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King of Jordan Straddles a Hog

2/26/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it or not, this is the King of Jordan!

King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, who in the '90s appeared in an episode of "Star Trek: Voyager," took a royal ride on his red Harley in South Africa on Monday. Looks like the Middle East has their very own Governator.


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Deliman in the 206    


2394 days ago


He thinks he's HOT, (and he probably is, in that really warm jacket, in South Africa in their warm season).

2394 days ago


Deliman, do you think that being so connected to this site that you come out first in the comments is anything but sad? It isn't cool it is pathetic.

2394 days ago


NAMIO CAMPBELL WILL BE DIAGONISED WITH TAPEWORMS FROM EATING ABROAD. This happens to a lot of travelers and she will go thru a battery of tests before finding out her problem

2394 days ago

tired of cry baby    

yamaha, what the hell do you do ? just sit there, in your beanbag and Cheetos and post that dumb ass sight all day? what it's such a lame sight that you have to post it on some other sight? is your mother yelling at you in her basement so your trying to be quite ? why not just get a job at micky d's ????? or does working with people make you uncomfortable ?

2394 days ago

agent smith    

'Straddles a hog', haha, isn't that grounds for a beheading or being blown up or being beheaded by being blow up, lol.

2394 days ago

Deliman in the 206    

I find it extremly ironic that people argue and fight over comments made on this website, unless they are on a racial level as in poster #6. it is plain idiotic. Arguing or calling people out in the comment section on and telling them to get a life is like telling the guy in front of you at the foodbank line to get a job.

2394 days ago


where does he hide the explosives?

2394 days ago


Once a King always a King,Once a Knight thats enough .

2394 days ago


Everyone do a little research before you stereotype Jordan as just another Arab country. King Abdullah was educatedin the US and UK and he is a good ally to us. His wife is absolutuely gorgeous and intelligent and is treated like a person, not a peice of property. Personally I think Jordan is pretty cool.

2394 days ago


Thank you teeks, your comment was well said and very accurate. Also note that King Abdullah is Christian (not to imply that being a Muslim equates to being a terrorist). Jordan is a beautiful country, and King Abdullah genuinely cares for its citizens. Historically, the Abu-Jaber family assisted the Royal family into power. I'm an Abu-Jaber. Do some research. Jordan is a great place.

2394 days ago

agent smith    

I agree with you #12. They are definitely an ally. However...Jordan is still a muslim country that produces a large number of extremists who will blow you up for looking at them wrong, lol. Most comments maybe should be directed at those people.

2394 days ago


I dated a girl from Jordan a couple of years ago and I got the chance to go there and visit the country. Jordan’s beautiful and all but it’s pretty damn scary. I was sitting out on her balcony and the militia drove by in their hummers and starting shooting at random things including the balcony I was on. Not a place I would recommend going to anytime soon.

2394 days ago


This is an educated man who happens to be one of the world's greatest humanitarians. Let's not bash him please. Also, his wife is being compared to Princess Di due to the tremendous amount of money, time and recognition she has given a lot of third world countries. Shame on you TMZ and shame on anyone who choses to overlook the work these people do to better the world.

2394 days ago


TMZ, leave the news to CNN. We come here for the celebrities, not politicians and royalty.

2394 days ago
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