to aid Africa (and I don't mean only financially - he actually has paid attention to where the money has gone in Africa's corrupt ass system!)than ANY OTHER president in uS history. I'd also like to point out (Kanya West if you're listening)that this President has also appointed more blacks than ANY OTHER president in US history! Not bad for a guy that "doesn't like black people"...wonder how that made Condi feel? Just think, the highest appointed position in our nation is held by a black woman.

2434 days ago

midwest gal    

71. please read this:

But even today we know that Governor Blanco has now decided that a mandatory evacuation may not be necessarily after all. But we can go into that later. What about the use by her of the National Guard to impose law and order during the early looting and all of that? Garrett: She had a choice, as I am told. She could have taken up the offer from FEMA to federalize all of the activities in Louisiana, meaning that FEMA would be in control of everything. Not only law enforcement, but everything else. She declined to give them that authority. So essentially FEMA was trapped between two bureaucracies. One the Department Of Homeland Security where many of its decisions have to be reviewed and in some cases approved, and a recalcitrant state bureaucracy that wasn't going to give them the authority they needed to make things happen, among them, the National Guard.

2434 days ago


Thank you anonymous - we are a military family - who does love this President - and does remember what Clinton did for us. I remember John Kerry voting against military pay that put food stamps for enlisted families. My husband is a col in the air force. I was on the OWC. I am not for war but I do understand this President. Sorry guys. If we think it is bad know - I am glad that we have free speech.

2434 days ago


I believe people who milk the system are the blame for the ecomony..Clinton reaped the benefits that President Reagan put in place during his tenure..He fixed the ecomomy and Clinton took the credit..He and Jimmy Carter were the worse Presidents ever. You all are blind and ignorant to think that Obama or Clinton will fix the world..Break out your check books and start writing checks to pay for your taxes..Because they will leave you distitute and impoverished..Not been another terror attack since 911..Thank you President Bush..

2434 days ago


Well Linda...I at one time was a conservative republican and voted for Reagan. What I can say about him is that he made the country feel good again after dad was there. It was a horrible divisive time in our country. He helped bring the country together again. Bush is no way in the same league as Reagan.

2434 days ago

midwest gal    

Reagan was vilified in the press as bad as Bush is now. People forget all that hate.

2434 days ago


"For the 1st time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country." Michelle is a BITCH! And then Obama has the nerve to say that she was talking about our "political process". He thinks we're stupid!
The fun is just beginning, boys and girls. Heaven help us!

2434 days ago

Just Wondering    

I would never vote for a guy whos name is "Barrack Hussein Obama"!!!

2434 days ago


People continue to make ignorant statements about President Bush. He's kept your asses safe from any more attacks. I guarantee you the first day Mr. Barack or Mrs. Hillary go into office, we'll see the worst there ever was.

But I forgot, some people think Bill Clinton is COOL with the crap he did in office. Can we say HYPOCRITES?????

2434 days ago


Thank you Mary...I admire all of our troops and because of you all...WE ARE SAFE and FREE..Kudo's to all troops and their families..They sacrifice more then we all know..I love President Bush and if he could run again, he would have my vote once again..

2434 days ago


Did you know that the cost of illegal immigration far outways the cost of the war? I just read a very interesting report(not made up -I've mentioned before where I work) that breaks down dollar by dollar(billion by billion)how much it costs systems like medi-cal,etc and again, it FAR outways the war. Most of you beajouis libs can't even feel the cost affects of a depressed economy because of the war - ask your grandparents if they can say the same. The economy is slumping because A. stupid home loans(YOU knew you couldn't afford that house!) and because working people don't have enough of their own money left to spend - the burden of our social systems(including illegal immigration)is placed squarely on the backs of working individuals combined with the rising cost of living and wage bases not keeping pace - pay attention;stop blaming everything on one guy!

2434 days ago


In my opinion, Bush is and will always be remembered as the worst U.S. president ever!!!

And what's taking him so long to fix that retarded look on his face?

2434 days ago
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