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Obama and Vanilla Ice

Together At Last?

2/21/2008 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has been dogged with accusations that he's stealing stump speech material from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, including his famous slogan "Yes, we can."

Several observers have pointed out that one of Obama's chief policy advisers used to work for Patrick, but as this hot-off-the-YouTube video suggests, maybe he's better off using a certain early '90s rap sensation -- if he really wants to convince the people that he's not a plagiarist.


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The fun part will be: Teen-agers !!! Let's see how Angelina handles stubborn Teen-agers... Especially the girls ! hahahaha!!!! I hope I live long enough.

2413 days ago


Admit it Republicans YOU WILL LOSE IN NOVEMBER

Cry and complain all you want. It won't mean jack in the end. Obama is a million times better than your beloved McCain...The former P.O.W. who voted FOR inhumane waterboarding torture methods.

It's sad to see how pathetic most of America is. The Republican party stands for three things: Racism, Fascism, and Lies. Every one of you who calls Obama a terrorist Muslim doesn't deserve to be called an American. You are the ones who disgrace our nation and make the rest of the world hate us.

2413 days ago


Hillary has been in government for LESS years than Obama. OBAMA has been in government serving the people of America for 12 years. Hillary has only been in govrnment for 8 year. So how is she more experienced?! Not possible!! Here are the facts: Sinc sworn into office, Senator Obama serves on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which oversees our nation’s health care, schools, employment, and retirement programs. He is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, which plays a vital role in shaping American policy around the world, including our policy in Iraq. And Senator Obama serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, which is focused on providing our brave veterans with the care and services they deserve. In 2005 and 2006, he served on the Environment and Public Works Committee, which safeguards our environment and provides funding for our highways.

2413 days ago


So people criticize Obama because he wants to change the course of this country? That's a bad thing? He's bad because he wants to improve the standard of living for americans? So he has a lot of hopes for our country. If not him then who? We have to start somewhere. Someone has to rise above this divisive political muck that we've been suffering through for too long. Obama I believe is the candidate that can unite people.

2413 days ago

Area 51    

Nicely said, Steve. Now can anyone tell me just exactly what the bogus New Yorker has done?

2413 days ago

Merry Christmas    

78. 'Voter' : It's ironic that you imply I'm a racist because I criticized the redneck post of 'Proud to be an American', who is probably your next-door neighbor. What time is your Klan meeting tonight?

Posted at 3:22PM on Feb 21st 2008 by YO MAMA

I stand corrected - you are a racist and an idiot. What time is your meeting with the faux Revs Al and Jesse?

2413 days ago


What I don't like are yahoos who continue to take the discourse of politics and drag it down into the gutter. I'M SICK OF IT! Who cares if Obama's middle name is Hussein. Who cares if he was raised by a Muslim father. Who cares if he chooses to use the Koran to be sworn into office. Did Joe Leiberman swear on the Torah? Did Mitt Romney swear on the book of Mormon? So what! This is a FREE COUNTRY! I want my president to stand up for what he/she believes in, conduct business with integrity, and have a voice that can unite people. It looks like both McCain and Obama have the ability to do such things. I prefer Obama because his stance on the war in Iraq and he's demonstrated that he wants to rise above the B.S. that's been dividing this country for the last 12 years! Idiots like to focus on garbage! Those who don't think Obama is qualified to be president because of his Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Middle Name, whether or not he covers his heart during the national athem are ignorant losers plain and simple. Obama is not an evil muslim, he doesn't want to kill babies, he loves being an American, and he loves this country. And I believe if he is our President, he will serve the people of this country with honor and pride.

2413 days ago


Highlander, it is very easy to find out what Obama has done in governement as both a state Senator, and a US Senator, just go READ IT!!! (

2413 days ago

Area 51    

'Voter': The only election you've ever participated in was casting a vote for the Imperial Wizard. Admit it, now...aren't you really David Duke?

2413 days ago



You need to get a damn grip. You know what? Yes, abortion is an important issue, but right now there are much more drastic and emergent issues facing our country. Not only that, but YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF if you think that electing a Republican to office means that you're gonna get abortion outlawed. I'm pro-life, but it's just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Pull your head out of your ass and realize that there are other issues at stake right now.

2413 days ago


Obama said it himself... WORDS... just WORDS...

And that's all Obama is... just WORDS (and even those he needs to lift from his buddy). If he's such a great man -- hten he should come up with great WORDS. ON HIS OWN!!

And this isn't a racial issue. He's half WHITE, remember?? So, when you're knocking him you are also anti-white?!

Pleeeeeese don't vote for this knucklehead!! Can you image his State of The Address... with the gospel choir behind him?

Vote for Obama... vote for JeeeSSSssussss!!


2413 days ago



2413 days ago


Not really much of a story here - Deval Patrick and Barack Obama are friends. I live in Boston, and got a mailing during Patrick's campaign with an endorsement and a solicitation for an event with Obama's name on it. I forget if he was appearing or just sponsoring it, but they are indeed friends for several years now. So to me this is nothing different than if I used my friend's words, really.

2413 days ago


Harry...Are you for real????

2413 days ago

noitall're partially correct. Obama has been "serving the people", but that was as a crack dealer in the hood !!!!!!

This guy is bad news & you're all going to find that out soon enough. I just hope it's not too late for our country......

2413 days ago
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