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Woman of the Year

2/24/2008 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 83-year-old widow of Humphrey Bogart and Jason Robards resurfaced at a Broadway opening on Thursday, looking ravishing.
Lauren Bacall
Although Lauren has never won an Oscar, she was nominated for her work in the 1996 film, "The Mirror Has Two Faces." Lauren was expected to win, but in an upset, the award went to Juliette Binoche for "The English Patient."

Lauren is a spokesperson for the Tuesday Morning discount chain.


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We all get OLD and not to pretty at 83..I never liked her...Shes a bossy, big mouth and she IS definately A ledgend In Her Own Mind..Her autobio was good...I dont care for her thats all...Shes worked hard and has had some mean husbands who left her no money..She could whitten her teeth tho...She smokes like her X Bogart..He died of lung cancer..Bogart Loved her as she was 30 years younger than He...Figures

2397 days ago


I thought she was the twin sister of the lead singer of Meatloaf.

2397 days ago

frank x    

How much would she charge to haunt a house?

2397 days ago


she was sooooo sexy back in the day....just look at her before photo! now she is a cool older lady who is comfortable in her skin!!

2396 days ago


Ravishing?? Look at the pic! Nothing ravishing about it it! I've seen better carcases at the side of the road.

2396 days ago


She sat right in front of me at a Mets game at Shea Stadium in 1964. My mother was all excited. I didn't know who she was

2396 days ago



2392 days ago


to bad the so called actresses of today dont have the class this lady has in her pinky finger

2392 days ago


those are age spots on her chest.....what a class act she was and is

2392 days ago


Her autobiography is fantastic, came out in the 80s, called By Myself. She connects the dots from her early childhood [abandoned by Dad] raised by a strong mother with solid values to finding those values shared by Bogart. To anyone who has survived a loved's ones battle with cancer, you will find your experience in her recounting of Bogart at home, very ill, while they tried to keep up a "normal schedule". Huston's eulogy at Bogart's funeral: "there are no pockets in a shroud. We take with us what we gave away. Your husband gave much". Bacall is frank in relating her difficulty in maintaining an even keel after his passing. Clearly, her years with him were vintage. I know the feeling. READ IT.

2392 days ago

D. Michael Waldo    

Dear Lauren, As a young 6-7 yr old you became the first movie star I paid attention to when you were the model for maternity clothes. At the top of my personal Pantheon you continue to lead 'my group' which includes B. Davis, J. Crawford, Hermeine Gingo (sp?),all the Barrymores, Betsey Palmer,; not to forget, Olivia deH. J. Stewart, Jule Brenner, and others too numerous to mention. You have always personified the unembellished true person which was the ideal of the ;Yankee culture in which I was raaised. Being able to see the real you, without all the unnecessary camofloge /makeup puts you in the rarified group of my parents whose healthy complexion was always their best makae-up. In my seventieth year you still head my private pantheon, aalong with my forebearers, and Queen Elezabeth. Be well, live long and God Bless, Mike W

2392 days ago


Her amazing voice will be etched in our memory forever! She is one of the last Hollywood beauties who made Hollywood what it was. Classic, all the way!

2392 days ago


We all can't stay young and beautiful forever on the outside but as Lauren Bacall, we centainly can reamin or even become, even more beautiful from the in side spirit and heart. She was is and will be a class act and in my eyes, I see the same beautiful actress with a talent that is rare these days Oh , we certainly have them but the era of ms Bacall was and era of glamor and it is very diferent today.. As we all know ,all the plastic surgery or creams, botox etc, won't keep a person looking like they were 19 forever. I am the first to admit, that I look totally diffent from 19 til now at 46. Shoot, I was a good looking dude and had so much fun. Still do but not like when I was 19 or in my 20's
I pray for she believes in God and has given him her heart and soul, for her health , her talent and her life.
Like I said Ms. Bacall is a class act.

2392 days ago


She's 83, what do you all expect. Why is there hair on her chest?.. But do you all notice the palm of her hands. They look so smooth and soft. That is part of the body that really isn't exposed to the sun. So it must be true about keeping out of the sun as much as possible or using tons of suncreen.

2392 days ago

Johnny Cardenas    

I really doubt that she has a hairy chest as it appears. More likely just age marks. But with all due respect to Lauren Baccall, there comes a time in every womans life when plunging necklines are no longer attractive. It becomes evident even with a lot of wormen in their 40's. But so many don't seem to notice, or just ignore that fact.

2392 days ago
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