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Renfro Not Feel Good Enough for Oscar?

2/25/2008 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad RenfroSo why did the Academy snub Brad Renfro by not including him in the memoriam? The Academy is pretty much tight as a drum.

A flack tells us a small group of people make extremely difficult choices but refused to say what criteria are used to make those decisions. She added we shouldn't waste our time cause no one would discuss it further.

Could it have something to do with the circumstances surrounding Renfro's death? It's uncomfortable to applaud when an actor dies from an overdose. Of course, exceptions must be made for huge stars who OD. Heath Ledger made the cut.

The red carpet wasn't the only thing that was sanitized last night.


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What kind of message is that for the kids if you overdose on heroine and still get props?

2431 days ago


I think not mentioning him is inexcusable, and all you who are slamming him are sick and lack any morsel of cmpassion....

2431 days ago


I doubt Brad Renfro screwed up his life willingly. He was addicted to drugs and that road is a very hard one to get off.
Regardless of how he died....he deserved to be recognized by the academy with a 2 second spot!

TMZ - please get to the bottom of this.

2431 days ago


I think it's awful that they left him out...

2431 days ago


The AA is a show on TV...a show that, in theory, makes money. They didn't seem him as being part of their profit, so he was overlooked.

Economic 101.

2431 days ago


He’s kinda fat, that’s probably why they didn’t honor him, not enough room on the screen.

2431 days ago


btw Heath Ledger had a smack habit too - he just died of a prescription pill od instead

2431 days ago


Donna, you're kidding me, right? It doesn't glorify the fact that he did drugs and died, it's a rememberance of the fact that these people spent some, if not all of their life, dedicted to film, and have passed. it doesn't set an example to young kids, so don't even go there...

2431 days ago


Roy Scheider died January 31 I think so it was after their dates. He should be in next years tributes.

2431 days ago

You know who Iam    

6. I'm sure Marilyn Monroe was honored....John Belushi ....Judy Garland...yeah what about them?

Posted at 2:17PM on Feb 25th 2008 by zombiehands

Marilyn , Belushi and Garland were STARS, Renfro was just someone who got lucky when he was a kid and had no real talent to speak of except for getting high.

2431 days ago


Roy Scheider wasn't mentioned because he didn't die before their deadline. How inconvenient of him. We'll have to wait until next year to see if he makes the cut.

I think it was wrong to leave Renfro out. I'm assuming he didn't kiss someone's ass enough because these Academy people seem like the touchiest people around. To everyone who says he shouldn't have been included because he died of a drug overdose, what about Heath Ledger? If we're making a distinction between prescription drugs and illegal drugs then what about John Belushi or River Phoenix?

As for not talking about it, too late. Everyone's talking about it.

2431 days ago


The Oscars were on? (pfft)

2431 days ago


MIckey are so right! Renfro died too young and in his short life he contributed something to the film industry. He should have been honored for that. Zombiehads #6 could not have said it better. Thank you!

2431 days ago


Heath's was an accidental mix of perscription pills. Renfro's were heavy drugs and had "F*** You All" tattooed on his back a few days beforehand if I'm not mistaken. I didn't get to see all of the people listed, but I'm sure others were left out as well.

Plus was he not a huge name? I really don't even remember this guy. Was he ever even nominated for an Oscar?

2431 days ago


could it be that Mr. D-list Renfro was omitted because he WASN'T an academy member nor was he ever an oscar nominee for any of his roles in the 3 films he starred in? Give me a break.

2431 days ago
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