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Brad & Angie to Pax: You're Officially One of Us!

2/21/2008 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have officially adopted little Pax Thien.

We've learned they went to L.A. County Children's Court in Monterey Park, Calif. yesterday and appeared before a judge who finalized Pax's adoption.

The adoption was a two-step process. First, the adoption had to be approved in Vietnam, where Pax was born. The second step was getting an L.A. judge to approve the adoption -- that was done yesterday.

A rep for Angie tells us the Jolie-Pitts were literally celebrating at the courthouse. Mama Jolie walked out with a teddy bear -- a private foundation gives a stuff animal to every family that goes to Children's Court.

Hey Pax -- you're officially one of the luckiest young'uns alive!


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To #17 - The kids who are not adopted and left behind in the orphanage probably feel bably, but that shouldn't be a reason fro people not to adopt. Adopted kids have survivors guilt all the time - it was a stupid question.

2403 days ago


She really loves Kids!

2403 days ago


#29 - why the quotes around "adopting". Do you not believe that they are adopting these kids?

2403 days ago


Wow, Mommy and Daddy officially have another little brown kid. I wonder if Shiloh doesn't matter since they didn't have to do all this fun paperwork and whatnot for her.

Are they the "official" parents of the other two brown ones too?

2403 days ago

a total fan    

#22 Coincides?? Give me a break these people are just going about their daily lives. There is always something going on in celebrity land and just because they went to court to get this done doesn't mean they are using this as a change to bring the focus back on themselves. So they are suppose to wait to do this until when...? Cheers to this family and I know they will all be adopted soon. Some countries don't allow single men adopt so she had to do it on her own but once they are married I am guessing that they will all be legally adopted and be one big happy family.

2403 days ago

Caitlin P.    

i hope Brad doesn't still have that ugly graying beard.

2403 days ago


Come on people. Lets not make this about race!

2403 days ago


I commend and congratulate anyone who can take a child from any country in this whole world and give them a better life. Whether be a celebrity or not. Pax is loved, with or without Mom and Dad's money. As shouldall children everywhere should be!!

2403 days ago


Are they able to legally adopt these children together since they are not married? Or is she adopting them and adding Pitt to their name?

2403 days ago

As if....    

I am merely stating a fact. They are brown colored, right? It is not my intention to make it racist. You read it as you will......

2403 days ago


awwww that must be stressful to have to wait all that time for it to go through. Congrats to the happy family!

2403 days ago


I wouldn't kiss Brad, if I were Angelina, with that gray beard. It smells like ciggies anyway.

2403 days ago


To #21 -

How many kids have you adopted? If someone wants to go where their heart has called them to adopt, then it is their business. Until and unless you have adopted kids from the US yourslef, then you can't comment. Adoption is a highly personal and emotional choice. The choice of where to adopt has many facets to it - none of which anyone can understand unless they have done it themselves.

2403 days ago


Congratulations to them on having it official.

So glad that they got it finalized and they can keep on moving forward

2403 days ago


Hey some of you do have a point about TMZ . They do tend to make a big deal out of stories that aren't really stories. They do alot of speculating now ( esp. on the show) than they did in the beginning. Lots of lagit news broadcast use to quote them , but they hardly do it now. TMZ also seems to be putting more twist in their stories . Like the thing with James Cann. Even the "no Shiloh" bit the other day. Anyway TMZ get it back together please. With that typed ...I STILL LOVE THE HELL OUT OF THE WEB SITE AND THE SHOW !!!!! wink wink

2403 days ago
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