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King of Jordan Straddles a Hog

2/26/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it or not, this is the King of Jordan!

King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, who in the '90s appeared in an episode of "Star Trek: Voyager," took a royal ride on his red Harley in South Africa on Monday. Looks like the Middle East has their very own Governator.


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To Sam: I have heard both the King and his beautiful wife speak publicly. I have seen many interviews with both of them. They are full of it and merely speak in a rhetorical manner about absolutely nothing. They are full of it. She is not a kind person, either-quite COLD. What talent does he possess ? He was educated-yet it is not apparent. He was born into his position. Jordan IS relatively safe, though, compared to some other Middle Eastern Countries. I have some personal friends who grew up there.

2395 days ago


#20 Abdullah is a Christian ?! Strange-his Dad ws a Muslim ! Total BS on your part !

2395 days ago


Bashing a monarch of any nation on a gossip websight is petty and little. This is a highly educated and benevolant Monarch. In a region of Turmoil, he and the Previos Ruler have built Jordan into a model, modern Arab country. There is absolutly no reason to belittle him on these pages. He has encouraged education and moderation in his homeland.
BTW - Before you presume to know who I am,
I am a college educated woman who has travelled extensivly over the world and reside in the USA.
I have no sympathy for extremists or terrorists.

2395 days ago


To Wow: I also travel extensively, for business. I am not impressed by the King. What exactly has he done for the world? He is a Figurehead. Hello ! Earth to Wow ! He puts his pants on one leg at a time and was born into a position of priviledge. He is so average in every other way.

2395 days ago


Alrighty Then Being born to the position, also means he does not have a choice in his position. His responsibilities still need to be fulfilled. And he and his wife have never been shown to shirk there responsibilities.
As you are such an expert on how priveledged he is, and how little input he has into the running of his kingdom why don't you enlighten us all with actual facts to support your theories. Because you have heard them speak, and they did not appeal to you does not make you accurate in your assumptions. However enlighten us, on how this "Figurehead" has failed to meet your expectations. Enlighten us that Queen Rania's Charities are done for her image only, Not that your opinion matters to the thousands of people who have benefitted from her charities. Come on Alrighty Then Give us some facts.
By the way - I am so impressed that you figured out How a Human puts pants on. Good for you!

2395 days ago


Something to read for all the king bashers here:
An authentic Arab leader
By Daoud Kuttab
Published: Friday, February 29th, 2008

2394 days ago


It is a shame to see such narrow minded and uneducated peasant's blogging. google Jordan and up King Abdullah II for some eye opening facts. u will find that most comments are far from the truth. Jordan is a peaceful country and has always called for peace with it's more radical neighbours. I am a Jordanian who lived in Jordan most of my life , educated in Jordan, the UK and the US. I find that Jordan and it's moderate ruling family is a credit to the country and the region. If a man like KA II chooses to tour part of a country on his bike, so be it, he is only human, give Jordan and musilms a break, find another scapegoat for your problems, look inside and not outside. As for the poster #12, I think you have jordan mixed up with Baghdad, eventhough I believe you have not never set foot in either country.

2394 days ago


To My friend WOW : I will give you this much; I consider Jordan to be more educated, modern and safe than most Middle Eastern countries, including Israel. Great strides have been made for women, education, cleanliness, helping the poor. But, what have Abdullah and Rainyah done for the cause of peace negotiations. The Prince should actively become involved. Rainyah should not really take sides, because she was born in Palestine. That is not negotiating. They also make to big a deal about riches. Too showy. Not good. Same with Great Britain. The common folk are paying for it, right ? Also, ALL of the Jordanians that I personally know, and have gone to school with are good moral people with lovely families, and would rather live here than there. They visit about 4 times a year though their young children prefer it here. Not because of anything like movie stars and the mall, etc. They just like it better here. They live in neighborhoods of mostly Jordanians, so it's not that they prefer Americans, I don't think. They socialize with everyone, even Jewish families, and are delightful friends.

2394 days ago

barakat barakat    

this guy posting acomment #13 ..iam sure you dont know where is your ass from your dont lie about jordan,i think you are just alier nothing else.

1340 days ago
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