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Brit's Dad -- Key Player in Visitation

2/22/2008 11:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the conditions of Britney's visits with her kids.
We broke the story that lawyers for both sides have agreed to visitation in a therapeutic setting. Now we've learned the specifics. The kids can visit with momma, provided Jamie Spears and her psychiatrist are present. There are other strings, but at a minimum Jamie and the shrink are required.

We're told both sides are impressed that Jamie has stabilized Britney and the whirlwind surrounding her crazy life, and that's a core reason why a deal was struck.

Sources say Britney will begin seeing her kids again imminently.


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Tuna Marie is Osama Lutfi's mother.

2433 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

ADNAN. To theperson who asked.....

He was seen enetering the summit on Tue - got past the gates (he happily waved into the X17 camera).
OK said that he was seen trying to enter on Wed but got turned away from the gates. Later he had dinner with some ditzy woman claiming it was a business meeting - X17 has the clip. Very odd woman to do business with.

And his x-agency have NO updates on him. Maybe he's stopped giving away the camera ops, as last week they were the ones with the Adnan visits Britney scoops.........

2433 days ago

hmmmmm that's funny....    

Has anyone else noticed since Sam Lufti has been ordered to stay away from Brit there have been no really juicy new posts about her on x17online??? Just sayin'

2433 days ago


She's still obviously having problems with what is appropriate if she's not wearing underwear in public. She's obviously not thinking clearly still. I would hope that the children's father and his attorney are serious about having these visits tightly controlled. Her children don't need to be put back into the craziness that she surrounds herself with.

2433 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

Media Whore = you are not wrong. See the quote I posted from OK. Yuk.... Same at People. I get that gag orders are mainly meant for criminal cases, but sorry even if they applied to civil cases the guy would have an issue. He loves doing the press rounds. OK reported about a so-called press conference before the court case on Tue - so he obviously schedules them properly - not just improptu statements after court!!!
And yet we all know that with things turning around, something wouldve had to give soon anyway. That and with FEDx's finances....
Notice how Phillips hasn't felt the need to smile into camera's....

OPI = well done for quoting a great source. The designer's shop she went to that day, is the one who did her wedding dress... National enquirer 2+2=5

2433 days ago


Her dad is ALL BUSINESS!

2433 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

if not wearing underwear were an indicator for sanity, there would be a lot of mother losing their kids right now, and lots of celeb mothers too.

2433 days ago

tuna marie    

it's showing her vag in public in full view of photogs that is the problem,

2433 days ago

tuna marie    

the only 2 that have showed their vag have been parasite and lohan, and they have stopped doing it and neither have kids.

2433 days ago


She is going to swallow those babies up whole inside that gigantic vagina she likes to show off so much. That's the only time she got the kind of attention she craved so much, then she'll spit em out, they will speak in badly done British accents, & start all over again.

2433 days ago


As far as the amount of child support goes, considering what she makes, she probably should be paying more for them. She's pretty lucky --- she could be living in a state where her children are each entitled to a specific percentage of her income for their support. It would certainly come to a whole lot more than she's paying now if she did.

2433 days ago

wait what    

God I hate how you can't curse on this site. Can we say VAGINA? Jesus.

I don't think Brit was commando that night. Why was her VAGINA a completely different (darker) color than the rest of her skin? Does not make sense. She was probably just wearing peachy-colored underwear. I don't really believe the pic is photoshopped because 1) terrible photoshop job and 2) the original would have surfaced by now.

2433 days ago


I am so glad that Britney has jamie for a father, she is so lucky to have a father who cares! I am glad she is allowing her dad to help her. Yeah for brit shes finally doing something right

2433 days ago


About the comment Posted at 10:42PM on Feb 22nd 2008 by britaculous

Everything you said in your comment is only rumors and have no credibles.
I do believe that Britney, her family and Adnan still is strong friends.
Britney and Adnan is no teenagers, they don't have to meet every day.
There are more dear and important goals Britney wont to reach, the reunion with her childs. And about the gossips and rumors..who will know better than Britney, and her family, about all lies!!!!

2433 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

Where to go....
she is paying more than enough. Why should she pay more? So FEDx can spend it on himself. It's right that she should spend her money on the boys. But the reason there is a limit to the amount she gives her X to spend on them is because he is supposed to spend it ALL on them. I still have yet to see one person justify how he's spends what he already gets all just on them. Even if you add a fulltime nanny and security. And he claims that he can't afford them. But since he is paying for a fulltime nany and security, you'd think he would try to get a JOB.
(Apparently if you get loads in child maintenance 3 crappy jobs every 12 months is sufficient.)

2433 days ago
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