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Josh Lucas Agrees -- Renfro Got Screwed!

2/26/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught up with Josh Lucas Tuesday afternoon, and he agreed that Brad Renfro got effed when he was omitted from the RIP reel.

He also says Roy Scheider shouldn't have been excluded either, but Roy's death on Feb. 10 was after Academy's cutoff date of Jan. 31 for use in the broadcast.

Details, details.


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Papa Bear    

Really Dillio you are about as ignornat as msbehavin is.

how can you call that guy a loser? He was on here minding his own business and someone comes in trying to act all bad ass and being a jerk (MSBEHAVIN)m he was just putting her in her place, and really what does Josh have to be embarrased about? You must live in Hickville because I think that dude was pretty cool and it was a funny joke to pull. You need to go to bible class and get over your "embarrassment"! lol

2400 days ago


What ever the excuse these effers don't think. It is not hard to leave something open in a dedication if someone passes before your horrible show. Brad has issues and old Hollyweird probably didn't want his loser self displays. As far as Roy, maybe he pissed someone off. Maybe the same thing happened to Whoopie during the host montage. You see Oscar and members of F.A.G., by your actions, you've created something very special for your program next year and it's called Karma. Your ratings will be even lower in 2009 and for the real people out there, is unwatchable. You continue to display your racist attitude to black actors and actresses and other people of color but as the majority of you are members of F.A.G., honor those who are members of the aforementioned group. Fairness?? Hell no, not for Oscar, The Grammys and other shows.

2400 days ago


Roy Sheider, but should not have been- they only listed those who passed prior to Feb 1st, 2008. Scheider died 2-10-08.

2400 days ago

Papa Bear    

is it Dillio or DILDO?

2400 days ago


Roy Scheider was not included, but should not have been. The piece only included those who had passed prior to 2-1-08. Scheider died 2-10-08.

2400 days ago


Hey - the little bastard died of a drug overdose. Forget him.

2400 days ago

Papa Bear    

LOL Rhonda (or the guy pretending to be Rhonda)

You are hilarious! What are YOU doing Saturday night???? lol

2400 days ago


Rhonda, I'm not looking for a date but that was good!

2400 days ago

Doom Cat    

Um 35
Yes, we really believe you are a well known actor. Gee how nice of you to respond even though you are "not hanging around because I have to meet some people here soon". You must be on your way to Teddy's or something.
I think you are 12.
I said Josh would / should / could be embarrassed if you were friends with him because what 37 year old man has a friend who would actually come here and write such asinine crap and even want people to know he was their friend?

Number 36
Yes. Dilldo is my real name. Ha, ha! How funny of you. You must be so Urban to make such a clever joke, and I must be such a hick for not believing Rhonda to be Mr. Lucas's friend because "He was on here minding his own business and someone comes in trying to act all bad ass and being a jerk (MSBEHAVIN)m he was just putting her in her place, and really what does Josh have to be embarrased about?"

I shant be going to bible class because I worship the Devil. Watch out, or I will send the evil demon spirit of Anto LaVey to come get you. Probably in Hicksville.

2400 days ago

Doom Cat    

Its called sarcasm "bro" and I happen to be a woman.

2400 days ago


Like #6 said....Roy did get mentioned even though he died AFTER the cut off date..............well then Why didn't Brad get and honorable mention? Like everyone says.........He got the shaft and not in a good way! He was a good actor and he may have die by accident but it still doesn't mean he was less important that Heath Ledger.

2400 days ago


Anna Nicole was not shown either. I know she was not a well respected hollywood actress but she was in the movies (naked gun, etc) The academy shows every no name behind the scenes agent etc but not the stars that were in frontnof the camera? It's just wrong.
PS: They should have payed more respect to heath ledger as well, he was a much respected actor that was very current.

2400 days ago


josh lucas is a drug head. trust me

2400 days ago


Someone said, "I am glad a celebrity and, most importantly, a respected actor has had the balls to say something. The Academy needed to be called out on this." I agree!

Brad was a talented actor and should of been part of that tribute! The oscars messed up!

2400 days ago


Thank you, Josh, for speaking up for Brad! His life and talent should have been remembered in that tribute!

2400 days ago
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