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Academy Screws Renfro, In Memoriam

2/25/2008 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad RenfroSo in case you missed it, Brad Renfro was ignored during the "in memoriam" montage on the Oscars last night. You're not gonna believe the statement the Academy gave TMZ.

The tape featured 50 movie types who died in the last year. They included actors, studio execs, makeup artists, agents, and on and on. Renfro was nowhere to be seen. We asked the Academy why and they gave us the following statement: "It is simply not possible to include everyone in that segment."

Interesting. Renfro, whose credits include "The Client," "Apt Pupil" and "Sleepers," seems like a bigger player than Margaret Gardner, the head of the international division of a P.R. firm.

Someone in Renfro's world called the slap in the face "unbelievable and disgusting." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


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to comment #$ - Roy Scheider died on February 10, 2008 - the clip in the beginning of the montage said In Memoriam, 2/1/07-1/31/07 - so Roy will most likely be in next year's montage.

2401 days ago


Wah Wah Wah!!! The powers that be with the Oscars didn't remember Brad Renfro during their memorium, Boo (explitive) Hoo!!! They didn't mention alot of people in the memorium, where are the ticker tape parades for those lost souls. The fact that you blood sucking leaches can sit there and compare one persons death to anothers and then apply some scale to rate them even in your own mind just goes to show how deranged and depraved many of you out there really are, Shame On All Of You!!! But then again, for all of you directly linked to the estate and/or family of Mr. Brad Renfro stand to profit to whatever degree on his untimely yet all too common death so it totally makes sence why you log on, stand up and preach his memory. MONEY!!! Pathetic, by the way, just a quid pro quo??? You've had the time to advocate his memory, where the hell were you when he was jacken that poison into his body? (my opinion, waiting outside the door, hoping to hear the body drop and the $$$ jingle) Good Luck To You All, You Will Obviously Need It!!!!!

2401 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

When another notable actress who died.. and I can't think of her name right now.. (she played Phoebe Tyler on All My Children" but also played Mrs. Citizen Cane" in Citizen Cane)
She died one year and they for got to mention it.. they did the following year.

Who cares??? Much ado about nothing.. ...
............................maybe the Academy doean't aknowledge suicides? Not exactly a great performance..but a final one.

2401 days ago


1. He was no A-lister? and 2) I doubt Renfro is even aware of the slight, much less upset about it.

2401 days ago


IT was an accident. Come-on its not like he will be missed. They only people that will miss hime are drug dealers

2401 days ago


More importantly Roy Scheider was omitted and he was very talented and active for many years.

2401 days ago


Why should a repeated drug addict who died of an overdose be celebrated at all? He was not "tragic." He was a loser that was convicted of several crimes. Not exactly the sort of "star material" that Hollywood would want to honor on its special night. The Academy made a wise choice of omission in this case.

2401 days ago


Instead of yaking about it at the tmz website, which I guarantee The Academy is not monitoring, why not register your disagreement at If they get enough emails, they might just issue an apology! ...Just an idea...

2401 days ago

kim suck    

his name smells of gay!

2401 days ago

hot snot    

to everyone saying Brad died in 2008 and not 2007...SO DID HEATH

i don't really know what their reasoning was, or if it's because what most of you are saying ... that he was never nominated or whatever, but i was surpised last night when they didn't show him.

2401 days ago


Scheider died earlier this month and undoubted will be recognized at the ceremonies next year, as would be appropriate.

2401 days ago


I'll type s l o w l y for all you that can't seem to read....Roy Scheider died AFTER the January 31st cutoff date!

2401 days ago

Janice from Florida    

Hi, I waited for his tribute as well. Here's is Brad's funeral book.

2401 days ago


And if it was for the year previous, why would they issue that ridiculous statement about not being able to fit everyone in? They fit 98 people, but couldn't fit one more? If it really was for the previous year, why didn't they just say that? It was a cop out, if ya ask me.

2401 days ago


That's a good suggestion, erin, but it will be fruitless in the end. The fact is (sorry Renfro fans and apologists) that Renfro just didn't rate a mention. He was not particularly distinguished in a "long and honored" type of acting career and he was a repeated junkie and a suicide case.

2401 days ago
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