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Brit Back with Her Boys

2/23/2008 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney has reunited with her sons today -- the first time since her January 3rd meltdown.

Brit's boys were driven by K-Daddy's bodyguard to Spear's Studio City home, according to People.

And as we first reported yesterday, Jamie Spears and a psychiatrist must be present for every visit.


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So much for any hope of those kids turning out normal.

I support the death penalty for stupid, useless celebrity whores.

2403 days ago


45. Kevin Federline told Britney a long time ago, before all her troubles started, that he was going to take her children completely away from her. It was his threat when she divorced him. If he acts like he cares about Britney now seeing the children and having custody again, either he's had a change of heart, his lawyer told him what to say, or he sees some benefit for himself in it.

Posted at 3:18PM on Feb 23rd 2008 by anonymous

Why, oh why, do people continue to blame Kevin for Britney's problems. Do you understand that the ONLY reason Britney lost all custody and visitation was because of HER behavior. Every single thing she has done has been in direct opposition to what a parent would do who wanted to see their children. Britney defied every court order. Britney missed drug tests. Britney failed to show up for court ordered depositions. Britney held her youngest son hostage during a three hour standoff with police. There is no way in hell Kevin could have forseen this behavior. When I divorced, my ex threatened to take my kids away as well - it didn't make me party pantiless, shave my head and ignore court orders.

2403 days ago


She's not "sick" and never was.

Histrionic Personality Disorder = NOT a mental illness, just extremely annoying. And there is NO CURE, so just kill her now and be done with it.

2403 days ago


I remember when all she wanted were those boys and her family. There was a time that all she wanted was really support and I will say sponsor a career for Kevin, He took advantage going out everynight to have the "lifestyle" and she was at home everynight with her sons. I think her illess became too much, too fast and with her enviroment she broke down. I hope one day she appreciates what and who she has in her life right now. I am not a Britney fan, I have never bought a cd. I am a single mother who feel for her.

2403 days ago

Hulk supporter    

Ok, I use to agree with the majority on Brit BEFORE I knew she wasn't just a crack-ho or junky. It has been said that Brit's problems are not drug or alcohol related. Her issues are a result of au unbalanced brain. I think her being able to be with her children is going to play a major part in her journey to recovery. Your family is the most important thing you have in this world. Your family, no matter how screwed up, is precious. EVERY 1 of us has a family member or 2 that has the same problems or much worse than Brit and her family are dealing with. The pressure of life is bad enough being an average Joe but add the added attention of the WORLD and you are guaranteed to encounter soooo much more. Every aspect of your life is magnified x1000's. The smell of her fart is news. Could you imagine what the paps could get if they bottled that!! Especially if it were videotaped when she farted to authenticate it!! Britney, GOOD LUCK!! Be the best mommy you can be. Parenting classes help for everyone, even grandparents. We can learn so much from them. Everyone else, leave the girl alone! Let her get the help she needs. Hopefully her parents, family and REAL friends will band together and give her the support and love she needs. EVERYONE needs!!

2403 days ago


Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, just a bunch of
bottom feeders who have one thing in common. Prostituting them
selves at any cost. And sadly Britney has paid the highest cost.
Her children. When putting your naked body in the lime light before
your children is just sad. These three females have turned into the
Great American Joke. Pathetic.

2403 days ago


Courtney Love was fortunate that her husband was dead. Otherwise, I doubt she would have gotten her child back.

I'm dismayed at and tired of you people who have no comprehension of anything beyond your own preconceived notions, and who have no sympathy for another human being. Your comments about her illness are pathetically dumb.

2403 days ago


I hope her dad stays in control. He seems to be doing a great job.That's what she needs. Good Luck Britney. You can do it.

2403 days ago


this is good..she obviously has problems..and just because she is in the paparazi spotlight makes them worse..we all have something bad with us but it isnt shown on tv and everything..hopefully she'll get leats she gets to see them with supervision.

2403 days ago


I think it would be best for those little boys to have no contact ever again with their mother. Even if she wasn't crazy she is still a very bad influence on them and she brings a whole new meaning to "bad parenting." They are better off just forgetting about her, they are still young enough.

2403 days ago


RE comment 62. "I think it would be best for those little boys to have no contact ever again with their mother. Even if she wasn't crazy she is still a very bad influence on them and she brings a whole new meaning to "bad parenting." They are better off just forgetting about her, they are still young enough." Posted at 3:47PM on Feb 23rd 2008 by sherricheu

Absolutely true. That the children see their mother in various mental states is very bad for them and only heightens their own potential for personality disorders and anxiety.

Why is it everyone feels a need to support the drug addict mother? Don't the kids count at all?

Did you ever see the kids smiling when they are with her? Think about it.

2403 days ago


This makes me so happy. She must me ecstatic to see her boys again. She deserves it, really. She has been doing much better. And at least they are being smart about her visitation and having it supervised. But she gets to see her boys. Good for her!

2403 days ago


Congrats Britney and Jamie! YOU DID IT!

2403 days ago


Re: 5. Great, I hope that will help her. She needs her children

Posted at 2:33PM on Feb 23rd 2008 by Robert

Me: I havent read many of these posts, but I will give my two cents.....not only does she need her children - her children
need her. I wish her and the children the best.

2403 days ago


"Your comments about her illness are pathetically dumb"..............

Posted at 3:44PM on Feb 23rd 2008 by anonymous

Someone who is bi-polar, if that's what YOU are claiming is wrong with her.... don't wake up to its effects overnight. She has been famous since the ripe age of 18, and a child star before that. So truth be told, this is a COP OUT. She doesn't have this disorder or any other. She has a pill popping and partying problem. She was America's little sweetheart when she was her sister's age. And as far as being famous adding to her breakdowns.... she brings it on herself! There are MANY famous people who handle themselves with dignity. She's her own worst enemy, so WILL ALL OF YOU PEOPLE STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HER PATHETIC, WORTHLESS EXISTANCE?!?!?!?

2403 days ago
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