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Hottest Videos -- Week of 2/17

2/23/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wrestling is fake ... but Floyd Mayweather breaking wrestler Big Show's nose? Not.

Britney Spears went out to Citrus at Social this week -- but not to party. She hit up their new restaurant, Citrus, with Pa Spears in tow.

Paris' time in jail worked wonders -- the reformed party girl danced around with the Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas ... in a variety of skimpy outfits!

Love boobage? Then you'll enjoy this mindless video of some wannabe porn stars gettin' nekkid outside Katsuya.

After a week of silence, British Britney showed her jolly old English self again. Oh bloody hell!

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lol and notice he runs away like a scared puppy.

2371 days ago


LOL,I watched that when it was live
it was halarious!

2371 days ago

'bout time    

FORGETTABLE WEEK!! except for the pap in cuffs that gets my vote best vid of the week. As for Britney is this what the thorazine shuffle looks like because she has that concentration camp look all the time, or is that just from the cameras shoved in her retna?

In Brittney world maybe she thinks she's bilingual now . I

2371 days ago


Ever hear of fake blood? I'm sure it was a stunt like every other wrestling move. Why would this be real?

2371 days ago


if you thought that was funny and think wrestling is fake.. look at this..
its proves it

2371 days ago

know it all    

ROFL !!!
He was running WAY TOO FAST for that to be fake !!!
I laughed so hard I peed my pants a little !!
Gets better every time I watch it !!!

2371 days ago

know it all    

LMAO !!!
Strike a blow for the little guy !!

2371 days ago


I thought the breaking the nose incident was really bad............i will never watch floyd. maywether again...

that was a cheap shot...................he has no dignity.............nor will he get any respect for that one.....................

2370 days ago


What a lil bitch runnin. he is immature and should get his ass knocked the F*** OUT!!!!

2370 days ago


Too bad he didn't break Vince McMahon's nose instead. Now THAT I would have gladly paid to see. McMahon hasn't had a good 'ass whuppin' since Bret Hart beat the crap out of him.

2370 days ago



It's REAL - & You GET PAID!!

2370 days ago


Real or fake I don't really care. It was funny! If it was real, then the little guy should have stood there are took his licks. GOD, that would have been funny! Fake (most likely) then it made for good TV and got a bunch of people talking. Hell, I even commented on it. Dude, that wrestler would absolutely break him like a twig!!! I smell a cage match!

2370 days ago


doubt if that was fake,cause of the fact if u looked at in slow motion he actually punched him at least 2 times in the nose,and since he's a boxer,and he go punked he did what he knew what he been doing in life,punch and got out of hand he wasnt suppose to aggravate floyd that bad but when u a giant u can do what the hell u want to do.

2370 days ago

s dot    

damm, are you people still mad at floyd beating the livin' crap out of ricky "sore loser" hatton??? let it go, people. let it go.

2370 days ago


It was a stunt. Show was back on Monday night raw...and anyone knows if you get a broken nose you'd have a black eye to show for it. That type of force would not stop at the nose cartilage. It worked cause everyone believed it!!! Best Stunt at MTV movie awards, I'm thinking.

2370 days ago
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