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Elway: Still Loving The Drive (Thru)

2/26/2008 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Elway owns a pair of steakhouses in the Denver area -- and it's safe to say he visits them from time to time.

While Swellway isn't in Super Bowl form anymore, he showed off his Von Ahole-ish physique while on vacation in Hawaii this week.

In 2003, John revealed he suffers from acid reflux disease and served as a spokesman for PREVACID, a treatment medication.

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Granny Pants    

John Elway is a GOD and I would totally DO HIM.

2410 days ago



2410 days ago


John Elway was one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. He looks great for his age and normal.

2410 days ago


For Lana Caine who made the comment "John will be 48 this year and there's no excuse for letting yourself go" Why dont you post a few pictures of you in your swimsuit on here and let all of us be the judge of how well youve kept yourself up. Elway looks great for his age! You must have these unrealistic ideas of what a 48 year old man will look like...keep it up and youll be an old woman with 20 cats and no man. Gimme a break and go take your a$$ to the gym

2410 days ago

Barbie Dahl from Denver    

Give me a break TMZ!!! John Elway is in great shape! Your photographers are so critical of celebs. That does look like a popsicle stick in his mouth, if it were a cigarette, it's nobody's business. He is the greatest quarterback ever!! Colorado is grateful to have him still living in our beautiful cold, snowy state.

2410 days ago


He's still got a good head of hair.

2410 days ago


I see nothing but heart, a pure strong heart at that. John Elway is one of the finest examples of man on this planet and I thank God for having the glory of watching him play for many years. TMZ took a bad turn when they decided to slap around John Elway, stick to the celebutards and leave the shining stars alone. Not only do I adore John, I would kiss the ground his parents walk on for having kept him so perfectly grounded and true to his sport. Long live John Elway in any shape he chooses, but it's time to start discussions on how Harvey Levin's eyes are much too beady and close together. His chin isn't strong enough either, makes him wimpy and feminine. Harvey's lips could use some enhancements, but it's nice to see him in his Manx shapers since his ass is so pitiful it refuses to even follow him. Time to turn the tables folks, let's hit back at TMZ's face and see how he fares under the same scrutiny...without benefit of filters and photoshop. Maybe Harvey doesn't swim or even float? What's up with never seeing Harvey in a swimsuit when he can make so much money off others in that predicament???

2410 days ago

Over It Already    

Pretty sure it's a STRAW hanging out of his mouth, not a cigarette.

2410 days ago

Biker 1957    

I wouldn't exactly call that fat.

2410 days ago


Are you guys serious? Making a fat comment about a guy who could kick all you tweeb pap photographer asses. new low..

2410 days ago


John Elway is one of the greatest quarterbacks and class acts to ever play football. I find it sad that TMZ can't find anything better to write about then trying to slam Elway's physique. I am sure most women his age would be thrilled if their signficant others looked like John. Of course I am an Elway fan and I am sure if you knew alot about football, you would be too!! He was one of the most exciting quarterbacks to watch play and I still remember The Drive etc!!!!!!

2409 days ago

John C Jackson    

He actually looks like he ISN"T eating steak or any protein. He looks pretty small or "skinny fat." He has very little muscle mass and his shorts could fit better, that contributes to his "out of shape" look. Been hanging on the Circuit City sofas too much I guess.

2409 days ago


What, does TMZ expect every 47 year old man to have a six pack? Gimme a break! He is still in better shape than a lot of the fat lazy video game playing bong smoking 20 somethings out there.

2409 days ago


Oh, yeah aint this wonderful. Love to see the person who took the photo naked. John is not only a hero, he's a friend... and at 46 years of age, just coming off a total knee replacement, GIVE ME A BREAK. He looks great! So, he's not ripped... but he's also chillin' and not trying to be ripped.

To say this sort of crap is unkind is too mild. Shall we move on now...

2402 days ago

Sue Ewing    

Elway never was ripped, he is just the greatest to ever play. I don't think he is smoking, I believe that is a popsicle stick. By the way, Elway's has great steaks.

2402 days ago
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