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Maxim Screws the Black Crowes

2/23/2008 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Black Crowes are squawking mad at Maxim magazine! The publication gives the Crowes' new album "Warpaint" a scathing review in the March issue ... apparently without ever listening to it!

Although no advance CD's were made available, the mag lists the album as having two-and-a-half stars out of five and says, "it [the album] hasn't left Chris Robinson and the gang much room for growth."

According to the AP, the band's manager, Pete Angelus said Maxim explained the review as an "educated guess."


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I'm sure they are right. This is a band that should have called it quits in '95.

2396 days ago


Maximum my ass! I'll make an educated guess that they have never heard the saying, "When you assume you make an ass out of U and ME!

2396 days ago


My opinion on the Black Crowes is nuetral. I'm just wondering how in the hell Maxim magazine was able to publish a review, without actually reviewing it??? That's messed up!

2396 days ago


Lies from the media? How shocking....not! Don't believe ANYTHING

2396 days ago


That's B.S. You can't review something you haven't experienced. This brings the credibility of the whole publication into question.

2396 days ago

He's Boring now    

Its all payola at that gotta pay to play and the black crowes have been screwing off and pissing the industry off for so long now its no wonder they get this treatment...I would suggest heckyl and jeckyl play nice and pay up if they want to be back in the scene again.

sad part is, the mag is probably right with their review as these black birds have proven they'd rather party than make music

2396 days ago


two snaps up... if you knew anything about music'd know the black crowes dont give a damn about the industry.. they dont care about how many grammys they win. they have a message they want to shout out and they do a damn good job doing it. rather than listen to what the industry tells you to hear. you should open up your ears and mind and listen to something good and meaningful. maxim isnt the industry, every other publication that HAS heard the album has given it positive response.. fact is, maxim screwed up and got called on it, now the magazine has been proven to be a waste of ink and paper

2396 days ago


thatll teach em to foward their new CD's to abxious critics,,

2396 days ago


With out a doubt the Black Crowes are the worst band of all time. They should let it happy with their One Hit and call it a wrap.

2396 days ago


I dont really like the black crows - but an "educated guess" on an album without listening to it seems rather silly in my mind.

For the couple of people suggesting that Maxim had any credibility - you must be daft. Its a tit-rag without the nudity. Whats next? Going to trust your hustler for picks on music? art? literature?

2396 days ago


Just goes to show you, the press have their heads up their asses!
Can't believe anything you read!

2396 days ago


How kin 'ya make that there eddikated guess when they ain't even EDUCATED ? BS artists at Maxim, 'ya cain't fool da Public . We''' catch ya every time ! And ain't we da ones that buy the Magazine. (Or don't buy).

2396 days ago


Let's see, I will buy the Crows new album and I won't buy another Maxim.

2396 days ago


The Black Crowes have had some great music. Not a huge fan, but they're pretty good, I think.

2396 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Educated guess? I doubt it. I suspect the writer of the review and the editor aren't educated; this kind of bush league play is something someone who is STUPID & UNEDUCATED would do.

If I were Chris Robinson, I would sue maxim magazine; it's a sure winner. It's ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL for any critic to give a review of a film or album they haven't seen or heard. Especially if they pan it; if this is the case, then they've engaged in slander & libel. At the very least, the writer of the review should be fired for gross negligence & stupidity. Regardless, this shows maxim magazine to not be a publication of integrity, but a place where crooked hacks can work...

2396 days ago
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