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Mark Vincent Kaplan Speaks on Brit

2/24/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed's lawyer was out at Villa last night -- where he openly spoke about Britney getting custody back, K-Daddy's feelings about the popwreck, and tequila! After dealing with crazazy court cases all week, MVK just wants to have fun!

Elliot Mintz, über-publicist and Kaplan's new media consultant, added his two cents as well. The Brit saga is lookin' up!


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luv my TMZ    

Posted at 3:30PM on Feb 24th 2008 by Jemynye

The haters will come out on what you said, but I agree with you 100%.

2370 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

18. "When will Britney see the kids again? Is her Mom still with her?"

Huh???? Where the he** have you been??? She saw the kids yesterday and her mother left town a week or two ago to go back home. Keep up!

Posted at 3:34PM on Feb 24th 2008 by the DQ
Chill. I know and I know. I meant when will she be able to see them again AFTER she saw them yesterday. Also, I read that her mom was back b/c of the recent events leading up the visit yesterday.

2370 days ago


The two HOTTEST men in Hollywood - together - in one place - BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! When will they release their calender? I need an Elliot Mintz and Mark Vincent Kaplan calender!

2370 days ago


I am in love with BOTH of them! Torn between two lovers..........

2370 days ago


all in all.........................i hope ms. britney.............realizes just how much her family is ...and has done for her

especially her dad............they have had to go thru....with people calling them all kinds of names....and humility....

just to save their daughter................i sure hope she realizes .......what her family has been thru...........FOR HER............

and its not fair for the pick on her cousin either..................

that poor girl ....didnt do anything...................except to keep britney from sliding downhill,...........faster than what she already was

move over britney....................i think its miley's turn to carry the snake...................she already looks like she's drooling to

go in that direction..............................................

2370 days ago


Now that Kevin's lawyers & Britney's lawyers are working together Sam will most definitely be out of the picture. I'm no fan of Britney or Kevin but always thought it awful that she worked & supported his lazy butt. I believe she went through a lot having two babies so close in age & soon afterwards a divorce. That is a lot to handle for a girl so young & she probably went to clubs & partied to try to forget the pain. I've seen many people lose sight of their goals after a divorce only their problems were not played out in the media.
I really can't blame Kevin for getting the boys away from the shady bunch that latched onto Britney because it was not safe for the children to be around a man like Sam & the paparazzi that had frequented her home. Papa & Momma Spears have remained friends with Kevin because of the children & I believe they have been working together behind the scenes to help Britney get away from Sam.

2370 days ago


I also hope she realizes all her dad has done for her and stops being a SPOILED BRAT.

2370 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Maybe Pocahontas needs smoke signals.

2370 days ago

Oh boy    

YAY Britney and YAY Kevin and YAY Poppa Spears!!! Oh, I am so happy that she got to see her babies and Pappa Spears is working so hard for his daughter. Kevin, you are wonderful! I am so happy for the entire family!!! Keep it up guys, life is so good!

2370 days ago


This guy gives more press conferences than the white house. Why is there no outrage about this guy running his mouth about this custody case. He needs to keep that trap shut. It is a shame this guy is getting paid off someone who obviously has problems. Good her parents stepped in just in time because this guy has been totally taking advantage of this girl. In the long wrong all that has been done wrong to this girl will come back on the lawyer and her sorry free loading ex baby maker excuse for a man. Somebody needs to wipe that smirk off this attorneys sorry face.

2370 days ago


There is something very attractive about MVK.

2370 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

did you see how restless his eyes were when mintz was sharing his limelight?

2370 days ago


These idiots disgust me. They need to go back to their homes - under a rock!!!

2370 days ago


Cant believe the negative comments here. They didnt say anything bad about Britney, as a matter of fact I think they treated it with class and respect for all parties involved. Mr. Kaplan just confirmed what his client, Mr. Federline, has always wanted, to have Britney take part in the life of their children, what's wrong about that? And I'd rather listen to Elliot Mintz who can actually express himself in a manner than anybody can understand, versus idiot Micheal Sands (Osama's PR fool), now that's a media whore if I ever saw one, too bad he can't keep a chain of thought and must suffer from some delusional illness himself. I guess if we measure importance, I would think Mr. Kaplan would need a Public Relations person since he's a lawyer and handles big high profile cases. But why would Osama need Micheal Sands as a PR, Osama is a nobody, he had 15 minutes of fame when he used Britney as a puppet (which must not have been hard to do). He can have 100 PR guy's and he's still going to have to answer to somebody for his actions. people, please analyze things in an intellectual manner before writing stupid comments.

2370 days ago


I hope she gets free soon so she can clear Sam's name and set the record straight!

2370 days ago
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