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LAPD Chief to "Airhead" Brit: Stay the F&*% Home!

2/22/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD chief William Bratton has the secret to solving the "paparazzi problem" in Los Angeles -- lock Britney Spears in her house! Who would be against that?
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The chief was on with Patt Morrison on 89.3 KPCC-FM radio Wednesday when he was asked about proposed legislation designed to curb the paparazzi. Check out his response.


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ME TOO    

This guy sounds like the kind of jerk cop whose response to a domestice violence incident is "what did you do to make him angry?" A-HOLE

2433 days ago


Brit takes advantage of the situation, but what about other celebs? They have a right to go out and not be mobbed. I'm not talking about not having photogs around because that goes with the territory, but about having a physical safe zone around them.

2433 days ago


Britney is a trouble-maker. Period. The few dumb fans that she has left, the Britney cult members, worship her because she made a lot of easy money by shaking her butt year in and year out. She's a talentless sideshow that can't even sing. These are the same people that support Bush. By the way, Britney said we should support George Bush and believe in everything he says and does........haha

2433 days ago


# 3 is totally right.

2433 days ago


Good for him and his common sense! He doesn't mean for her to stay home forever. She has to go out everyday.I never
see other entertainers do this. Britney needs help bad,so maybe someday she can get those sweet little boys back. When she's
out,you can hear the paps saying, "You look great,Britney" That is what she lives for,all that attention.I wonder what would
happen, if the paps didn't take her picture for a week?

2433 days ago


BTW, TMZ with all these arrest will be fines.

Eventually raising enough funds to support the hiring of a task team just for paps. You know they are always looking for ways to increase their funding without upsetting the taxpayers.

LMAO between your staff and company, profits will then be supporting your local authorities

Who will have the last laugh!, the mean bastard with cuffs He He He He

2433 days ago


First of all, if the Chief of Police is calling someone with mental problems an airhead, he should be fired on the spot.
Secondly, I believe police have some kind of mental problems in that they are under the impression that we are their servants, rather than the other way around.
Anyone agree?

2433 days ago


and no just because he has cuffs doesn't makee him kinky, just puts him in charge

Oh Harvey, you might like that ! LMAO

2433 days ago


F U G, this is America, regardless who she is and where she goes she should be safe - at it's this jackass' responsiblity to insure law and order. Once again LAPD is shown to be complete idiots.

2433 days ago

tuna marie    

what fun would that be if this attention whore stayed home?

2433 days ago


The chief is correct. Actually, he's been too lenient on Slutney as she's been showing her naked crotch time after time --- which is indecent exposure; she should have been arrested long ago for that.

2433 days ago


Can you imagine how hard Britney is making his job? How much he is
distracted from regular duties to answer Britney questions,
coordinate her ridiculous caravan to the hospital because she refuses to
quit doing drugs, field calls from angry citizens shen she leaves her
car in the middle of the highway like the entitled, arrogant
disrespecful slut she is? No wonder this guy is pissed. I bet his staff isn't even
allowed to use the "B" word around him anymore.

2433 days ago


What would you care Tuna Marie? not around anymore LOL

2433 days ago


Ok, so it has not been confirmed that Brittney has mental problems. They are saying that, probably just trying to save her image. And not all people that support Bush like Brittney, myself included. And he has a right to say that. As a law abiding citizen living in the state of California it's not right that our police officers are always there to help out the "stars." Those are tax dollars that are paying for them to be walked to their car!!!! Appaling! It's stupid. And yes, she should stay home. And if she doesn't the police shouldn't cater to her and always help get her out of situations that she puts herself into!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2433 days ago

kim suck    

3. LAPD chief William Bratton = COMMIE BASTARD!!! He has no right to tell someone (not under house arrest) not to leave their house.

Get out there and control the paps. In other words, do your job you lazy bastard.

Posted at 12:51PM on Feb 22nd 2008 by Greenie

idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOT

2433 days ago
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