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Floyd Mayweather is Philthy Rich

2/26/2008 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Little man Floyd Mayweather has some big money -- and some big ass jewelry.
Floyd Mayweather: Click to launch
Rocking ridiculous Mr. T bling and wads of cash, Mayweather celebrated his 31st birthday in Vegas last night -- with Keisha Cole acting as arm candy for Pretty Boy.

The boxer's due to take in even more cash real soon -- with a possible $20 million payday for WWE's Wrestlemania XXIV.


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Yeah...I guess that twenty million should be given to someone FAR more deserving and capable of managing it.Someone intelligent & charming...yet humble.Someone like BRITNEY SPEARS.If ever there were living breathing proof of white superiority...

2395 days ago


His days are over! he thinks he so cute & sweet BUT! No reason to say white power on this site! TMZ!! STOP IT! You are suppost to be in control here!!

2395 days ago


I'm so sad about the way you "allow" news TMZ!! PLEASE take me off your list before it becomes a black & white issue! You are so pathetic, you'd ALLOW anything on your site & you DON"T give a crap about Britney! Who's giving you the best information? Sam OR is it, Adnan?? bye all

2395 days ago


The White Power comment? Who cares! This isn't a race issue.

I personally hope The Big Show destroys him! In a real fight, Mayweather's only chance against him would be to punch him in the n*ts in quick fashion and run like hell! I don't care how good his fighting skills are, all Paul "Big Show" Wight would have to do is grab him and slam him to the ground and it would be "GAME OVER!"

Only someone like Mike Tyson in his prime or Muhammad Ali would have a prayer and even those guys would be in trouble considering TBS is a full foot taller than they are! Some will say "well, its fake and he has no moves." I say that wrestling, while predetermined, isn't totally fake! They do take some punishment and a guy the size of The Big Show doesn't need any moves when you are that big!

2395 days ago


can we please spell KEYSHIA COLE right?? if you are going to put her name in the post then do it right!

2395 days ago

Lenn K.    

Give back to the black community with things like helping kids get into private schools away from violent inner-city schools. Talk about fatherless homes and how black men just being there will make all the difference. Start a foundation for education excellents. Anything other than what you are doing looking like self-centered, me only person.

2395 days ago


That's ignorant white folks for you always got to bring or talk about blacks or bring up a race card or say something ignorant, either you got a black friend, boss, child, boyfriend, girlfriend, niece, nephew or you have sleep with a black person or wanted to, or you though Beyonce was fine and pretty, or Denzel was cute or good actor.So keep it real people as many mixed babies as i see now it gonna be hard to really hard for u to talk it should be now and if you are talking that only makes you stupid and ignorant.

2395 days ago


And don't get it wrong people I'm Black,white, french and Indian I don't talk about anybody I love and respect every race. Wish every one could do the same.

2395 days ago



2395 days ago


Chris Rock said it best: He's Rich, but not Wealthy.

2395 days ago


the money helps, but he's still short and he's still unattractive...

2395 days ago

I love Tupac    

Doesn't anyone know that the "ice" these celebs are wearing is fake!!!!! You could not possilby believe that they are wearing reall jewelry in those music videos. Also everyone knows that any confrontation between the Big Show and Mayweather is an act. Now if this werent' an act then Mayweather would have the Big Show beat hand down. It does not matter about size. One of these men train daily for real fights while the other is an ACTOR!!!

2395 days ago

DA's leak    

Its so sad that you can easily pick out which comments were made by the "ofays" who visit this board.

2394 days ago

DA's leak    

ning ning you sound like a cross bred mutt. How the hell you gonna be four different races?

2394 days ago


#41 Maybe so but at least I not in hiding I very outspoken and I thank you. Is anything pure these days?

2394 days ago
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