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Brit Back with Her Boys

2/23/2008 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney has reunited with her sons today -- the first time since her January 3rd meltdown.

Brit's boys were driven by K-Daddy's bodyguard to Spear's Studio City home, according to People.

And as we first reported yesterday, Jamie Spears and a psychiatrist must be present for every visit.


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I also agree that the Britney camp put out "bi polar" for damage control and sympathy. I think she was taking way too much prescription medication (just like Anna Nicole). I think UCLA would have kept her longer if they needed to get medications stabilized or did not know "what disorder she had....The Judge ordered PARENTING CLASSES for a reason. She does not know how. All of her life has been about her MAKING IT in the business. It has always been about her. A psychologist said the reason she doesn't wear underpants and shows herself off is because bad attention is better than no attention. BEING A GOOD MOM IS NOT HAVING ATTENTION ON YOURSELF BUT GIVING ALL THE ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILDREN. Her dad will have to control her forever in order for her to appear normal.

2398 days ago


Very true Jacqueline. I think a lot of people look at this the wrong way around.

2398 days ago


Good Work Lynne and Jamie! Now, get that rat bastard Lutfi!!

2398 days ago


Does anyone see how messed up her eyes look?

2398 days ago


Do any of you have anything to do other than worry about Britney Spears and her problems? Maybe that means you have a problem, "You don't have a life!"

2398 days ago

luv my TMZ    

What are the details of the visitation? Daddy Spears present - check. Psychiatrist present - check. But how long does she get to see them? How many days, etc.? Does anyone know what's in the order?

I think this could be good for Brit and the kids if it is handled correctly. Go slowly for everybody's best interest.

2398 days ago


I do not think that the youngest baby has F.A.S.(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)..
My step-son has it,,he is 34 yrs old and mentally he is about 10 yrs old..His bitch of a mother drank while pregnant..
One of the traits of FAS is a very small head compared to the rest of the body,, FAS kids also have Mental Retardation
from mild to very severe..
I am glad Britney got to see her kids today..Hopefully her meds are working..But I have to wonder what happens when the conservatorship is up?? I don't think she will be able to be alone for a very long time..

2398 days ago


Britney Spears has been in such a bad way lately, brought on by inside and outside influences. Having her kids taken away from her was a good thing for the kids temporarily but I know it didn't make her condition any better. I for one am glad she gets to be with them again. Her children need her terribly, and she needs them. Fame and fortune can be a good thing in so many ways. But, when the bad out weighs the good it can be frightening.
Also, I want to say what a responsible person Kevin Federline seems to be. For him to realize and acknowledge how important a MOTHER and a FATHER's love is to a child is such a great gift to the children. I truly do wish EVERY good thing for Britney's healthy recovery. Because if she can surround herself with stable healthy people who are looking out for her well being, then she will continue to improve. The joy she finds within her children can help regain her self worth and well being.
GOD BLESS...............

2398 days ago

Jusst saying    

Those poor little boys!!! If they aren't screwed up already they soon will be with her around.

2398 days ago


Iam not a brittney fan I do think she is human waste but I do hope she gets better for her kids.

2398 days ago


K-Feds bodyguards. That's funny. Who pays for them? Britney?

2398 days ago


Kevin Federline told Britney a long time ago, before all her troubles started, that he was going to take her children completely away from her. It was his threat when she divorced him. If he acts like he cares about Britney now seeing the children and having custody again, either he's had a change of heart, his lawyer told him what to say, or he sees some benefit for himself in it.

2398 days ago


Most of you saying she's a bad mother don't have kids and don't understand. She has problems. No matter what she is or does she will always be their mother. Those kids will be more damaged and feel abandonded if they are denied a relationship with their mom, crazy or not. Of course she needs to have supervised visits now, but its NOT HER FAULT. She is sick. She is a product of her upbringing, genetics and her experiences. Nobody has the right to judge her. YOU ARE ALL PERFECT, RIGHT?

2398 days ago


Good for her! I hope it helps her. Now that she's on her meds, she can learn how to be a proper mother. So glad she's getting the help she needs. Hang in there, Britney!

2398 days ago


I honestly believe Britney Spears has a real mental health issue.

Would you make fun of cancer patients? Probably some of you would but most would have sympathy and compassion for a sick cancer patient.

I can see the sadness in her eyes and she looks desperate. I feel for her and her two kids.

She is getting help and I think it's a blessing her father is there with her during her hard times.

We are all not perfect people. We do get sick!

Be strong and brave Britney, don't let clowns drag you back down. Strong and brave!

2398 days ago
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