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Dog's Son Tucker Jailed for Parole Violations

2/24/2008 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter's son, Tucker -- who sold the infamous tape to the National Enquirer -- was taken to the Oahu Correction Facility on Friday for violating multiple terms of his parole. Karma's a bitch!

Here's what went down: Our sources say two weeks after the tape surfaced, Dog learned Tucker was using drugs and threatened to expose him to his parole officer. Then the tape dropped -- interesting timing.

After that, we're told, a parole officer made Tucker check in to a rehab facility, which, we hear, Tucker walked away from.

Sources tell us Tucker's parole officer executed a surprise home inspection this week, and didn't like what he found. The PO then brought Tucker in on Friday, revoked his parole and sent him to the slammer. Among his alleged violations -- associating with known felons, failing a drug test and walking away from a rehab facility.

Meanwhile, as TMZ first reported, "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is back on the air and will begin production this week.

UPDATE: Dog Chapman just released this statement to TMZ: "I am heartbroken that this has occurred, but I am relieved that my son in now in a place where he can no longer hurt himself. To my bruddahs in the system: please don't hurt my son as he knows not what he does. I love my son and wish him the best."


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I used to like to watch Dog's show until I realized what a phony Christian he is. The whole bunch of them will hold hands and pray before going out on a job, then during the bust every other word is a cuss word, and he seems to think he is some kind of role model for kids? He was convicted of being involved in a murder some 30 years ago and did time in prison, and got caught making racist rants on tape. Dog's wife Beth is supposed ot be a Christian also, but she seems to never have read the verses in the Bible where it talk about dressing modest. She looks like an old drag queen who is TRYING to dress like a tacky old whore. His "brother" was just caught notlong ago sitting in his truck with no pants on in public. They are like a bunch of cartoon characters come to life.

I really hope they change their minds about bringing the show back on.

2434 days ago

Jake Jerlomeis    

This is karma, its great to see Dog back on TV and the whole thing was a total setup. Love to Dog and Beth, lets get AE to start the repeats soon, we love you guys

2434 days ago


I am happy that the show is coming back on. Is is entertaining. So what if Dog's family has problems, doesn't every family, his family troubles just happen to be in the news. I believe Dog has paid the price of his verbal no excuse for telephone word. But if so many want to punish him for the rest of his life, what chance does the same people have for their mistakes that they want to make amends for? I say--bring it back on---it is entertainment, that is what tv is and that is why all of you have something to say about it---everyone loves to be entertained, everyone loves to gossip.

2434 days ago


Well this just goes to show that when you have kids and you get in trouble with the law, in and out of jail, and using drugs, your own kids will grow up and do the same things you did sometimes. He's doing everything his dad did, but minus being a racist. He loves blacks and the Dog is a racist.

2434 days ago


what a bitch.see what you get for tatteling .....does not feel to good ,shame on you Tucker....other then saying what he did in the privacy of his home....he is a very good man...and he has done so much for so many people...and he is kind .....what goes around comes around,..i repsect for father,and your mother,people are free to express there feelings ,no matter if you like it or not,it was in his home,,,,not out in the open he is better then that......have a nice time in think of what you did?

2434 days ago


As a parent it breaks my heart that Tucker's life is in such a whirlwind right now. No matter what he's done though, he is still Dog's son and it must hurt him greatly to read some of the things that are posted here. When someone is down you don't try and keep them down you should try and help them up, even if it is just words of encouragement.

Tucker, things happen for a reason, good and bad. You come from a strong family and I know you'll come out the other side of this turmoil a better person. God bless and stay strong.

Luv, Wings

2434 days ago


Lets hope Tucker can go the right way this time, Dog gives second chances, and true Dog fans will give tucker a second chance. Hope everyone will be enjoying the new Dog the bounty hunter episodes coming soon!

2434 days ago


dont throw stones when you yourself live in a glass house....Christians arent perfect by any means! Do you really think that if he talked to people in a calm sweet voice that it would reach as many people as he does?? God uses all sorts of people. Nobody can do someone elses job in life. he speaks their language in turn God uses him to reach out and help others

2434 days ago


I am sick of Dog being trashed!!! I am SOOO happy that Dog and his crew are returning! Forget making fun of his haircut, his age, etc.! What he does is a great thing, and you idiots puting him down should read his book! This man turned his life around after so much adversiy and a very hard life, now hunting down criminals with a kind and compassionate heart! His controeversial conversation was private, as if noone else has ever used bad language they regret in the privacy of their own homes!....most people love to judge others but God is the only judge. Now I will put back on A&E, after boycotting it since they took off his show! YEEHA!, time to celebrate the return of a hero, WELCOME BACK DOG!!!!!!!

2434 days ago


Tucker is getting back exactly what he deserves.He hurt a lot of people in his family.A person might not get back the good
or bad they do right away,but sooner or later the Karma will come back. I'am glad Dog"s show is coming back,one of my favorites.

2434 days ago


How sad, but at least this tells us Tucker's motivation. Don't blame yourself Dog, you tried.

2434 days ago

choppy 1    

He's disgusting like his nasty father. These people are hideously unattractive. Get a hair cut "Dog". I'd say you sere uglier than a dog, but I love dogs too much for that and frankly, I don't know a single dog that you aren't uglier than. lol Wow I sound kind of mean, but I'm really nice. ha ha Just can't stand the sight of that wrinkled up sun-worshipping cig-smoking DOG!

2434 days ago


Two words for all of them "WHITE TRASH"

2434 days ago


Sorry to say it but Tucker you are getting what you deserve for what you did to your father! Have fun in jail! I feel sorry for Dog and I hope that Tucker gets his act together and realizes you cannot replace your Dad!

2434 days ago


That dog is just a vile and disgusting human being. No wonder he screwed his kid up. He is the one who should be locked up.

2434 days ago
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