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Renfro Not Feel Good Enough for Oscar?

2/25/2008 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad RenfroSo why did the Academy snub Brad Renfro by not including him in the memoriam? The Academy is pretty much tight as a drum.

A flack tells us a small group of people make extremely difficult choices but refused to say what criteria are used to make those decisions. She added we shouldn't waste our time cause no one would discuss it further.

Could it have something to do with the circumstances surrounding Renfro's death? It's uncomfortable to applaud when an actor dies from an overdose. Of course, exceptions must be made for huge stars who OD. Heath Ledger made the cut.

The red carpet wasn't the only thing that was sanitized last night.


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Van Zant Rocks    

The Academy claims to be unbiased, politcally correct,inclusive,& not predjudiced. This blatant Omission proves the oppisite to be true..The last time I checked, "drug addiciton was a disease." "Renfro DID NOT commit suicide." Their was NO suicide note. He had an audition the next morning. Regardless of how each member of the public feels regarding drug addiction. Overdosing goes with the disease. Renfro Deserved the final Respect from the same Industry he contributed so much to, both as a Studio Actor and also as an Indie Actor. Was River Phoenix memorialized by the Academy? How about Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, & 12 to 14 others who left this world in the same way? Brad Renfro deserved to be eulogized/acknowledged. For TMZ Staff or The Academy to suggest it is "Uncomfortable to Applaud for someone who Overdosed, is absolutely Mean-Spirited & Thoughtless." Brad Renfro deserved better. Renfro's family & fans deserved better. The Academy Audience is too sophisticated to ignore clapping for a fallen comrade. "This intentional Slap at decency Reeks of Censorship..!" This is particularly Idiotic especially when Legions of other actors have died the same way...

2399 days ago


the same thing happend to Don Knotts last year...i don't see anyone complaining then and now? So whats the big deal, don was bigger than this actor....that is for sure.

2399 days ago


It was sad when Renfro died, it's sad when anyone with big boobs dies.

2399 days ago


It was sad when Renfro died, heck, it's sad when anyone with big boobs dies.

2399 days ago


Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that people had forgotten about this actor until he hit headlines again with the news of his death. I can't remember the last time he was in a movie (or at least a somewhat mentionable movie.) People keep yapping about how Heath Ledger was in the memoriam and not Brad Renfro. Maybe if Brad Renfro was in more than 3 movies that were even mentioned at the Oscars like Heath Ledger was, he'd be worthy enough to be included in an OSCARS MEMORIAM.

2399 days ago


If it was up to me, Brad should have been included, with that said though, comparing his OD of herion to Heath Ledger's death is absurd. the tacky manner in which the last sentences were written is classless, you all just love taking the low road when it comes to Heath, it had nothing to do with how they died, renfro was never nominated, presented nor was he a member of the academy. the others they showed all were. perhaps that is the difference. and roy scheider will prob be in it next year, he died the 10th of Feb, the dates on the montage were from Jan. 31, 2007- Feb. 1, 2008.

2399 days ago


Frank Capra, Jr. also - obviously the writers who "threw" this montage together dropped the ball. But then they were doing more work on the picket line than in their offices...lest we forget they were tired.

2399 days ago


No. 13 you are right where was he? Also where was the GREAT smart "Florence Gump" Jeanne Carmen???? And I mean that in the utmost respect of Ms. Carmen.. she had some life on and off screen!!!

2399 days ago


I'm glad TMZ mentioned it. I think it's horrible the way the media barely covered Brad Renfro's death but everywhere you looked, there were tributes to Heath Ledger. They were both tragedies, 2 young men overdosing. It's so sad, but I guess according to the mainstream media, one's death isn't quite as important as the other.

2399 days ago


News flash TMZ! Heath Ledger did not die of an overdose! He died of a lethal prescription drug INTERACTION. Read that again- keyword there is INTERACTION. There is a big difference between an accidental lethal drug interaction and overdosing on heroine. Really. Big. Difference. I guess its asking too much to expect TMZ to report the facts or to have any decency.

Also, Brad Renfro was never nominated for an Academy Award. I think thats a good explanation of a reason he may have been left out.

2399 days ago


The academy makes me want to puke!

2399 days ago


Heath was an accident and it was not his fault. Brad was using drugs and it was a matter of time.

2399 days ago


Hey, it was not only him who was SNUBED @ the video clip, but also the great actor,ROY SCHEIDER ( from JAWS,memba him?) tsk tsk tsk... yes the Oscar just turned 80... are they also being FORGETFUL and OLD??? **or didi just miised it, coz i was watching it live here in Belgium at 4AM!!! (i need some sleep!!)

2399 days ago

how dumb    

To #29 - Popsmart. If any of you believe that Heath Ledger's death was nothing more than an "accidental mixture of prescription pills" and NOT abuse, let me tell you...

NORMAL people who don't do drugs for recreational use would NOT take as many downers as Ledger had in his system at the the same time. It was not simply the mixture that killed him.. it was the amounts. Tell me - why does a young, healthy man like Heath Ledger need a strong narcotic like Oxycontin?? And if someone is in pain, they usually aren't going to take 4-5 different downers at the same time. That's someone looking to get high.....

I feel horrible for Heath Ledger, his family and the whole situation. But everyone needs to stop sugarcoating his death. PRESCRIPTION pills or not.. the man took way too many and too many different kinds... people don't do that unless they're trying to get high. He died from prescription ABUSE.. not accidental mixture. I also love how people seem to conveniently leave out the word "abuse" that was listed in the toxicology report.....

2399 days ago


The snubbed Jim Varney a few years ago. This isn't surprising at all.

2399 days ago
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