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Holy Moly -- Look At That Baby Bump!!

2/24/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying it. Brangelina are trying to make the world more attractive, one child at a time!

While the two are still mum on pregnancy rumors -- Angie's belly did the talking for the both of them yesterday at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards. For the record, Brad's rep had no comment. Suuuure.


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BigTicket..... You're an idiot.

2379 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

I'm doing a thesis on people who claim they're doing a thesis on people who comment on TMZ. I was short on people...........until now. Oh, and who really gives a crap about these 2 idiots?

2379 days ago


Celebritys sucks, so does your comment. Biology doesn't make all families. Go use your outhouse now.

2379 days ago

crimson pixie    

Brad looks like "a middle aged lounge lizard", (I didn't think that up -- I'm paraphrasing) and angelina looks like an unwashed Morticia, bloated with gas,

2379 days ago


Angelina looks like a chimp in that picture.

2379 days ago


Brad said:
I can live without Jennifer, but I cannot live without kids"
do you people understand me and leave me alone".

Angelina said:
I don’t understand whatever I cover or I show my bump, your people always mad, what’s wrong with you??”

Jennifer said:
Thanks for helping me and loving me, please stop now I think that more than enough, I get a big headache”.

People said:
SORRY we don’t have anything to do

2379 days ago


Sorry, can't follow that! What?

2379 days ago


Oh man, I'm so sick of them. This "coy" garbage has got to stop. And the world won't be all that much more beautiful-remember all the plastic surgery Ang has had? They gonna cut the kids up, too?

2379 days ago


Brad looks like "a middle aged lounge lizard", (I didn't think that up -- I'm paraphrasing) and angelina looks like an unwashed Morticia, bloated with gas,

LOL! I think Jen should be laughing her ass off at these two. Wait till these little kids grow up. They're babies now, but will learn to love knives, hell raising, and blood rituals just like Maw.

2379 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

I think Brad wore that suit when he was dating Juliett Lewis. Goes to show you, money can't buy everything.

2379 days ago

demented and sad but social    

The skank had/has zero woman friends--that is a true sign of a bad person and had to steal someone else's husband. Pitt must also accept responsibility for being a cheat and I would have some respect for them if they adopted a handicapped or disabled child. They are just looking to adopt what they perceive as beautiful children (in appearance only). They are disgusting together. Still bang her though, but only once; couldn't get over the fact that she was worn out by Billy Bob.

2379 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

They'd better grow some more arms if they're gonna keep birthin those bay-bees! You never see all of them out at once though. They must have a kid of the week club.

2379 days ago


I wish they would get the eff out of New Orleans. All they are doing is rebuilding crack neighborhoods Katrina swiffer broomed away.

2379 days ago


can't work no my sunday project started raining again, cant climb in the rain, could go ridin in the mud, but then have to clean the bike afterwards and that just makes a mess of the grage, nope. guess I'll just hang and get abuseby my bro 800 pound gorilla. like I'v seen this guy say any thing intellegent, pos or neg.

2379 days ago


Where is Shiloh Pitt?

2379 days ago
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