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Brit Back with Her Boys

2/23/2008 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney has reunited with her sons today -- the first time since her January 3rd meltdown.

Brit's boys were driven by K-Daddy's bodyguard to Spear's Studio City home, according to People.

And as we first reported yesterday, Jamie Spears and a psychiatrist must be present for every visit.


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This is an outrage! There is no way that reasonable people would allow her near those kids ever again. Even with supervision, their safety is in doubt. Nobody can we watched all of the time.

2397 days ago


yay Britney! Thank you for being you! Having a meltdown/breakdown is normal....doing it in public....hey, that s the only difference between Brit n me! Yay and right on .... Britney will be fine soon enough!

2397 days ago


disgraceful. she does not deserve to be anywhere those kids at all. i hope she fails at whatever treatment she's doing and they take those boys away for good

2397 days ago


Big thank you should go out to jamie spears!! for all those whom thought he was only after her money shame on you. due to him he has helped his daughter and she has gotten better and to see her sons. . she will still have ups and downs but she needs to see her children just like anyone else. thanks to jamie for his love for his daughter. someday she will realize that family is all you need sometimes to put your life in order. those boys also need mom no matter what we think of her. good luck to jamie, britney and the boys, they have a lot of love to give each other keep it up your worth it. Go papa spears!! thanks to kevin also he deserves praise also for this has been tough on him also but knows the boys need brit also!!
good luck and god bless you all

2397 days ago


Basic words of advise for Britney:
1. Stay on your medication
2. Stay away from the leaches who only use you for what they can get for themselves
3. Wear underwear. One day your children will see the pictures and will be humiliated!

2397 days ago


PLease leave her alone..........say a prayer

2397 days ago


74. PLease leave her alone..........say a prayer

Posted at 4:06PM on Feb 23rd 2008 by natalie

i'll say a prayer she has another meltdown that involves the cops & a straight jacket.

2397 days ago


#8--Brandon--something tells me you have first hand experience with fetal alcohol syndrome!! You're just not quite right in the head.

2397 days ago


Nobodys existance is worthless!!
Stop the blame-game!

2397 days ago


Hey, YANKEESRULE, if you actually paid attention to this whole thing you would know she didn't wake up like this overnight. If you paid attention, you would notice that this poor MENTALLY ILL woman has been slowly going downhill for a couple years now. This didn't happen overnight. And if someone has a mental breakdown, THAT can happen overnight. Trust me, I know. I've experienced one myself. (call me crazy and make the jokes if you must) One day, everything hits you like ton of bricks, and you just lose it. Literally. So, before you start acting like you know what you're talking about, try and actually KNOW what you're talking about. I'm done now. =D

2397 days ago


Remember when Jesus said "Whovever among you who us without sin,let him cast the first stone"? This is a young woman who needs help. This is a first step in getting her well. With her parents by her side for a while and keeping the slime bags away, she"s going to make it. Stop and think just what you are typing everyone. Words hurt! Think about all the times people haven"t had "the whole picture " in your life and have commented about it .......... didn"t it make you mad? It didn"t help the situation did it? I truly believe we should pray for her and her children. The little boys are absolutely adorable.

2397 days ago



2397 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney has that look in her eyes like many crazy people have!!! KDead is a fool for allowing her to touch those children. Britney could easily harm one or both of them. KDead needs to let her look but not touch. When is Britney going to have another comeback try?? Taco Bell is having a grand opening and Britney could do her comeback try at the big grand opening gala. She could open for the singing dogs.

2397 days ago


To those who suggest that it is unfair to call Britney Spears a "bad mother." Please review the timeline of evidence against her:

1) Upon initiating divorce proceedings against her husband, Britney promptly begins partying, staying out to all hours. Just when your children need you the most, Britney decides to check out while making a total spectacle of herself.

2) Britney hires, fires, and hires a stream of caretakers for the children, disrupting their routines and homelife further.

3) Thanks to a cadre of sycophants she has groomed over time, Britney is apparently unable to see that, in fact, she has developed a drug and alchohol addiction that requires treatment. This prompts her to lash out at those who would help her with the children.

4) Britney, despite losing temporary custody of her children, refuses to engage in the treatment process as required by the judge, further weakening her case for parenting and ultimately resulting in her total inability to see her own children.

Yes, Britney has a range of issues (diseases really) that range from addiction to perhaps, Bi Polar Disorder. The problem is that there were numerous points where she could have accepted treatment and gotten better. Do you ever ask why she didn't do it? I think she was unwilling to change because she is a selfish person. All of her actions seem completely driven by a need for attention and the children be damned.

As the court appointed monitor pointed out, Britney clearly loves her children, but really doesn't understand how to order their lives for THEIR benefit. This is a deep and fundamental flaw. Perhaps with therapy and medication, Britney's behavior will be under control. However, it is clear that she needs some other type of help. Maybe if she worked harder with the parenting coach she would learn to develop the skills that she so clearly lacks so as to be a supportive and effective parent.

2397 days ago


the kids won't respond, correctly, to her greatness, she will be hurt that they don't realize she is hot....of course, that will be kfed and lawyers fault....all giving her a great excuse (like she needs one) to screw up any damn way she pleases.
kids are kids they aren't going to be all gaga about seeing her... they live each day at a time, accepting and enjoying what is put before them...she should stay out of their lives for awhile...stand back and take a lesson

2397 days ago
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