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LAPD Chief to "Airhead" Brit: Stay the F&*% Home!

2/22/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD chief William Bratton has the secret to solving the "paparazzi problem" in Los Angeles -- lock Britney Spears in her house! Who would be against that?
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The chief was on with Patt Morrison on 89.3 KPCC-FM radio Wednesday when he was asked about proposed legislation designed to curb the paparazzi. Check out his response.


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Prince Von A-Hole    

I saw the paps mob Brd and angelina the other day to the point they couldnt move so I guess evey one who gets mobbed is at fault according to this fathead.

2413 days ago

Mary Jane    

You tell em Brat!

2413 days ago


As a citizen of Los Angeles, I can tell you that Chief Bratton is known for being a total jackass.

The problem is the paparazzi/stalkarazzi. Every citizen has the right to move freely and live their lives. If stalkarazzi are impeding the freedom of movement of ANY citizen, then the paparazzi need to have their leashes pulled.

Would the Chief prefer that laws be passed that require INDIVIDUALS to stay at home? That would be easier for the Chief, I'm sure, but unconstitutional (If he's interested in constitutionality.) Yes, even Britney Spears should have the right to go to Starbucks if she wants.

"Britney's Law" is needed in Los Angeles. The "Chief" says there are enough laws to handle the problem. But then he turns around and says celebs should stay home rather than have the police enforce the laws that he himself cites. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth. it's time for tougher laws to discourage the paps.

But then again, the "Chief" IS a royal jackass. Force people to stay in their homes rather than have your police enforce existing laws? Right, chief. Bright.

2413 days ago


Translation: "We're too fat and lazy to write a lot of tickets."

2413 days ago

Susan B    

This is America and Britney can go wherever she wants............It is not her job to make life easy for Chief Patt Morrison.........Do your job Chief and quit complaining!!!

2413 days ago


WHAT A JERK!!!!!! HE HAS NO RIGHT TO TELL SOMEONE TO STAY HOME. All Celebs deserve to have a life outside there home. The only reason was these guys are after her is because she is going through some hard times. It's not here fault she has these issues . Just like Delta Burke, it's not her fault she is battling with depresstion. No one asks for these thing to happen. GIVE HER A BREAK PEOPLE AND LET HER GET BETTER IN PRIVATE!!!!!!

2413 days ago


What has she done lately? Gone out to eat a couple of times? Gone shopping with her mom? She doesn't have to stay in her house 24/7! That guy is an ass.

2413 days ago


Completely agree, kudos to the Chief. Hillbilly Ho needs to keep her moron ass at home and work on getting her kids back. Stupid attention whore.

2413 days ago


Seriously? What a jerk! Britney may have issues but her freedom is still intact.

2413 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Too by Greenie...I agree with you, but lets face reality...the cops are way too deep in the pockets of all the celebs for them to correctly do their jobs without bias as they should

2413 days ago


So let me get this straight, instead of stopping the people that are causing DANGER and GRIEF in the streets and city of LA, he thinks that having a US Citizen who just tries to go out and live there life to not go anywhere or do anything so he can sit at his desk and eat his donuts all day. I THINK HE SHOULD SHUT HIS MOUTH, GET OFF HIS ASS, AND DO WHAT THE TAX PAYERS PAY HIM TO DO AND PROTECT AND SERVE EVERYONE IN LA!!!!! Did you ever think that even if Britney does stay at home they'll just find someone else to stalk and hunt (Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera). DO WHAT YOU ARE PAID TO DO AND PROTECT EVERYONE THE CITY YOU ASS HOLE!!!!

2413 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    




2413 days ago


Kudos to you Chief Bratton,,,If these so called stars acted like normal people instead of running around town talking in a british accent and stopping there cars in the middle of the street to change seat I feel the rest of the public would not be in danger..Please Britnrey has a lot of mental problems and I for one am so freaking tired of turning my TV on and seeing her looking like a wild woman..The news meida really needs to back off and TMZ your camara people are a big problem..

2413 days ago


Hmmm I have a little problem with his little speach......
So In other words because the paps are so relentless and are stalking the higher class resisdents of the city he is sworn to protect he feels they should be prisoners in thier own homes to make his life easier? Its not just britney spears they are hounding! Hell they take pics of stars picking thier nose! They attempt to get pics under females dresses as they walk down the street and then they brag about it! I mena hello.... Cheif bratton needs to get his head out of his rear end and start protecting the citizens that he swore to protect instead of bad mouthing them to the press!

2413 days ago


Finally! Someone with some good old common sense saying what needs to be said.

2413 days ago
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