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PETA Rats Out Stone for Hideous Oscar Jewelry

2/25/2008 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fur loving Sharon Stone could give a rat's ass about what she wears these days on the red carpet. Literally.
Sharon Stone
Stone showed up to the Elton John party last night wearing an actual rats paw as a broach. And of course, PETA has a few kind words for the animal killer. "Maybe Sharon, passed over by the Academy yet again, was jealous of Ratatouille's Oscar win and thought a rodent paw might go with her haggard look. Her accessories these days are as dead as her career." Meow!


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sorry cletus, i'm a country person too. rabbits have 4 toes! looks like a vintage piece to me also, but ugly!

2371 days ago


No, that there is a traditional piece of Scots jewelry made of a grouse foot. See the thistle? The amethyst? Call Audubon instead you peabrains at TMZ.

2371 days ago

Grace E.    

Like to see Peta attack Native American Indians for wearing traditional dress. Respecting the cultures of others is basic manners. Scottish culture is no less traditional than Native Americans or anyother culture.

2371 days ago


Iz everyone out there in Hollywood NUTS ? Imean, were they raised dofferently than the rest of us? They all go out of their way to act screwier than the next one ! Hows about just being as great singer or actor as you can be, and be recognized for that, not your wierd tatoos, 25 adopted kids, stealing the other gal's man, singin' when your're really just movin' your over silicone injected lips, being toted to the nuthouse escorted by the LAPD and half the fire dept., etc. ? SCREWBALLS !

2371 days ago


Figures it's Scottish after all. Haggis, need I say more?

2371 days ago


Attention mice, this is what will happen if YOU too try to cop a feel from the stone woman. You may touch her breast once, but only once.

2371 days ago


Her fashion sense went down the toilet after that brain anyeurism she had a few years back. Seriously.

2371 days ago


Sorry for the typos. I'm not much of a secretary. I think you guys got the drift, though. Why can't this generation be like Eastwood or Nicholson ? Pretty normal, except for the marriages, and they all do that.

2371 days ago


It is Victorian and more about it can be found here

2371 days ago

landri jade    

You freakin' retards it is not a rat or a grouse. It is a rabbit foot. She probably needed it for good luck to pull of wearing that jacket she was trying to squeeze her old fat haggard gut into. Where is Rachael Zoe when some old fat has been needs her.

2371 days ago


Ok is it me or is PETA unessecarily harsh and childish in their statements towards celebs with fur? I'm not personally into killing an animal for the gain of fashion, however, I wouldn't slander someone who is into it. Just because you believe something doens't mean everyone else is wrong for not believing in it. For intance, I'm Catholic, but I don't run around bashing people who are not Catholic like me. I think PETA needs to grow up and start getting classy. You don't need to verbally abuse people who don't share the same beliefs as you.

2371 days ago


You guys should stop making fun of the handicapped. Bi-otch had a brain bleed in 2001 and has been dressing like hell ever since. (It IS a scottish broach by the way, I've seen them before. The outfit is still not great though. Poor Sharon!)

2371 days ago


Ah..,.Haggis : Sheep's heart, liver, and lungs, minced onion, oatmeal, suet, (!!) , spice, boiled in the stomach of the sheep in boiling water....ummmm.... let's see...ahhh... I'll have the filet mignon instead. My great grandfather loved it, though. Take that-PETA!

2371 days ago


ok first off

the broach would have been prettier if the paw was actually white feathers. but she had to be nasty so yes....

and second

i don't have much sympathy for rats. blubonic plague anyone?

2371 days ago


That's just gross!! What's the matter with her? What a disgusting thing to wear. Shame on you, Sharon!!!

2371 days ago
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