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Obama and Vanilla Ice

Together At Last?

2/21/2008 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has been dogged with accusations that he's stealing stump speech material from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, including his famous slogan "Yes, we can."

Several observers have pointed out that one of Obama's chief policy advisers used to work for Patrick, but as this hot-off-the-YouTube video suggests, maybe he's better off using a certain early '90s rap sensation -- if he really wants to convince the people that he's not a plagiarist.


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Hey, there's this thing called READING. You might want to look into it. Governor Deval Patrick gave an interview to the NY Times stating that he and Barack Obama talked about the speech BEFORE it was given and Governor Patrick gave his permission for Obama to use elements of his speech. He also stated that he asked Obama NOT to credit him. Maybe you people should spend less time running your mouths and more time checking your facts.

2438 days ago


hey 1-11, why don't you tell us how you really feel? and you are probably the ones that don't even bother to register or get their lazy ass out to vote. Whatever!!

2438 days ago


Old nothing news. Get with it. Today's story is McCain's alleged fling and favors with a female lobbyist. You guys need to get out more.

2438 days ago


Obama should be a little more concerned with Larry Sinclair than stealing speach material. Hillary has got to be loving this. Can't wait for the polygraph results!!!

2438 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Posted at 2:01PM on Feb 21st 2008 by NotFamous

"NotFamous" is a good name for you because Larry Sinclair's name will be household by tonight. Check out #6 video.

2438 days ago


The "first" posts appear intelligent if you compare them to the ones that follow...

Keep up the good work, "firsts." If it weren't for you all, I'd think that tmz readers were a bunch of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers who have trouble wiping their own asses.

2438 days ago


both are soooo fake. one wants to be white and the other wants to be black

2438 days ago

IQ is showing    

Hey, #15. You expect too much of this group. Most TMZ commenters just like to rage about anything, and when the subject is something they know nothing about, the vocabulary level drops down to "sucks," "blows," or the ubiquitous "First!."
The scariest part is that a few of these idiots might actually be allowed to vote.

2438 days ago



You're right. And while TMZ is at is, How about reporting on Larry Sinclair and Obama????? DON'T SEE THE MEDIA OR NY SLIMES TOUCHING THAT ONE. OBAMA HAVING GAY SEX AND DOING DRUGS! Wonder why the liberal media is not all over that one like McCain.HMMMMMMMMMMM.............

2438 days ago


I am proud of my party as we are making history. I participated in the the caucus in my state and Obama won! Didn't think I would see in my lifetime a black man or a woman for that matter running for president. And don't get me wrong I think McCain is a good man too. We are retired military and I believe he is a hero. The recent negative stuff coming out about him I think is counter productive and wrong to do. I've worked on many campaigns thru the years and have always believed it is best to work a positive campaign...we have always been successful even though I live in a strong republican community because we didn't get in the mud with the opposition. Anyway, no matter what the result of this election year I think we can be very proud of where we've come in 2008.

2438 days ago


Yes we can.....what? Hope? Dream? Change? wtf is all that supposed to mean anyway - is ANYbody going to make him do more than rile a crowd before they vote for his unqualified azz? How bout asking him how he plans to do all this changing. Rile the masses and avoid the issues - just like the rest. How is this change? Please. He says nothing and will do nothing. Sorry, he doesnt have enough experience to run this country.

2438 days ago

Area 51    

Who cares if McCain bedded some slut 20 years ago...or even 20 days ago?

2438 days ago


Has anyone else heard about this???

Sleaze charge: ’I took drugs, had homo sex with Obama’
Minnesota man takes his case to court, YouTube, $100,000 polygraph challenge

2438 days ago

IQ is showing    

Hey #15 Obama's Ride -- check out how long that Sinclair video has been around. Months! I heard the poor guy was recently released from a VA hospital and is embarrassing hiimself and his family with his idiotic video with his fantasy. He says he hung out at an "upscale bar" and invited Obama for a ride "in my limo?" Get real. Did you actually fall for it?

2438 days ago



Again, try reading. If you check out this website, there's his whole plan for change, and it's even in downloadable format. I'm amazed at the number of people who spout off about him not being specific about policies, when all you have to do is go to the most likely place, HIS WEBSITE, and read a little bit. Seriously, try it

2438 days ago
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