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Alec Baldwin and Daughter -- Together Again

2/23/2008 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been a while since "30 Rock" thespian Alec Baldwin and his adorable daughter Ireland, 12, were seen out together -- and yesterday the twosome made a trip to Blockbuster in Woodland Hills to pick up some flicks.

Who knew Alec was so shy?


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Kim "Bitchsinger" leaked that phone message to the media. She's a vindictive, conniving bitch. After the message was leaked, she made SURE to parade around in front of the papparazzi with a threatening-looking bodyguard. Kim wants more money from her Ex, now that he's on a successful TV show and Kim's career is in the toilet.

2401 days ago

Anna Nicole people GO AWAY    

poor kid

2401 days ago

Jon Bodack    

Hopefully, Alec Baldwin learned his lesson after the videotape was leaked & we heard what he said, but hey, people make mistakes, but I'm not saying I'd do that either.

2401 days ago

Jon Bodack    

After what he said about his dauhgter, hopefully, like I said before, this will never, ever happen again?

2401 days ago

Granny Pants    

People: The Bloviator remains, oddly enough, totally do-able. You all just KNOW Kim is a major league wing-nut.

2401 days ago


What's this a picture of? Pappa and little piggy going to market? Awwwwww, that's sweet. Together again at last!

2401 days ago

aussie girl    

Thats good to see that he can see his daughter.Its a shame she has a nutcase of a mother that made it near impossible for him to see his daughter and drove him to say nasty things.I suppose there will be a repeat of this and the charlie sheen court business.Its a shame the parents just can't put their differences aside for the sake of their kids well being.A child loves both their parents and shouldn't have to choose between one or another because of 1 parents selfish ways.The kids will grow up with problems.

2401 days ago


....such deep parenting is your offspring...

2401 days ago


what, no one here is the product of a divorce? no one has a twisted mother? most children are very influenced by their mothers at that age and things get said and done that are hurtful to all because usually the mother is a constant source of degrading words about the father. lets not assume that because shes young and cute that she didnt scar her father with hurtful words or actions.... ive been there. everyone suffers in this situation and if they are at a point where they can forgive and move on, then this is a beneficial thing. divorce hurts on an emotional level for all involved.

2401 days ago


I'm glad that he's able to see his daughter. Glad that someone in the country thinks he is a father...a father who may lose his cool sometimes, but its, last time I checked...human. Why can't people just leave him alone? He's just like any of you minus the fact that he's on movies, tv, and the stage. He's human. He makes mistakes, says things that are said without thought ahead of time, and lives his life the way any of you arragont people would. I hope that they are able to see each other more despite the Kim factor.
I wish that TMZ and other gossip sites would just drop the subject of Alec and his daughter. Heaven forbid if Alec was Zac Efron or Justin Timberlake, then people would be all "oh, I'm soooo sorry and like soooo hot" towards him. Personally, I think Alec is, and will forever, be way more attractive than Zac and Justin..combined.
There, I said it. Happy? If you disagree with me, then haters to the left.

2397 days ago
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