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2/25/2008 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ is at the Beverly Hills Courthouse where Madonna is doing her civic duty -- and showed up for jury duty!

Her Madgesty is wearing a dark brown velour Juicy Couture sweatsuit, sunglasses, tennis shoes and an oh-so-glam Juror badge -- sipping on Starbucks. She's busy texting on a red cell phone in the hallway and is waiting to be called in to court -- or excused.

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can't she even wear normal clothing to court? only bums wear track-suits outside of a gym.

2401 days ago

No Pedastals    

Wow. Some people are really bitchy. If Madonna didn't show up to jury duty, they'd ripped on her for not showing up. She shows up, and people rip on her. She can't win. Or maybe people just need to stop bitching about people they're jealous of. I can't decide which is the reason. Even if a person doesn't like Madonna, at least give her credit for showing up where other celebrities or even common ordinary run-of-the-mill people wouldn't.

2401 days ago


Not to be snide, but I believe that everyone should show up for jury duty when called. I don't believe that Madonna should be given any special accolades for performing her civic duty any more than I would hand out flowers and kisses and undying gratitude to everyone else who shows up for jury duty when I do.

I've served on juries where some of the members did not have the money to buy proper "office attire", but they did come to court clean, pressed and willing to serve. And no one was looked down upon.

If Madonna is not going to make it a habit to wear sweats when she goes to a restaurant, then I can't imagine why she would think it is suitable to show up in court dressed as though she were going to the gym. If you have the means to dress properly and choose not to do so, then it sends the message that you have done so intentionally as a slight.

It's kinda like wearing muddy sneakers to a funeral. If I had tried that as a kid, my grandmother would have smacked the back of my head so fast that my eyeballs would have popped out like marbles and my hair would have caught fire from the friction of the tongue lashing.

2401 days ago


Damn. I dont care about the lameness of your choice of neg. words like british or old bag... im sure she could care less as well since it would be crystal clear to her and obviouse to most that saying those words to a figure like her is the only power or self importance you can achieve.! Madonna is freaking HOT and a MILF.!.!.! I wonder what all you jokes look like, actually I dont wanna know - the laughter would be too intense for me to handle.

2401 days ago


She's the Queen of Pop. I've seen people in jeans and tee shirts who have not even bathed. She looks comfortable for a long day of waiting around a boring court house.

2401 days ago


First of all, I am no fan of Madonna, but she is getting a seriously bad wrap over the British accent thing; it's just something that happens.

When I was younger, I was posted with the Brits for five years. My American friend -- there were only two of us Yanks -- and I both picked up accents. We never heard it in ourselves and we never heard it on each other. It wasn't until we got back to the States that we realised that we had gained very clipped accents - our coworkers thought we were British. It took six months of being back in the States for our "accents" to wear off.

Like I said, I am no fan of Madonna, but the accent thing happens, it happens all over the world, and it happens in this country too, where folks from one end of the country move to the other end of the country, they pick up the prevalent accent of their new region. It is common.

2401 days ago


Oh, yeah, and one other thing. I have SEEN people - men and women - show up to court in shorts, tee-shirts, flipflops, moomoos, all kinds of weird stuff. So what if she shows up to jury duty in a sweatsuit -- at least she showed up AND her A$$ isn't hanging out. Disrespectful? Not nearly as much as everyone else. I saw a witness take the stand one time and her skirt was so short you could see all of Arizona. She had NO shame.

2401 days ago


forget all u haters----MADONNA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2401 days ago


Have you nothing else to say other than to criticise her for picking up some semblance of a British accent when she's lived here for approx. 9 years? What scares you? She's an American in London (apologies to Gershwin), You should try it; the accent is catchy just like the American accent is catchy to the Brits!!! By the way - she doesn't qualify for Jury service here - she's not a British citizen! and Kelli where does the Brooklyn bit come from? Even I know Brooklyn is not in Michigan!!!

2401 days ago


#6, you can suck it. Have you ever been to Jury Duty? Nobody dresses in "proper court attire". It's a joke.

2401 days ago
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