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Charlie to Denise: It'll Be a Cold Day In ...

2/21/2008 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards, that neighborly (especially to husbands) gal, took time to answer the big question about pimping out her kids her upcoming reality show. Will Charlie Sheen appear in it?

Who knew she had such a rich sense of humor?


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are you people listening to your selves? you all sound so stupid and rightious. what makes any of you any better then this woman? i will tell you. 100% NOTHING!!!! i think that each and everyone one of you are jealous. do all of you have kids? if not then SHUT UP!!! if so then get off your computer and go raise them and try to practice what you preach. im sure that through out your lives you all slept with a friends boy friend or husband. if you say no then you are all a bunch of two bit liers. this is america. she can sleep with who she wants. childrens services will tell you to go to hell and stop wasting their time. there is nothing wrong with kids on TV. and if she can make money and get even more from charlie, then i would love to shake her hand. i love charlie and he was bad. so now he pays. don't complain unless it comes out of your own pocket. you people need to get a life and stay out of others. if your lives are that boring then maybe you should put the kids to bed and see if you can do your best friends husband. this is hollywood. love or leave it!!!

2350 days ago


married the right way?????????? no such thing!!!!!! what is all this talk about getting a real job? i dont know if any of you ever noticed but this just so happens to be the kind of work that denise does. she is an actress. did ant of you know that? she is working a real job. the stupidity in this forum is unbelievable. and for all you christians out there. dont forget to go to church on sunday after you judge this woman a 100 times and call her a slut.

2350 days ago


im gonna stick up for denise. all you women on here are probably old and fat with no lives. or all your husbands or boyfriends left you for your hot best friend and your just bitter. so i hope that her show makes it big. i hope her kids get right up in the spot light and they make it big. and i wish her luck and hope she makes lots of money. i also hope that she finds the right man and finds true happiness. you all should be ashamed of yourselves for how you have been acting and change your tune, and wish her the best also. remember----- judge and you will be judged. she is and always will be better, more beautiful, more wealthy, sexier, and more desirable then all of us put together. live with it and get over it. and may you all have a good life..... good night!!!

2350 days ago

just a thought    

Shes so washed up, she's just nasty..

2382 days ago



2382 days ago



OK I'm done this is too easy. Why bother first losers - I slammed you at your own silly game in 1 hour of trying......

2382 days ago

just a thought    

how is 2nd or 3rd first...hello LOSER

2382 days ago

Funny Answers    

This is a lovely woman and that is all. She cannot act, sing, etc. so she is using her kids, that is an act of desperation for a mother. Most actors/actress, who are parents , etc, don't want their children exposed to the public. Now she is supposed to be a good mother, yet she want to pimp out her kids just to make a living. Look she has been shaking her assets in mens faces for years and has still remained in the media spotlight. All of you think Brit is nuts? And then there are those of you who wanted to flog Angelina, Brittany etc for selling first picture of newborns where the money is given to charity.. This b"atch needs to make a living on her own.

2382 days ago


Career in the toilet? No problema......pimp out the kids.

2382 days ago


1st, 2nd, or 245th - LOSER

2382 days ago


She is a mean & sleezy person.......
Good luck to the little ones

2382 days ago


Think she is psycho and needs to be on some kind of medicine. Also, she never smiles--I bet she spends a lot of her time sucking on lemons!

2382 days ago

had enough of britney    

As if Charlie Sheen with his own HIT television show, would want to boost her skank 'reality' show. Here's hoping this newest Seacrest brainchild goes by the way of another one of 'E' reality show (the Carters)

2382 days ago



2382 days ago


Denise is low class, her actions speak for themselves, as for money she has alot of money already, she does not need the show. If she was really a good mom she would keep the kids out of the paps way and the limelight, but we all know how she craves the attention, especially since she calls them first to let them know where she is. Her show will fail with her down-spiraled image, and people will want to watch the trainwreck. Also, she will never let people see the "real" her which is the lowest of the low. I hope Charlie is paying attention.

2382 days ago
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