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Aguilera's Genies Poppin' Out The Bottle

2/24/2008 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Post-baby Christina is looking mighty healthy -- in the boobage arena! Xtina was out at Villa last night with her hubby Jordan, and has turned into quite the sexpot after having her son in January. Aguilera has been sporting nothing but low-cut tops lately, obviously enjoying her newfound cleavage.

Along with everyone else.


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Hello, you guys forgot how implants look?????? Yes like saucers, no real boobs, milk or not are this round and high on the top. And does it not make sense for her to take the new toy to town?

2398 days ago


Your breasts do become big and I am not kidding... perfect after you have a baby. Mine went fom an A to a D, I loved them. Nevertheless this bitch has always seemed skanky and she needs to put them away, seriously.

PS my friend lived in the same neighborhood when she was younger and they were at a house party and two guys got into a fight there because she was doing both of them, she was only like 16, true story.

2398 days ago


Gross! You can see veins!

2398 days ago


she is hot as hell..........and if her stuff is saggy she can afford to fix em later..........shes beautiful!

2398 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Oh, honey I could suck those puppies dry! Nothing tastes as sweet as mother's milk!

2398 days ago

Phony Tony    

I'm imagining my manhood nestled between those golden globes right now.


2398 days ago

Inquiring Minds Wanna Know    

Her showing them off is because she has to for some reason to feel better about herself. Being a new mother is the most awesome experience in the world. I guess for Xtina, it's the assets of motherhood that are most important. She must like alot of attention, every shot I've seen on TV otherwise is Pamela Andersonish. TACKY at it's best.

2398 days ago


She's starting to look like a porn star - class it up some.

2398 days ago

Ms. Behavin    

They might look sexy now but take my word for soon as she stops nursing they will look like National Geographic boobies! She'll be needing a little lift in no time!

2398 days ago


The woman had THREE boob jobs already. Years ago, she got the first one- not big enough. For the second boob job to make them bigger- another pop star happened to be in the same hospital getting herself yet another boob job- and Ms. Aguilera judged them to be bigger than her own. Ms. Aguilera began hollering down the hallway that she wanted hers to be fixed- they STILL weren't big enough- and that was boob job #3. That is a well-known story. Now we all know that when a woman gets pregnant her breasts grown larger because she is carrying milk for the baby- but after birth the breats return to their natural size. What a lot of these breast-surgery babes are trying to do (wait for J.L0s' big explosion) is to say, "Geez- I got preggers and look what happened! Oh my God- they got so BIG and it was just because I had a baby. And guess what- they're permanent!" The only difference is that Ms. Aguilera is wearing a bra that pushes the (oh-so-fake) breasts together. Unfortunately, unattractive spider veins and enlarged pores can pop out because the skin has already been stretched too far. Check out Tori "I just found these uncomfortable looking fake boobs" Spelling for another example. Love the wonders of motherhood!

2398 days ago


I would love to pop them with a needle. Cover them up!

2398 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

It's always fun until someone loses an eye.

2398 days ago

rupert pupkin    

How much time do you think she actually spends being a mother? From the looks of her nights out on the town, not much. Go home and feed your child with those things.

2398 days ago


Is it just me or do they look blue?

2398 days ago


I think she is displaying too much and too often--it has become tasteless at this point.

2398 days ago
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