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Britney Escorted Out By Men in White Coats

2/24/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The men in white coats were after Britney last night -- but this time they were the chefs and waitstaff at Mastro's Steakhouse, who came outside in droves to help Britney part the sea of paps as she exited the eatery!

Britney, joined by Papa Jamie, must have needed a big meal yesterday after reuniting with her boys.


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Man, that is one greasy forehead. Does this skank even know what soap looks like?

2401 days ago

just me    

Britney escorted out by men in white coats?

Now there is a story byline worthy of TMZ's meanness, worthy of TMZ's capacity for cruel mockery, and worthy of the thuggery and ill-mannered backwardness of TMZ's ill-bred journalists! A byline like that points to the heart of a heartless story which not only makes fun of Britney's mental illness, but also mental illness in general. I suppose TMZ's ill-bred journalists think that's funny. Well if that's funny, are there no other celebrities with illnesses to make fun of? No celebrities with breast cancer to make fun of? No celebrities with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, or ovarian cancer to make fun of? I suppose TMZ's journalists have the capacity to have a sidesplitting riotous good time making fun of celebrities with heart and lung disease. Heck, I bet they would break out in rip-roaring laughter at a childrens hospital.

You know what? I bet homosexual Harvey Levin was the victim of school yard bullies when he was school age and his way of coping now with those emotional injuries from his youth was to create the sniper style bully journalism which TMZ epitomizes. He has no equal for cruel and heartless sniper style bully journalism. He certainly has that distinct dishonor!

2401 days ago


I hope britney ..........................realizes just how much her dad loves her..................and just how much he is.....and

has been doing for her.........................................and gives him the love back..................and the respect he deserves...............

2401 days ago



You're an idiot. This is not going to be a federal case so get some legs of your own to stand on instead of following Sam around & bashing papa Spears. BRITNEY & HER FAMILY ARE DOING JUST FINE!

Poor baby, what you gonna do when your hopes don't come true? Hee hee hee!

2401 days ago


the price of FAME,,, deal with it with all those millions & no finacial worry,,
she has many options for dealing with the PAPS/crowds

hire a chef , order in,,,,, Move to a forein country & live great, or act normal. dress appropriate,,, she needs to be responsible, but she has no concern for anyone other than herself. of course she has the right to not be imprisoned at home..but she needs to be a decent person & make some accomidations for her situation..she has been rewarded with malifetime of endeless money

2401 days ago

Jusst saying    

Her outings should be limitied to psychiatrists, behavioral specialists, parenting classes and professional hair that order. She needs to mingle with the public like she needs another hole in her head!!

2401 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

Good idea Blackwater.

2401 days ago

Jusst saying    

Be patient, TMZ..... the other white-coated escorts will be around for her soon enough.

2401 days ago

Jusst saying    

I sure hope while she visited with her boys that she wore underwear and didn't use the stupid accent. The visits might help her but the can be bad for those kids.

2401 days ago

Jusst saying    

People magazine also reports that she made numerous trips for bathroom visitis and cigarette breaks during her brief "outing" last night....................... It wouldn't do just to sit down and eat like a normal person person, just got to get up every couple of minutes and get noticed. The skank has got to be crazy.... anyone else would be trying to avoid the attention..... especially looking as bad as she does.

2401 days ago


I'm assuming undies were confirmed?

2401 days ago


The next time she goes to a gas station I think the attendant should make a run for it and lock her in with all the paps in there where they can flash-bulb her to death till she a melting mass of ooze dripping down the glass door.

It would ser ve her arse right.

2401 days ago


TMZ and AOL,
You are truly vultures!! I pray that Britney escapes you and proves you all wrong by getting out of her troubles and shining. Shame on you that when she goes to eat you have to rake up the past and bring out the story of her hair. SHAME SHAME AND MORE SHAME ON YOU AOL and TMZ. Brit, you are doing well, I am looking forward to your successes!

2401 days ago


I don't know why she goes to restaurants. It doesn't even look like she eats anything!

2401 days ago


If it is true that she made several trips to the bathroom then it might not have been just for attention. It's been said that people with eating disorders often make many trips to the bathroom during meals, usually to make themselves throw up. I think everybody knows by now she must have an eating disorder, she is too thin and it was reported she was on laxatives.

2401 days ago
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