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LAPD Chief to "Airhead" Brit: Stay the F&*% Home!

2/22/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD chief William Bratton has the secret to solving the "paparazzi problem" in Los Angeles -- lock Britney Spears in her house! Who would be against that?
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The chief was on with Patt Morrison on 89.3 KPCC-FM radio Wednesday when he was asked about proposed legislation designed to curb the paparazzi. Check out his response.


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Amen!! He's not saying she should never leave her house, but her ridiculous and endless errand running (in a stupor) just to get her attention fix is wasting people's time and money. Her driving and the paps crowding the streets are a safety hazard. I, for one, do not want to see another picture of her or Paris Hilton - so STOP taking their pictures. Surely there is some enjoyable eye candy in LA.

2442 days ago


Right on Bratty!!!

2442 days ago


The dumb bitch has too much time on her hands, so she roams the streets with the paparazzi following her, ready to take pictures of her naked crotch. She wants the attention. She should grow up and start taking care of her children. She's got nannys to help her with them, but no --- she'd rather act like an idiot whore and draw attention to herself.

2442 days ago


i don't think the new law would infringe on the first amendment - they are still able to take all the pics they want, just not be in a certain proximity of their "target" - will all the technology they use, you would think they would invest in some long distance lenses - i agree with their right to "free press", but i also agree that someone should be able to navigate their way to a car without being blinded and blocked b/c someone wants to take 50 unncessary pics...

2442 days ago


Doesn't Britney pay taxes? What a nutcase this cop is.

2442 days ago


OOOOH.. Brit would go into withdrawals if she didn't get her pap fix, tho her dad does seem to be controling her somewhat.

Guess he didnt' check to see if she had her underwear on the other nite.

Still say that paps should be kept at a safe distance from all celebs. No lessons learned from the Princess Di fiasco. Seriously, someone is going to get hurt badly. AND>>>>> if someone has their kids with them, then for God's sake, have some compassion for them anyway. That should be off limits ( brad and angie comes to mind there, plus brit's poor little guys ) they had terrified looks on their faces and that is just wrong. course, their terror could be coming from being in the car with their mom!

2442 days ago


Brit could easily be forced to "stay at home" if she were in a nice, expensive, very private institution for the mentally ill. She continues to be a very sick girl and based on my long psyc RN experience I am beginning to doubt that she will get better. Her father (who I don't especially like) is keeping her uner cover but as an inexperienced care giver he is unfamiliar with the tricks that a bipolar patient can concoct. One of the easiest is to slip ones medication under the tongue or into the back of the mouth and spit it out when unattended. Ne medication on board, no improvement.

It is my opinion that the only reason Britney seems better is that she is under guard, 24/7. She has always been willful and spoiled. Now she is willful, spoiled, and terribly ill. I see no good outcome for her.

2442 days ago


It seems like all the wrong people are giving the right advice in this situation. First with Dr. Phil trying to get in on the action, but now this guy. He sounds like he's from the east coast where they really don't have the resources for the tightly compacted population. If Hollywood hasn't figured out that paparazzi exist by this point then they have more problems than just staffing.
At the same time, I agree with the officer in that Britney should stay home. I am sure not for the same selfish reasons he has, but so she can GET BETTER! If some guy drugs you as is being alleged, you're gonna have some things to work out. I think she should move out of the home where all this happened, and focus on her issues. After all, what got her in this situation to begin with? Her parents need to start answering to her (esp. her mother). Her dad really does want what is best for her, which is why we are seeing an improvement in her publicly. Regardless of what the past has been for her and her father, this is a situation where she needs to take his help if she is going to get better.
As for the "paps" they are doing their job. Sam is the one who has been behind her media "whoring" and for that reason she shouldn't be blamed or persecuted for this. Britney had problems before Sam came along, but the fact that she let him into her life when she did is more a testement to her state of mind when he was allowed into her life. People with mental illness are always stigmatized negatively in the media and this is the perfect example of such a thing. Hey everybody, let's watch the freak who is CRAAAAAZY! Now that's entertainment. All of us who partake in the end product are just as guilty as the paps. (including myself) They are just filling a want. If you've made it this far in this post then I am sure you have some level of understanding of all of this and I am preaching to the choir at this point.
Shine On!

2442 days ago

Cop Hater    

Everyone's rights END where Britney's BEGIN. I can't believe this moron would say she needs to stay home.

She should ask if they would give her a tax exemption (federal and state) to stay home &, THEN, she may do it (that's a big chunk of cash for doing nothing). Unless they stop taking those taxes, he needs to kiss her ass.

2442 days ago

my, my, my    

Dumb idiot!!!!If Britney never left home he still didn't have a force dealing with the invasive nature of the paps. His men have often stood on the side and watched the circus. Brad Pitt wouldn't have to grab one of the paps and jack him up if his men were doing their job. Oh by the way, Britney wasn't there. The law enforcemnt still needs to increase their enforcement against the paps. Maybe he needs to be replaced so that some one wh can deal with the crisis can lean up the streets of LA.

2442 days ago


Go CHIEF!!! She is a crazy nuisance.

2442 days ago


This guy is an idiot. Even if Britney were to stay home and never come out...the public would'nt lose interest in her. Becuase the second she were to walk out her door, there would be a flood of paps ready to take her picture. Its like that with every celeb. So this guy needs to shut the F*** up and shove his ego up his a**. And everyone who agrees with him needs to do the same. Britney is just trying to live a normal life. Maybe she just enjoys going to the grocery store and to starbucks like the rest of us instead of staying home having other ppl do it for her!!!

2442 days ago


Sit down and shut up Bratton. Britney pays taxes too and has every right to leave her house whenever she wants.
Sheesh......and this guy is the CHIEF?!?!
Good gawd.

2442 days ago


Does anyone know what the word Public means?

Then I ask, does anyone know what the word Rights mean?

add this plus the job of your local authority and you will see that no law enforcement would say stay in!

However they do have a right to violate those (paps) that don't allow people to enjoy the right to be in a public place. It is the local authorities job to protect and serve those in the community, so TMZ what would make you put something like this.

Must be a slow day and your looking for some excitement.

Sad Sad Sad

2442 days ago


Okay find this very disturbing. Apparetly the LAPD is really stupid and doesn't want to help anyone but their donut eatting selves. If she wants to go out ad have a good time, let her. It's her right to go out or stay home.

2442 days ago
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