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Jen Garner

Suffers Gary Abusey

2/25/2008 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Busey hijacked Ryan Seacrest's interview with Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney -- and planted a creepy kiss on a visibly shocked Garner's neck!

It's classic, watch 'em squirm. Garner couldn't bring herself to say Busey's name, referring to him as "this man."


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Seacrest is so irritating. What a reakin ass kisser! he asks Garner abot beingf a 'super mom'? Puleaseeeeee... the 2 nannies,. private chef, personal trainers and assistants? Give all the real moms in this world a break you gaytard Seacrest!

2411 days ago


Gary Busey is so creepy. He is so out of it - he needs a conservator to handle him.

2411 days ago


Jen and Seacrest are pukes. In front of live TV they humiliate Bussey.

Ryan Idiotcrest made a fool of himself as an interviewer on the red carpet. He dragged Bussey into it. Bussey was being polite to the other actress and Ryan Idiotcrest steps in to have Bussey say hello the b*tch, Jen.

Hey Jen, you and your hubby will be on the d list for celebs not too far down the road, Idiotcrest is alread on the "d" list.

I hope someone recieves you and Ben in the same grotesque manner that you did to Bussey.

Jen you are not all that, how big of you to humiiate Bussey. The only thing you have is JLO's leftovers.

2411 days ago




2411 days ago


i was mortified at the actions of gary busey last night... 1st he yells across the crowd at ryan then he sashays over and acts like he is on drugs or at the very least, drunk. and starts acting like a complete and total, out of line person... then when he was done,, he proceeded to just drag the lady who was with him like she was a puppy on a leash. he should have been stopped when he yelled across the crowd. in this day of out of control paparazzi, that was a very scary moment.

2411 days ago


meh, gary bussey is a nut, but he was on the red carpet, just having fun. jen really acted like the snot she is. he might be washed up, but he was a star before she was born. she ought to be a little more respectful of that. my opinion of bussey remianed the same, my opinion of her went down. seacrest is a game show host, who cares about him anyway.

2411 days ago


Gary was playing around, Jen didnt seem to mind. because if she did she would have hauled off and smacked him. a little publicity is good for both parties. plus were was Ben.... not home with
LIL violet. he was on kimmel after the awards... hummm..

2411 days ago

Berkeley Babe    

Gary Busey is SCREAMING for attention and is so coarse and abusive. HIs whole life seems to be one of doing what he feels like with NO self control at all. He has ruined his own life and others, abusing several wives both mentally and definitely in a physical manner, look at his arrest records going back years.

In fact if he was not a celebrity, he would probably have done prison time, several times over. He does NOT even look like the same person, as his face as been worked on so many times. No matter what he does, no matter if he was a good actor at one time or just playing himself in many movies, he has no right to just butt in and start kissing women.

I think they handled themselves well, I would have felt like slugging him. He is a pig to put it bluntly, and with that behavior belongs at a roadhouse much more then the Oscars. He likes attention, and he certainly got it.

I would not even let that guy in the door of an outhouse. He acts like a total boorish idiot, and he brings it all on himself!

2411 days ago


Busey was ripped last night. Drugged and out of his gourd. Jennifer was doing fine as was Ryan. Leave them out of this. He was still blitzed out of his mind this A.M. on Ryan's radio show. Someone do an intervention on this idiot. Show dragged a little. No over the top musical numbers to make fun of. Speaking of Ryan what was with those brown lapels on his black jacket???

2411 days ago

ha ha ha    

lol...that was kinda awkward. U gotta love Laura Linney though, she acted cool and classy. as for jen, i just think she was surprised, but it was what she said afterwards that made her seem like an idiot.

2411 days ago

Berkeley Babe    

PS to the person who wrote Gary Busey played the life of Buddy Holly and was nominated for an Oscar, so that makes him better then Jennifer Garner, no way. He might be a better actor, but in the class department, and knowing how not to make an idiot of himself, he is down with the low life.

HIs whole life after the Buddy Holly story has been one of excess and bad behavior, he is just plain white trash. That term fits him to a T. As a Buddy Holly fan, I am sorry that Gary Busey was even allowed to play him. So, he did a decent job, any number of actors could have done even better. That does not qualify him to act like a pain in the a.., the rest of his life.

Even the way he pulled his poor girlfriend over, (notice she did not say a word, was merely a prop to his inflated ego)
Any woman with any brains would not want to be within 1000 miles of that self absorbed ego maniac, much less Jennifer Garner. IT could have been any one, he just wanted attention.

2411 days ago


Gary Busey Is cool . At least he is friendly and out-going, not arrogant and stuck-up his own ass like alot of other celebs!

2411 days ago


The reason that she referred to him as that man is that she has no idea who he is. He's been a has been longer than she's been alive. While I agree that he didn't act over the top inappropriate, it was he that initiated the unwanted contact and that is what I found unacceptable. I'm just surprised to see he still gets an invitation to the show!

2411 days ago


That is just plain creepy. Gary was probably drunk again. I don't blame Jen for being creeped out. I think Ryan handled the situation well. As for Jen and Laura, they both looked beautiful.

2411 days ago


A door-person at the Awards show, said that Gary B. was not allowed into the building. Said it looked as though he was ushered toward another door - but that was simply a "facilities" (service) entrance, that re-directed him outside. In one door and out the other - if you will. Can't confirm this with another source - but it looks like he crashed the party. Sounds like he called Ryan on the radio, and made it sound like he has some big ol development thang he is working on. Yea. Sure Gary. Cracked me up. Ryan didn't even ask what it was. Trust me, it will be a reality show, that stars...Gary.

Gary B is missing some of his neural network - big time. The guy definitely knows how to get some camera time. Weird; sometimes he has moments of interesting clarity of mind...then at other times, he can't seem to string together a complete thought, and his short-term memory is totally shot. Wonder if the mental swiss cheese is from traumatic brain injury, or substance abuse.

Sticky note left for Gary: Go away. Get some help, and go away.

2411 days ago
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