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LAPD Chief to "Airhead" Brit: Stay the F&*% Home!

2/22/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD chief William Bratton has the secret to solving the "paparazzi problem" in Los Angeles -- lock Britney Spears in her house! Who would be against that?
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The chief was on with Patt Morrison on 89.3 KPCC-FM radio Wednesday when he was asked about proposed legislation designed to curb the paparazzi. Check out his response.


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Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Only in LA LA Land my friends.....

2403 days ago


89 Can you not read, if so then read post 80

2403 days ago


Yes that's true. But up to this point that has not even been mentioned. And they are using tax dollars to fund this nonsense. So yeah, I read #80, but it doesn't mean anything if it's not happening!

2403 days ago


Maybe someone should remind the Chief how much money the entertainment industry brings to his city and that without Britney and other stars, his city would just be a crime infested dump.

2403 days ago


Amen #55... TMZ - move on from these people! I don't want to see Britney's or Paris's faces again. I do like looking at celebrity news, but no more shots of these pathetic downers. Britney is a mess, and is just gross. Paris is a sad attention sleaze. Stop covering their every move - it's depressing and boring!!!
Isn't something or someone else going on in LA??

2403 days ago


I just think he should demand that all the murderers and rapist and thieves should stay home. Then there would not be a problem. With alot of officers available to escort Brit to the hospital or starbucks or where ever. He sounds like a real unprofessional jerk to me..and there should be a law that keeps the paps back 100 ft . Take the photo's zoom all you can just stay far enough back so they (clebs) can stay safe and breathe for goodness sake..They do have a right to shop take walks jog or whatever thay want . It's funny that the CHIEF?? reminds me of the old joke "DR it hurts when I do this " the Doc says "Well don't do that " his statement was stupid....

2403 days ago


Chief "Brainless" Bratton is so clueless. It's obvious from his frivolous comments that he doesn't even know why "Britney's Law" has been recommended. This law will protect not only the rights of Spears, but other people in the future who are being stalked by the paparazzi.

The reason for the law--as Bratton SHOULD KNOW--is that Spears has absolutely zero freedom of movement. This week she went to the hairdresser. 50 paps follow. She can't go to a dance studio, Riteaid, or clothes shopping without being ceaselessly stalked by money hungry paparazzi. And TMZ, among others, supports this harrassment. She isn't clubbing. She's trying to live a life, just like everyone else.

His suggestion that the VICTIMS of the paparrazi need the help of psychiatry is insensitive and appalling. So the problem isn't the paparazzi. It is the young woman with mental health issues who is being stalked that is to blame when she has the nerve to go to her hairdresser??

Bratton, you jackass. Quit flapping your yap if you don't know what the the law is about. What an incompetent fool you are.

2403 days ago


First of all, if their resources are so limited then why did he take the time out of his busy day to make statements about it?! People can't stay locked up in their house forever but Britneys dad has been doing a pretty good job keeping her out of the attention lately which seems to be helping her!

2403 days ago

tony thomas    

She is very sick,Get help to gret her brain worked on .She is a very beautiful loving loving women .Your health is number one.If her life messed up .Get your health back befor the children .Than she can start her life all over again ok my love love you lots baby ok

2403 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Tuna, let me introduce you to Cartman.
Tuna and Cartman, let me introduce you to vkngdtr.
Tuna, Cartman and vkngdtr, let me introduce you to the LAPD CHIEF.
You all seem to have a lot in common.

2403 days ago


#55 - I agree. TMZ -- Stop taking her picture. We don't care. Stop the feeding frenzy. It's beyond stupid.

2403 days ago


i love this guy. i couldn't agree more. fame took a terrible turn when britney, lindsay and paris showed up. being an attention whore and making a fool out of yourself does not make you a star. or, well, maybe it does.

2403 days ago


#94 bev, sorry to say but...That's stupid. She wanted this life. If she wants to get away from it then she needs to go back to her own hometown and live with her mom behind a gate! The police should not have to follow her around to protect her from the life she wanted.

2403 days ago


What a loser this shmuck is. He needs a publist 'cause he has no clue how to handle himself in the media. What a fool he sounds like. "Yeah, just stay home all you celebrities. Live like hostages in your own homes so I don't have to do my job." Idiot!

There is a clip posted on this very site today of Russell Crowe trying to do a little shopping with his wife and small children. The paps are right on top of them so they couldn't even move down the sidewalk to their car. Should they have stayed home Cheif Bratton? Do they need psyciatric support services because they wanted to go to a children's clothing store like normal people? Moron.

I don't see why there can't be a law keeping the paps a certain distance from people......say .....30 feet. How tough would that be to enforce? Not at all tough at all because the Paps would govern themselves ----they love to rat on each other and they would get pictures (evidence) of anyone that got into the protection zone.

2403 days ago


Revise the stalking law already ... stalking is stalking ...... with a real possiblity of injury or death

2403 days ago
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