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Obama and Vanilla Ice

Together At Last?

2/21/2008 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has been dogged with accusations that he's stealing stump speech material from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, including his famous slogan "Yes, we can."

Several observers have pointed out that one of Obama's chief policy advisers used to work for Patrick, but as this hot-off-the-YouTube video suggests, maybe he's better off using a certain early '90s rap sensation -- if he really wants to convince the people that he's not a plagiarist.


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IQ is showing    

I kind of doubt that anybody is truly original...a lot of what people say in speeches and oratory is paraphrased from what they've read or heard, and been inspired by. Even JFK came up with his "Ask not what your country..." line because he'd come across various versions of the same sentiment:
For those who can actually read something other than TMZ, look here:

2402 days ago

I love Tupac    

15. Hey, there's this thing called READING. You might want to look into it. Governor Deval Patrick gave an interview to the NY Times stating that he and Barack Obama talked about the speech BEFORE it was given and Governor Patrick gave his permission for Obama to use elements of his speech. He also stated that he asked Obama NOT to credit him. Maybe you people should spend less time running your mouths and more time checking your facts.

Posted at 2:00PM on Feb 21st 2008 by you are all illiterate idiots

I could not have said it better!!!!

2402 days ago

Area 51    

CHERON, I'm not so sure it's the racist white folks getting scared. I think it's the Hillary supporters, although they may be one and the same.

2402 days ago

Obama Supporter - used to be    

I really thought Obama was the one. I worked so hard for him in Iowa in the bitter cold. I loved every second of it. And now this. The first time I saw one of these videos of him saying the same thing as this Deval guy I just passed it off as a coincidence. But then the second time. It's practically word for word. Politics of hope? More like politics of fraud. Yeah, I will admit it. I was sucked in. Thankfully I woke up.

2402 days ago



Check out these links, Youll get the whole story:

I guess Obama deserved the benefit of the doubt, but if true, what a whopper for Hillary.

2402 days ago

Area 51    

'Proud to be an American', you didn't give us the whole story. She later clarified her remarks, saying what she meant was that it was the first time she had been proud of the American political process. I think that's reasonable, coming from an African American. Try to look outside your lily-white neighborhood.

2402 days ago


Another thing Obama wants to do is continue to MURDER innocent unborn children in the womb.

Obama also thinks it's okay to kill a baby if the baby is born ALIVE during an abortion procedure.

Obama also does NOT salute the American flag.

We really have to ask ourselves:

What is WRONG with America thinking it's okay to MURDER innocent babies while in their mother's wombs?

America has no RESPECT for the UNBORN!

And what is WRONG with America that we now want some guy for President who thinks the MURDER of innocent babies INSIDE and OUTSIDE the womb is okay?!


This American WILL NOT be voting for anybody for President who thinks the MURDER of innocent babies INSIDE and OUTSDIDE the womb is okay!


2402 days ago


You bunch of f***** haters, I hope Barack is elected president, maybe it will shut some of your c** filled mouths up!

2402 days ago


The guy can talk the talk but what has he done ? His promises add up to billions and billions of cost that even ending the war in Iraq would not cover. They should change his name to BROKE because that is what his plans will do to the country. His change, change, change sounds like a panhandler begging. Now they are trying to attack McCain's character. Here is a guy that had one ship blown out from under him and continued to fly countless dangerous missions in Viet Nam, gets shot down and taken POW. They offer to set the guy free and he turns tham down because they would not set the other POW's free as well. He winds up being a POW for 5 and half years. NOBODY has more character than McCain. It disgusts me when I hear Obama mentioned in the same breath as Martin Luther King. Dan Quayle may have been no John Kennedy and Obama is certainly no MLK.

2402 days ago


I have voted Democratic since JFK's days.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton, but we don't have our primary in Oregon until May 20. That means she might have already been voted off the ballot (officially).

Obama scares me because he is untested AT ALL. He was a state senator in Illinois, then four of six years in Congress but he has been on the road much of that time and his voting record isn't exemplary; in fact, he has missed crutial votes while campaigning.

His wife Michelle is a loose cannon at best.

I think many of Clinton's supporters (alot of older women) will vote for McCain.

2402 days ago


Deval Patrick and Obama are FRIENDS. Patrick has also used stuff from Obama's speeches. Sometimes they credit each other, sometimes they don't. He's not ripping Patrick off or anything.

2402 days ago


TMZ, pull your collective head out of your ass.

Plagiarism is defined very specifically in the dictionary. It refers to the UNAUTHORIZED use of another's words.

Obama was completely authorized. The guy in question that he supposedly "stole" stuff from, is a good friend of his, who absolutely authorized Obama to share his words, not steal.


Some news source you are. Maybe it's time for the staff to start consulting the dictionary....?

Leave the politics to actual competent blogs like Huffington.


2402 days ago


Hillary Clinton's camp should be the last set of people talking about someone being a plagiarist. Barack Obama used a line from a good friend of his who doesn't seem to be upset over it. We all spin off on someone else's lines. We use quotes from famous people everyday like, JFK, MLK,etc.,etc.,etc......Where did she get the quote IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD, that she has taken over as her own words, can she answer that. It's an old African saying I though she was from Arkansas NOT Africa so let's not knit pick. Bill Clinton was given a chance and we didn't know him from a can of paint and now all Barack is asking for is the same. That's why we're given a thing called choice. To use the word hate on how you feel about a person is such a harsh word and it only screams volumes on how limited you are as a person.

2402 days ago


52. You bunch of f***** haters, I hope Barack is elected president, maybe it will shut some of your c** filled mouths up!

Posted at 2:46PM on Feb 21st 2008 by ebones08

angry much??????????

2402 days ago


What has America done in the past 20 something year for anyone to be proud of?!? Michelle did not say that she was proud now because her husband was running for President. She is proud because Americans are coming together and forgetting about race and all that stuff. This is suppose to be the land of the free and all that crap but as soon as someone doesn't agree with the status stupid people have something to say! All you people with the unintelligent responds to this post (because TMZ doesn't have anything else to talk about) will see that Obama will be the next United States President! If you don't have anything intelligent to say then don't show your stupidity!

2402 days ago
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