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Brit Back with Her Boys

2/23/2008 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney has reunited with her sons today -- the first time since her January 3rd meltdown.

Brit's boys were driven by K-Daddy's bodyguard to Spear's Studio City home, according to People.

And as we first reported yesterday, Jamie Spears and a psychiatrist must be present for every visit.


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None of us can say what Britney deserves and dosent. It's clear she has serious mental issues but taking her kids away from her (in my opinion) is only going to make her worse. Kevin cares about his kids (what parent dosent) but he is only doing this to get more money. The public only makes Britney more sick. If you got married and were fully taken advantage of for fame, power, and money how would you feel? Britney has been "Ms. American Dream" since she was a teenager..... No one ever leaves her alone, the media constantly reminds her of every little mistake she makes. You all say maybe she will get better if she sees her kids; the only way she is going to get better is if we all just leave her alone and give her a privacy. The girl can't even use the restroom without 50 cameras chasing her. Think of it if you were in her shoes for 10 years and married a man you loved and he took literally everything including the kids you gave birth to how would you feel? You all complain she is a bad mother but how is she going to be supermom if she is never given the chance. Next time you bash on her, put yourself in her position.

2343 days ago



2343 days ago


It's too bad Britney got mixed up with K-Fed. It's messed up her head. What a shame. I wish her well and hope she finds a nice man who will love her and look out for her --- instead of just use her like that rat face K-Fed did.

2343 days ago


This girl is NOT mentally ill, she is mentally unintelligent! How come her peers and counterparts like Justin, Christina, Jessica who were right there with her are all normal? She is just plain stupid! Bottom line. She needs to keep her dirty little baby makin hoochie coochi out of the media, it is disgustin at this point! If she should return with "world tour" you better beleive My teenage daughter will not be attending that show or any of her shows!! I feel no pity for stupidity. Stupid is what stupid does and what she has done is just plain stupid! And for Kevin, he took most of her money like he planned all along and now being a single parent is becoming to bothersome. Besides, what is three measly hours worth? Nothing, just scaring the kids who probably by now do not recognise this woman. Time will fly by and you all wait until the revenge of the Federline boys. But against who, not sure yet. Britney needs more time with the youngsters so they know who she is. A month is a long time to the developing brain and they may not remember who she is. All of these girls, Paris, Lindsey and Britney and even Nicole are worthless, useless, immature, ugly little freaks. Please remember not too long ago they were all together snorting lines and doin eachother! Tiger's do not change their stripes. See what spoiled gets ya! Britney is perfectly noramal in the brain, that is just a cover up for her being the dumbest brunette, pinkette, blondette person ever birthed into this world. She is just plain stupid!!!

2343 days ago

Jusst saying    

She's s worthless skank. The kids would be far better off without her in their lives.

2343 days ago


How did TMZ know this was gong down? Because Britney called them to let them know about it, that is how. Britney does not know how to stop her media lovin frenzied self. She calls them herself! you are all just touching the surface, she is not mentally ill! She is just plain stupid! She has media addiction, like a drug and it's getting worse. She needs media intervention. Sure she looks bad, that is what happens when yo strip away all of the make up or just apply it differently. I am sick and tired of seeing her little pissy on the news. It's gross! She still does it anyway, it's no accident. This is purposeful and you all will buy into mental illness, if she were truly that ill, she would still be in the hospital. Her father needs to burn all of her little skimpy outfits so there is no slippage of her bald eagle! My kid has seen enough of it. I am not buying into the mental illness coverup. This chick knows how to manupliate the media and all of her Adoring fans to. Think about this, what if she paid them(paps) to follow her every move for the past couple of years? You'd lose your underwear too...If anything, all she has is terrible PMS. I doubt Kevin bargained for this. She is an absolute embarressement to American women and if she should tour around the world, I don't think she'll come back in one peice.

2343 days ago


221. however......i do agree with getting rid of the black people.

Posted at 12:52AM on Feb 24th 2008 by GOOD!

I DID NOT post this!....among several other negative posts under the name "GOOD". What loosers do this crap? How CHILDISH and IGNORANT!!!

2343 days ago


What amazes me is that there are so many who are certain they actually know what they are talking about! She is a good mother, she isn't a good mother, she is bipolar, she isn't bipolar. This is all irrelevant. We know nothing. We know what the media et al want us to know/think. Not one of us was in that house when the kids got there for their visit. Not one of us was there when the guidelines for the visit were set. I don't care if you're famous or not, rumors hurt. Whatever the reason, it is obvious Brit is going through something and it really has nothing to do with any of us. My personal opinion is that there are alot of hurting people involved in this and I will hope for more peaceful days for them. That's all.

2343 days ago

Trish from Kentucky    

Good for Britney!!! Im so proud of her why dont you people give her a bresk? She is doing so good right now and all some of you want to do is knock her by down.

2342 days ago


Glad to see she is back with her children. Children imo need their Moms. I hope she can get better and stay that way. Bring back the old Britney. She is so lucky and takes it for granted imo. I hope she finds a great guy and falls in love again. I hope she get well again her children need her.

2342 days ago

pink bubble    

I'm so happy for Britney. If only the public really knew what was really going on.

2342 days ago


i truly hope this is a positive step for her

2342 days ago

I love Tupac    

I am very happy to hear she is back in her children's life. I think that is one of the more positive steps in her recovery. Good luck Brit. Now if we can just get the paps to give her a little space!!!!!!!

2341 days ago
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