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What's Next? The Ivy to Serve Pigs' Feet?!

2/22/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Ivy went country yesterday as someone named Chris Gaines Garth Brooks shed his cowboy hat and cheesy checked shirt for a more touristy ensemble -- and decided to munch on a $27 salad. This ain't Oklahoma anymore!

He was mobbed by a ton of fans as he walked out. Seems he's a big star.


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TMZ - a bunch of losers to say anything negative about Mr. Brooks.
Mr Brooks:
1)Donated 100% of Staples Center proceeds to YOUR firefighters
2)A major philantropist - just doesn't brag about like the rest of the celebs
3)Just surpassed Elvis as far as record sales
4)Sold out 9 shows in Kansas City in a matter of minutes AND charged just ~$30 per ticket. When was the last time you went to a 3 hour concert for $30?
Quit being a bunch of jerks and give credit where credit is due. TMZers must have a pretty sense of low self esteem the way that they ridicule people, Mr. Brooks included.

2380 days ago


Garth Brooks is a pretty amazing man. I'm not a country music fan myself, by any means, but what this man does for people is amazing. He is one of the RARE ones who uses his talent for good. Not to go out and get a DUI and show off his genitals. Whoopty doo, he's country. Get over it. That's probably why he still HAS a heart. He was raised right, and not brainwashed by the media's misconception of a "star". (enter paris hilton). Thank you Garth, for everything you do. Keep it up.

2380 days ago

Merilyn from Phoenix    

I was there at the Ivy yesterday.. and had a "moment" with Garth,

He asked me my name then took off his hat and introduced himself...when he looked in my eyes and extended his hand I almost fainted.

I was really taken aback by his country charms He was very nice and sweet to all !!

2380 days ago


What happened to post #23? She made some great points. Why were her comments removed?

2380 days ago


Hi, everyone..."Miss L" aka #23 Comment" is reposting this as the only thing *I* feel I did wrong in my original posting is DISAGREEING WITH EVERYTHING TMZ STANDS know...sensationalism, degradation, making people famous for the sake of being famous, and trying to drag down any genuinely talented artist just for the sake of site hits.

Nice try, Mr. Levin and Company. But if being POSITIVE is a NEGATIVE, then color me guilty.

Oh, and one more thing...I am not some southern belle country music fanatic...I'm a rock-and-roll-loving gal from New York City who just happens to think Garth has had a GREAT influence on the music industry, puts on a stellar concert without gouging fans price-wise and well, does have enough rock-and-roll sensability to keep my ears happy and my toes tapping...

Now, for my original post...

I had the opportunity to meet Garth while he was in LA last month for his sold out shows at the Staples Center...spent about 45 minutes talking to him and his lovely wife (for the non-country fans here, that would be star-in-her-own-right Trisha Yearwood) and it was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had as a fan.

They're amazingly in love, really cute together, and like some other posters have said, I've never been around a more gracious celebrity. He really took the time to talk to me (I was backstage through a friend of mine that works for him and didn't even expect him to still be in the venue after that last show), signed autographs, took photos...

For every celebutard, famous-for-15-minutes-and-clinging-to-14:59 idiot, reality-show-nitwit or ungracious, talentless hack, there's going to once in a while be someone like Garth Brooks. Gracious, humble, charming, self-deprecating (FYI keep in mind he's allowed to make cracks about Oklahoma as he DOES still live there but doubt he would as he respects his neighbors as well as his roots), talented and generous.

Oh, and to the comment on here from someone mentioning the "$45 tee shirts" at the show? I'm calling you out as woefully misinformed. Not only was the top price on hoodie sweatshirts at the LA shows last month only $30 (versus any other artist that would charge at least double that), but ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from the merchandise sales that weekend also went to the FIRE (Fire Intervention Relief Effort) charity. (For the record, tee shirts were I believe $20 or $25, still a bargain by industry standards).

*stepping off my soapbox*

So if the man wants a $27 salad? Bon appetit, big fella!

Miss L.

(DISCLAIMER: I'm not a shill, PR flack, etc. Just a very lucky fan)

2380 days ago


What does TMZ have against Oklahoma??

2380 days ago


"Hey-the pigs feet comment was WAY out of line. You don't say crap like that about Brad Pitt, and he's from Oklahoma. We don't just have Toby, Vince, Reba, Carrie, Vince and Amy, Hoyt Axton, Roy Clark, but we also have The Flaming Lips, Leon Russell, James Garner, Hanson, Ron Howard, Clint Howard, Dennis Weaver, Johhn Bench, Troy Aikman, Mickey Mantle, Tony Randall, Gary Busey, Megan Mullally, Dr. Phil, Mary Kay Place, Kristen Chenoweth, Rex Linn, Dennis Weaver, Color Me Badd, Shannon Miller, Bart Conner, we also have 3 astronauts from Oklahoma. And by the way, we don't eat pigs feet here either. Geez what idiots you are. I didn't even mention all the authors, movie producers, and politicians who are from here. SHAME ON YOU."

That's just to name a few. And one thing about all of those people is well they know how to give back! Not just to Oklahoma but to everyone! Last I checked you don't see any of those people running around without panties, beating the paps, having their own children taken from them. As Oklahomans they stand proud for what they believe in.

And yes you guessed it I am proud to be from Oklahoma. I don't eat pig's feet or any other strange thing like that. One of the best things about Oklahoma is traveling to another state and coming home b/c there is just something great about Oklahoma. Btw I live in a small suburb outstide of Tulsa, it only has 100,000 people in it. So TMZ back off of Oklahoma. It's a great place to live and raise children and just be normal.

2380 days ago


I just wanted to add that Garth may be a country superstar but he also holds many records for the pop charts with albums sales and time spent at #1. Even Britney can't touch his pop records on the album charts. Very artists can touch his sales and other records. His latest CD is still in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 and #3 country.

2380 days ago

Miss Chris to Garth    

I could not agree more with Miss L in the #43 post (repost technically). I am friends with Miss L, and I can vouch for everything she said about Mr. Brooks and Ms. Yearwood from my own personal experiences with each of them.

I am a fan of most music types, but country has been my favorite for many, many years. I became a Garth Brooks fan way back in the early days of his career. I am not some redneck fan from the south, but a stay-at-home mom from California.

Garth has said MANY times that his many music influences came from his childhood with his parents playing old-school country (his mother was a country singer in her day, too) and also from his siblings...who brought people like James Taylor, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Don McLean, Bob Segar, as well as many more into his life. It was these people who influenced what Garth Brooks' music is all about. He definitely has a rock base, and isn't your mainstream twangy country singer.

This past Wednesday, I was at the taping of the Jay Leno show on which Garth appeared. Garth also taped the Ellen DeGeneres show at NBC right after Leno. As per his normal routine after a taping at Leno, Garth stopped outside the NBC gates in Burbank to greet his fans (unfortunately professional autograph seekers/eBay sellers, too). The large audience from Ellen's show appeared with copies of Garth's Pink CD (all proceeds go to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) which they received from Ellen.

Garth, in his ever-gracious way, took his time working through all of the people who were waiting for him---fans & non-fans alike---asking for correct spelling of each person's name for their autographs; as is his practice.

It was quite cold, windy, & threatening to rain again that night (Garth was wearing a shirt--NO coat), so most people were anxious to meet up with Garth & go to their cars to defrost, but Garth was there for each & every person who waited; which numbered close to 200+ people at one point-- those who waited for over 3 hours to talk with him, take a picture with him, get an autograph, or just to say hi. He even talked to many family members & friends of those who waited for him--including my 17 year old daughter.

So for you, Mr. Harvey Levin, and to even comment on the fact that Garth spent $27 on a salad (which he and even you would have been charged at any other restaurant in that area), and NOT to explore who and what is REALLY the man named, Garth Brooks, you are a seriously mean person--not to mention an over-zealous attention seeker yourself. You are all about the sensationalizing any event that will bring interest to YOU and your company; and you don't care who you take down with you in the process. Maybe you should return to your roots as an attorney & lay off the good guys.

I'm done with this---let's see if you have the cajones to leave this posted.

2380 days ago


Mary, you call a suburb of 100,000 small? Wow. I grew up in a town of less then 6,000 people, including surrounding areas. Now, that's small! =D

2380 days ago


Hey, Miss L, and Miss Chris, I agree wholeheartedly with your views, I was also there at the Leno taping, Garth never ceases to amaze. The fans actually, for the large part, stayed back and let the autograph hounds get their fill and the Ellen crowd subside before taking their turns with Garth, who had the patience of Job with some of the less than sincere people present. The world needs more sincerity and generousity such as that generated by Garth, definitely a far better option than the drama (to put it kindly) that surrounds most of our young celebs of today. And we need media to applaud the positive and ignore the negative, instead of the other way around.

2380 days ago


tattedup No I was just being sarcastic. I travel a lot and when I say I'm from Oklahoma, people ask me if I live on Indian really? I always explain where I was born and raised, currently my city has reached 100,000 people. My high school graduating class was small compared to the classes before and after about 1300. I just really get bugged by the people who think that Oklahoma is so small and un-impressive...which wouldn't that make those people the un-worldly ones?

And as everyone has touched on Garth is awesome, along with many many Oklahomans. They really show what Oklahoma is about!

2380 days ago


I'm not from a southern town either. Just little ol' Washington. I live in a much bigger area now, but my graduating class was less then 150. I just wanted to comment on it cuz I thought it was funny! =D

2380 days ago


Can't stand him and I cannot stand his ugly wife who broke up his marriage. She may have sung the national anthum at the Daytona 500, but she is the worst country music artist along with her washed up husband oh and don't forget Fake Hill.

2380 days ago


I see Garth out by my parents house all the time out in the yard with his kids, working on his fence, just being a regular Oklahoma guy....he's a good ol boy!

2380 days ago
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