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LAPD Chief to "Airhead" Brit: Stay the F&*% Home!

2/22/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD chief William Bratton has the secret to solving the "paparazzi problem" in Los Angeles -- lock Britney Spears in her house! Who would be against that?
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The chief was on with Patt Morrison on 89.3 KPCC-FM radio Wednesday when he was asked about proposed legislation designed to curb the paparazzi. Check out his response.


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What an arrogant jerk!!! Why the heck should BS stop going out cause he doesn't want to do his job. Darn right more laws should be passed to protect high profile personal from all the stupid paps that can't leave them alone and seem to think that it's news every time they pee!!!! He says she's making a fool of herself - what the heck are the paps doing?!?!? They're acting like bigger idiots than she ever could. Guess what Mr. Bratton - that's part of your JOB - and if it's not BS then it will be someone else. Why should they be a prisoner in their own homes because you don't want to do your job?!?!?!?! Pass the darn laws that get more of the paps arrested for harassment. Aren't their stalking laws that exist??????

2436 days ago

Det 3    

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

(Who will watch the watchers [LAPD] themselves?)

(This is L.A. Confidential at play today, February 22, 2008.)

(LAPD Chief William Bratton=Capt. Dudley Liam Smith)

2436 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

Now here is a Chief with big ballz and isn't afraid to say it like it is!

She is consumed with her world of "nothingness" and I would not call her going out as "errands." Her sad and empty life makes her wander around so that she can get photographed. She brings this frenzy upon herself. Perhaps Chief Bratton should just let her get mobbed by these paps since she is a "free woman to do as she pleases."

She should focus her time on getting her mind together and then focus on being a part of her childrens lives. It seems these things are not her priority right now. She is a tragedy waiting to happen. She can live a private life is she so chooses to, many do it and still continue to enjoy success and fame. Get better girl!!!!!!!!!!

2436 days ago


She should stay locked in like a criminal because he can't do his friggin job?Does he even know britney spears to have a judgement about her..or does he believe everything he reads.
Isn't he from New york?Isn't there some controversy surrounding him?Perhaps he should drop off the face of the earth himself.
Britney grew up in the limelight.No publicity is bad least she's on the lips and in the brain.Big money for a good pic.And she's on the cover.I wouldn't count britney out yet...she's a great marketer.Everyone loves to hate her!! We feel better about ourselves because apparently the poor little rich girl doesn't haven't all.People thrive off her misfortune.
And yet..her videos stays on the top.And the radios and clubs are jammin her songs.
Like she said the world wants a piece of her.

2436 days ago


Finally a smart idea! Keep the spotlight hogs at home, it would solve a lot of problems, the cops can take care of the actual citizens who are paying the taxes and need their services. They call the paps and show up where they are on purpose, to feed their egos. They have no talent, so this is the only way for them. They put everyone on the road in danger when they play their stupid games in their cars. The celebs with the REAL talent don't seem to have a problem with the paps, only the ones who feel it necessary to parade around all over town all hours of the night, playing "follow me, follow me!". Money is no object to them-they need to hire their own security and let the LAPD to their jobs where they are needed more. Maybe a loved one of yours will need an abulance someday, and you'll have second thoughts when the roads are blocked because "Unfitney" isn't wearing panties again.

2436 days ago

L.A. Native    

Hear, hear ~ love it!

2436 days ago


People who pay taxes and live in LA have to stay at home, because of the papz?
Is the papz rights to follow one special person more important than the person's right to live like anybody else?
Is it the papz and the gossip papers who decide in what direction the law will go?
Have the papz/gossipers maybe some dirt on this polisman or is he just not thinking?. Will the city dwellers, privates and busissnessowners living under the papz regime?

Seems like the "good" papz have to take a talk with the papz who act like maniac.
Just keep a reasonable distans and no problem will appear. The papz have equipment, they don't have to be one foot from the subject.

2436 days ago


Paps need to be outlawed. And, Britney needs to stay at home until she is well. I still don't understand why she is allowed to drive. When my sibling had similar mental illness issues, we hid his car keys until he was well.

2436 days ago

Tennis Chick    

Please William Bratton! Stay home? Why don't you use our government dollars that pay you and your cops to do their job!!!

It's just like a government official to try and find ways NOT to earn the money they are PAID by the PUBLIC! Britney's taxes probably pay one year of his lazy a$$ salary!

Bratton, shut up and do your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2436 days ago



2436 days ago


How do you know you've behaved like a stupid, shameless whore too many times? Your town's chief of police publicly tells you to stay home! Get a clue, bitch. People are sick of your ugly face, your shoplifting, your traffic jams, your disgusting exposed crotch and your entire existence as a worthless, good for nothing drug addict. Might as well just go ahead and end it.

2436 days ago


There are two distinct sides to this.... I have to disagree with both.

First on the new law, that would infringe on the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS which is one of the few guaranteed rights in our constitution. The police have plenty of other laws they could use to help curb some of the over zealous paps. The Sheriffs have already started doing this by enforcing sidewalk laws, and driving laws.

Secondly you have the "Stars" yes many times they bring much of this upon themselves, especially in the case of Britney. They however are still just people, they deserve the right to go out when they want. I think the Chief was mereley saying she SHOULD stay home, but not saying she has to or is in house arrest. What the police should do is is give these celebrities the same protection as any of the public.... and that would be NONE unless you call 911. Don't help them get from place to place, quit acting like paid body guards. For instance the LAPD should never have wasted the resources used when Britney was taken to the hospital.

2436 days ago

nothing better to do    

Why not ticket all these "airheads" when they purposely cause pandemonium and road blockages? Paps or celebs. And if a man was running around to Rite-Aids and gas stations flashing his junk for all to see, wouldn't he end up as a registered sex offender???? Why isn't Britney a registered sex offender by now? She has certainly offended many. Write those tickets! Think of the revenue for LA! Wow! It could be the richest city on the planet. Then you could hire all the cops you wanted.

2436 days ago


I'm sorry, but this is completely unprofessional of him and I'm sure he is going to hear about it. No matter what your stance is on this whole whoopla, he is a public servant in Hollywood. If he doesn't like dealing with the Britneys of the world, or the drunk fights outside of night clubs, or the people that just go around and get their pics taken, then go enforce in another town. Does it all seem absurd? yes, but you can't point the blame at people telling them not to come out. He has a say on what laws need to be enforced, or what can be changed, just like the people of LA - write to your congressman, it doesn't happen on its on. If you're sick of dealing with it, do something about it, but it was completely unprofessional for him to tell someone to stay home.

2436 days ago

TMZ reader    

He clearly doesn't grasp the core issue. Britney is a citizen and entitled to come and go as she wishes, without the intrusion of 30 to 50 paparazzi in tow. There should be laws passed to give all citizens freedom from this type of intrusion. Britney isn't the only celebrity who is stalked. There's plenty of others.

2436 days ago
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